Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie part 13

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Hi guyz…Its me Annie with the 13th epiosde…well this days the episodes will be a bit boring as it will mainly be about all the rasams…but bachelor’s party is coming up….and I hope u all with like that episode…ok my plan is to wrap up the Haldi and Mehendi today. Becoz I have something special tomorrow… lets start…

Its busy day…at both BH and MM… The haldi will be done separately….

Aryan: Jiju, u know what u can’t see krish for some days.. Which is in may be after more 5 days…

Saiyyam: what’s the big deal? I mean I stayed without seeing her for 8 years..what’s. 4 more days?

Aryan: yeah..but she was like normal looking…and I mean she would be with her normal attire and attitude..

Saiyyam: I can’t understand what u mean…

Aryan: I mean do u remember how beautiful she was looking during engagement and sangeet. I mean she wouldn’t dress like that sad that u would miss the chance to see her like that…(pretends to make a sad face)

Saiyyam:(narrows his eyes) what are u trying to say Aryan?

Aryan: what if I help u try to sneak into our house?

Saiyyam: Not happening.

Aryan: But why?

Saiyyam: Krishna and my ceremony is at the same it is impossible..

Aryan: But what if I??

Saiyyam: I know u are trying to help me aryan but its not possible..

Aryan: fine….fun wrecker(mumbles)

Saiyyam patts Aryan’s shoulders and walks away…

At MM…..

Its Haldi time… Krishna is seen wearing yellow net saree…with white stoned sleeveless blouse…

Haldi is sent to MM from BH and from MM to BH….

Krishna is sitting at an decorated chair…

Krishna’s POV

I don’t know why but I am missing Saiyyam a bit…looks like I really grew attached to him in this days…after bestfriends are bestfriends .. hopefully we will meet tomorrow.

One by one….all the family members applied haldi to krishna..

At BH….

Saiyyam is being applied haldi…

Saiyyam is continuously wiping everything from his cheeks and hands with a tissue…

Yuvani: Saiyyam why are u wiping everything?

Suhani: Ha beta. Its good to keep haldi on the skin… The skin glows more during wedding time.

Saiyyam: (irritated) but its so clingy and squishy…feels like dirt is on my cheeks and u all know I can’t stand uncleanliness.

Baby: Saiyyam stop acting like levi Ackermen…and try to cope with the haldi..

Saiyyam: Fine..fine..i will not wipe it..

The haldi is over..and krishna goes to her room and sees message from saiyyam…

Hey krish..whats up?

Nothing…just feeling little sleepy..

Oh…Is haldi rasam over?

Sort of…except Aryan is planning to do something..

U remember tomorrow is Mehendi right?

Yeah, so?

I mean we will get to see each other.

We see each other every day.

What are u saying we haven’t met each other in 2 days..

Aww, Saiyyam is missing me?

No, I thought u must be excited to meet me..

Somehow I feel its the other way around…

So…See u tomorrow..

Yeah see u..and i think I missed u a little bit too.

Saiyyam sees Krishna’s message and jumps in happiness.

Saiyyam: That means krishna does love me…except she needs to realise it…don’t worry Krish I will make u realise ur love.

Timeskip to next morning….

Busy as always…. In both places…
Mehendi is at BH.

Saiyyam: Ma, is this my sherwani…

Suhani: Yeah my beta…

Saiyyam: But its green…(makes a face).

Suhani: becoz we wanted to bring matching outfit for u and krishna…and krish’s lehenga is green… I know u don’t like this colour but plz cope up a bit..

Saiyyam: (is we have matching colours than i have no problem) ok ma..

Krishna is seen fanning herself….
She is wearing a green lehenga with a golden necklace and green net dupatta… Her hair is tied partially like a bun…her bangs are still there..

Disha:krishna…why are u fanning urself? The AC is still on.

Krishna: u know na di…how much hot I feel in these clothes? I just can’t bear heat…

Disha: one can’t bear dirt and one heat…what a jodi!!(smirks)

Krishna: Di!!

Disha: Come on…bari ma told us to go and sit in the car..

Krishna: Did u turn on the AC?

Disha: ha baba… I did.

The Mathur’s reach BH….

Greeting session is on…. Saiyyam is standing near the pillar he hugged and is laughing…

Saiyyam: I can’t believe I hugged this that day…I am such a buddhu..

Suddenly, he sees krishna…

Krishna: saiyyam, u were hugging this that day..

Saiyyam: What to do u weren’t here…

Krishna: but I am here now u can hug me now…

In a distance krishna was talking to Suhani… She sees Saiyyam talking to himself….
Krishna walks upto him….

Krishna: saiyyam…whom are u talking to?

Saiyyam: (doesn’t look behind) don’t disturb me… Can’t u see I am talking to Krishna?

Krishna: (mumbles) talking to me??

She shakes Saiyyam…

Krishna: but saiyyam…I am here..

Saiyyam looks back and sees krishna… He understands he was talking to his imaginary krishna all this while..

Saiyyam: i mean…can’t u see krishna…i am talking to myself…

Krishna: to urself? Have u gone crazy?

Saiyyam: When I think something…I also keep mumbling that..its a habit…

Krishna: (looks in doubt) ajeeb habit hai..pehle to nahi tha…

Saiyyam: but ab hai…plz could u skip this topic?

Krishna: Fine….

Suhani comes from behind….

Suhani: beta, come on u need to apply Mehendi…

Suhani takes krishna…and she applies mehendi…

Designer: whats the grooms name?

Krishna: Saiyyam…

Yuvani: Hide his name that he can’t catch it..

The designer nods…

Krishna doesn’t know why…but she was feeling a bit of happiness and satisfaction seeing Saiyyam’s name in her hand..

Krishna’s POV.

I am feeling different.its like there is a mix emotions…of happiness, satisfaction..I wonder why I am feeling like this…

Disha: Saiyyam, come here..

Saiyyam: what happened di?

Disha: u need to look for ur name in Krishna’s hand…

Saiyyam: easy Pizzy…

He takes Krishna’s hand and keeps looking….

Krishna, Yuvani, Disha and Baby laughs…

Krishna: Bhabi, do u know someone thought its easy pizzy?

Baby: yeah, but looks like he is having a hard time..

Saiyyam gives a irritated look…

Krishna: Kya hua Saiyyam? Nahi mil raha?

Saiyyam: Fine I give up….

Krishna: ok I will show u..

Krishna was going to show but baby stops her..

Baby: krishna don’t show it to him today…show it to him in your wedding night…i will be more romantic….

Krishna gives an uncomfortable look after hearing their wedding night…
Saiyyam too feels tensed….

Saiyyam’s POV

I totally forgot krishna will be living in my house as my wife in some days… It feel so different and I am kind of tensed…hope we both can adjust ourselves to the compromise….

Precap: something special….

Okay guyz…I have change in plans…i am not going to put Roshni marriage track becoz another marriage would be boring…instead I will focus on kriyam… And their love life…
Sorry for the rush in episode as I wanted to wrap the haldi and mehendi soon becoz I have a plan…and my weekend started…so I thought it was the best time to write that…sorry for the rush and sorry I couldn’t add good scenes today… Hopefully u will like tomorrow’s one..
I apologize for boring scenes today.

Plz put ur precious reviews….

Till than bye…..?

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  1. finally u posted…i was waiting fr ur epi since mrng…but dats totally f9.. itz a fab epi..n ya waiting fr bxt..btw wats d surprise in nxt..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Saniyaa. Actually I had a Rally today and thats why the update is a bit late…sorry though…but thanks again for ur comment.

  2. Adorable and lovely episode. The beautiful relationship shared between krishna and sayyam was magically depicted. All the functions were meticulously described and perfect. It was a truly glorious episode and was exemplary in the wordings..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani. I am glad that u liked it..becoz I was scared as I rushed through the episode….anyways…thank u….

  3. Shaani

    Nice episode… Loved it… I enjoyed this chapter.. Keep writing… ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani….for all ur encouragement and support

  4. Mithila Farzana

    Nice episode.u naild it…and yes i’m from BD.everyday i read your ff before start for school.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Mithila…I was in BD tooo..but I shifted to US last year…

  5. Nice update
    Keep posting

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Dwidha..glad that u liked…

  6. Dinu

    No dr it’s nt boring.? I loved sayyam’s childish behavior when applying haldi on him.I can imagine how he repeatedly wiping haldi. Somehow it makes me laugh??? waiting 4 ur special epi.bye dr tc???(I wonder wht special in nxt epi???? a dance of kriyam??????nt sure. Lets see??)

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Dinu…Glad that u liked it…remember in SSEL once he was repeatedly applying lotion when Krishna called him baba…I got the idea from that scene….thanks again

  7. Today epi not good dear plz kuch story mai badlav karo Krishna s marriage mai koi villain lao etc u know Krishna s lover direct weeding epi upload karna

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Well Richa…I am planning not bring any Villain in the marriage…but after the marriage there will be a jealousy track…and well other readers wants some kriyam moments…and not the entry of villains yet…so I hope u can cooperate till the marriage ends…

  8. Ela

    I m eagerly waiting for ur surprize…but when this surprize will come out???cant wait..nd piller wala scene was too much funny ???..keep posting???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Ela…will try to update soon..

  9. I’m so much excited for tomorrow’s episode?and this one was amazing?not boring at all❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Zani for all of ur support…glad that u liked it…

  10. Dinu

    ???I remember dat scene. How can I forget was my favourite scene???? cnt wait 4 ur special epi dr.plz don’t make us wait so long & post d nxt epi soon dr.??????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I submitted it….hope it is posted soon.

  11. Episode was awesome dear. Loved it. Keep up the good work

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura…glad that u liked it…

  12. Hafsaaa

    “Can’t you see I am talking to Krishna”??? loved the episode as usual ?
    Can’t wait to know what’s the special??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot hafsa…i am glad that u liked it…Well the next one is posted and the surprize was a kriyam dance….nothing much…

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