Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie part 11

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Hi everyone… Its me Annie with the 11th part…kriyam marriage is coming soon… Okay, So today is sangeet preparations…lets see how our youngsters and elders are preparing…. And guyz I need help.. I know its not related to the ff but plz help me if u can….
As I am the freshmen president I had a meeting with my parliament members today and two days later we are having a huge rally. This rally about this about freshmen(9th grader) credits and their absense in school. I am supposed to present some suggestions to stop it… I do have some plans in mind but if u have any suggestion plz add it.. Many guests will be coming from prestigious universities as chief guest and I am the head speaker…so I need to rock this..this is my chance to gain more experience…plz put if u have any suggestions..

Ok, so lets start…..

Our youngsters are gathered in Saiyyam’s room together…

Yuvani: Hmm all of our mommies and daddies will be preparing hard and we need to prepare too.

Baby: we need a really good dancer.

Disha: We have one, Krishna..(points at krishna)

Krishna: Me? No…nobody dances in their own wedding..

Baby: thats right too. Its Krishna’s sangeet. She should enjoy rather than competing. We can’t burden her with dancing..

Saiyyam: Are u guyz mad? Krishna and dance? They are opposite. Krishna is not good in dancing at all. She used to trip over before.

Krishna thinks ” Achcha, so u think that saiyyam. Don’t worry u will know soon how I dance”.

Disha: Saiyyam that was before. Did she never tell u that she won so many awards in dancing?

Saiyyam: Really krish?  U are a dancer?

Krishna: I don’t praise myself but yeah I can dance…(looks at saiyyam narrowing her eyes).

Saiyyam: sorry.(with an innocent look).

Yuvani: (clears her throat)ok guyz I have an idea. We will have three dances from our group. A group dance, a only girls dance and a only boys dance.

Krishna: Good plan…

Suddenly Aryan pipes up who was eating an apple ? all this Time.

Aryan: guyz, I have an idea.

Disha: ur ideas are always bogus..

Aryan: (ignores his sister) to defeat our dushman we need a clear idea about the range of their abilities..

Baby: What do u mean?

Aryan: i mean lets spy on them when they are practising…

Saiyyam: That’s  cheating. We shouldn’t do this..

Yuvani: Good idea Aryan and Saiyyam its not cheating. The elders have seen us dancing a lot of times but we rarely see them. It’s not like we are copying them..

Krishna: but still don’t u think its ….

Disha: Krishna….saiyyam. Come on guyz don’t be a part pooper.

Kriyam: Ok. We won’t protest anymore.

Aryan: so who will spy?

Baby: saiyyam and krishna….

Kriyam: US… But why us?

Baby: Because u two are our wedding couple and everyone knows that couples don’t dance in their wedding or that u are in our team. So when u spy, they will not understand anything.

Saiyyam: Bhabi that doesn’t they will welcome us during their practise.

Yuvani: They won’t welcome u but they will not get suspicious if u two roam around…

Krishna: Ok. So when should we start  start?

Aryan: If I am right, they are practising now in suhani aunty’s room.

Disha: u guyz should hurry up than..and be careful..

Our poor kriyam are forced outside…. They reach near Suhani’s room

Saiyyam: Ok krish..I will try to peep and u look around if anyone is coming just inform me.

Krishna: Ok… U look.

Saiyyam slowly opens the door a bit and starts looking. He sees Suhani dancing with Yuvraj. Yuvraj was making Suhani twirl and when its time to put her in arms he drops her…

Suhani: ouch.  Yuvraaj!!

Yuvraaj: Sorry, sorry. Lets try again.

Soumya: If we keep up like this it will be impossible for us to win.

Saiyyam is laughing by covering his mouth…

Krishna: What happened saiyyam? What are u laughing at?

Saiyyam: Krishna…(laughs again).

Krishna:( opens her mouth widely) how dare u laugh at me saiyyam?

Saiyyam: No no. I was not laughing at u…( becomes serious).

Krishna: than whats so funny? Would u care to explain?

Saiyyam: when mom and papa was dancing… Papa dropped mamma.

Krishna: what? Did she get hurt?

Saiyyam: no but they are dancing terribly…

Krishna: now u move let me have a peek.

Krishna looks in and sees soumya and Kishan. They were dancing good unless suddenly while doing a step kishan steps on soumya’s feet.

Soumya: Kishan..ur steps are wrong. U barely do the first part well.

Kishan: why is this so hard to remember in the first place?

Krishna while moving back steps on Saiyyam’s feet and he gets hurt as she was wearing a shoe. Saiyyam was going to shout when krishna quickly puts her hand over his mouth..

Krishna: shsh saiyyam. Don’t make any noise.

Saiyyam: ( removes her hand) kya krishna…do u intend to kill me?

Krishna: Ok I said sorry…na.

Saiyyam:(rubs his ears) do I have a hearing problem? When did u say sorry before?

Krishna: Fine I am saying sorry now… Happy.

Saiyyam: ok…its better.. Now let me see again.

He peeks again and sees suhani coming towards them…
Saiyyam thinks what to do? He quickly pulls krishna to a side and hugs her. Suhani comes out and sees them.

Saiyyam: (while hugging) I am so lucky that I am marrying u krishna..

Krishna: (hugs him back but is really confused) saiyyam, what are u saying?

Saiyyam: (whispers) Mom is here. Play along or she will understand our motives.. Aur phir chappal parenge… So act with me.

Krishna: Oh okay… (Now a little loudly). No saiyyam I am luckier to marry u.

Suhani sees them and smiles…

Suhani: Saiyyam, Krishna…

Kriyam breaks apart…

Saiyyam: Ma, when did u come?

Suhani: I was coming to see if u guyz already reached BH.. But u are already here. So, my work is done.

She goes back in…

Saiyyam: wow, krishna. Finally u admitted how lucky u are by getting to marry Saiyyam the Great..

Krishna: ( slightly hits him) The great?? More like Saiyyam the Afraid…

Saiyyam: I am not afraid of anything…

Krishna: Yes u are…

Saiyyam: of what?

Krishna: Of the lizard thats walking on ur shoulder.

Saiyyam gets shocked and shouts a bit and continuously tries to shoo away the imaginary lizard by moving his hand.

Krishna: Saiyyam.. I was kidding..

Saiyyam: (fixes himself) well I am not scared. Its just that they are disgusting… Eww and all the germs…(shakes his body off).

Krishna laughs….

Saiyyam: But at least I am not scared of the cockroach thats between ur legs.

Krishna quickly jumps on Saiyyam and holds him tight…

Krishna: (looks around) where?

But saiyyam is in another dimension… He keeps looking at krishna…  While Aryan comes…and looks at saiyyam. He walks upto them..

Aryan: jiju..yeh kya…again u reached ur fantasy world…

Saiyyam: Ha…( comes to senses) Ha? What Aryan?

Aryan : Forget it…so whats the status?

Krishna pulls both saiyyam and Aryan…

Krishna: Not here. Lets go to Saiyyam’s room.

Meanwhile at Suhani’s room…

All our elders are laughing….

Suhani: the kids got fooled by us..(laughs).

Soumya: they are so naive… They really thought we wouldn’t notice anything…


Soumya and Suhani was passing through Saiyyam’s room when they hear Aryan’s plan….

Aryan:i mean lets spy on them when they are practising…

Suhani and soumya are surprised…

Suhani: ok beta…do what u want..

Soumya: lets go suhani..we will show them what they want…

Flashback ends###

Soumya: we showed them our ghatiya dance and they believed we will dance bad…

Suhani: ok…guyz now lets start practising our real steps…

At Saiyyam’s room…

Yuavni: looks like we will surely win…

Krishna: we might but u all still should practise hard..

Saiyyam: krish is right…what if they become good during the competition?

Baby: okay devarji..we got it…

Yuvani: ha we got it. Whatever krishna says is right..isn’t it?

Saiyyam: Di…(pouts)

Disha: Ok, we should start practicing our one..

Yuvani: wait, won’t Roshni dance..

Kriyam looks at each other….

Krishna: Oh she has some pain in her legs.

Yuvani: Oh how sad…okay no least she can enjoy it…

Saiyyam: Exactly…

The screen freezes on a nervous a kriyam…

Precap: Sangeet….

Okay guyz I tried to put a little comedy on this chapter…hope u like it… And plz put some suggestions on songs for sangeet…i really need them…

Expecting to hear ur views…

Till than bye…?

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  1. Awesome episode
    Loved it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much dwidha….

  2. Shaani

    Nice update… U can write kriyam romantic dance on the sangeet ceremony..
    Let’s Nacho..
    Har ladki beautiful
    Prem ratana Dana payo..
    Sun mere hamsafar
    Gallan Goodiyaan,
    Jhallah whallah
    Nagada Sang Dhol
    Kajra Re
    DJ wale babu
    Aaja Nachle
    Dola Re Dola
    Pinga ga bloe
    Ghani Bawri
    Bole Chudiyaan
    Humma humma
    Gal mitti mitti bole(from Aisha)
    Mahi ve
    Ainvayi Ainvayi(from band baaj baarat)
    Hope this is more than enough ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani for all the suggestions and about the kriyam dance…I am saving it for later but there will be one…and thanks again❤❤

  3. Intricate composition of artistic words and beautiful dialogues. The episode was just so lovely and awesome. The comedy and unintended romance was truly magical and breathtaking.
    The krishna-sayyam moments were just so adorable and cute. The comedy was seriously very funny and brought a smile upon my face. Its superb..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani for all of ur appreciation…I am glad that I could be a source of ur smile…thank u soo much again..enjoy commenting dear..❤❤

  4. Fenil

    Loved it.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Fenil….

  5. Hafsaaa

    So wait I have a question.Is kriyam happy about this marriage moreover Saiyyam? The episode was firing like usual,I don’t even have to tell you that your ff slays.simply love it??? and about the rally,are you talking about absence affecting credits? Like ways to stop absences?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Well I wouldn’t exactly say that they are sad or they are happy. They are making a compromise for Roshni…well Saiyyam is sort of happy becoz he is head over heels forkrishna sice childhood but Krishna is not happy…but they are making the best of it…I didn’t want to put a hate like they agreed and are acting lile bestfriends but are not exactly happy…and thank u for ur comment Hafsaa. Its not me but u who nails their episodes.ur ff always takes my breath away…and yeah I was taking about fail in classes and reduced credits due to absences and also normal reasons of failing classes even without absence…..and I am surely regretting taking leadership…it seems so hard…and thanks again…I hope I was able to clarify everything….?❤

  6. Loved it. Kriyam scenes were awesome dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura…

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