Kriyam: Takkar ka Rishta-By annie part 10

Hi guyz its me Annie with the 10th part. I am sorry for all the late updates… Actually at school my Academic Decathlon started… So I have to stay at school for more two hours and its really important as if I can be selected as one of the Honours representative so that my ticket to colleges like Stanford, U.Penn., Berkeley, Harvard, MIT will be easy.. Thus I have to stay in school from 8 am to 5 pm. From school my mom drives to the library where I have been volunteering to keep my community service record which I need to get in one of the best universities. And I stay there upto 6:30 pm.

Than my dad picks me up…at 6:35 and we drive to home… I reach like near 6: 45pm. So my day is busy from 8 am to 7pm. I try to type my ff during free time in school but now that is also becoming hard as I am elected as the 9th grade Freshman center president. So I need to stay in duty during school time. I come home finish my HW and Decathlon studies and it takes upto 10 pm at night sometimes 12 pm if I am having quizzes… Sorry for so much of blabbering but I was just apologizing for the late updates and the boring ones… Hope u all can forgive me…. As my mind and time nearly goes blank after…. I hope u guyz still can cope with the boring ff.

Now, lets start our episode….

Krishna sits in her bed looks at her ring again and again…

Krishna’s POV

Okay, so I am not single anymore. Seems so weird when I think that I am engaged. When I came from US I never had thought about this. I am now engaged to my best friend… My childhood buddy. I always wanted to meet him in a filmy way. I never thought that our lives would take such a dramatic turn. Well its not that bad.. At least I am marrying someone who understands me and with whom I am comfortable with… Sometimes I feel guilty for dragging Saiyyam in our motives… I hope he is not sad or burdened with our problems..

She sees her phone and sees… 3 messages from Saiyyam..

Hi, Krish…
We are supposed to go to shopping today in an hour. Did aunty tell u?
U are coming right? I hate shopping!!!
Krishna smiles at his messages…

I know… We will be shopping…a thing which I love but awkward when its related to my wedding..

U mean OUR wedding…

Krishna: Yeah…ok Saiyyam.. I am leaving now. See yah..

Soumya calls krishna and the whole Birla and Mathur’s khandan set for shopping. They reach the shopping Mall. They see the Birlas…
Suhani hugs Soumya…

Suhani: Toh pehle Saiyyam ke liye shopping kare ya krishna ke liye?

Saiyyam: Ma, whatever u do just make it quick.

Disha: Saiyyam we just reached. At least more 6 hours…

Saiyyam: are u kidding?

Krishna: Why will di joke? I think we need at least 8 hours.(teases saiyyam)

Saiyyam: 8 hours? ( raise his eyebrows and looks impatient)

Krishna: Yeah… My sangeet, Mehendi, haldi and wedding dress. I forgot about reception. That too than matching jewellery, make-up, shoes and obviously ur sherwani for…..

Saiyyam: Bas… I got it… Shopping is hell. Why did u all drag me?

Yuvani: Maybe to u but not for us..

She does High fives with Baby.

Suhani: Ok enough talk already… Lets go inside.

They first go inside a lehenga store…
They are sitting for an hour and selected only for sangeet and haldi.
The girls group are keeping on rejecting…

Saiyyam: Papa. Looks like they intend to check the entire shop.

Yuvraj: Aree u don’t know… Ur mom takes a day to select even a single dress.

Suhani: Yuvraj my ears are still active.

Yuvan: shsh Rishab don’t cry… (Can’t handle) Lagta hai Rishab ke sath mujhe bhi Rona parega… Baby take him..

Baby: Yuvan u r his dad. At least try to handle him for an hour.

Aryan: thank god I am free. Na biwi hai nahi any tension..

Saiyyam: Don’t worry Aryan Roshni ki bad next number tumhara hai. (Smirks)

After finishing all the lehenga they go to the restaurant to have lunch.
Saiyyam is sitting beside krishna. A piece of salad is stuck to the side of his lips.

Krishna: Saiyyam there is something on ur mouth.

Saiyyam: (touches but can’t reach) where krish?

Krishna: wait.

Krishna takes a tissue and starts wiping it off.

Krishna: ah done. U r fine now..

Saiyyam: Thanks..( keep staring at her).

Aryan notices this and pokes saiyyam on his leg..

Saiyyam shouts and drops his spoon.

Suhani: What happened beta? Are u ok?

Saiyyam: Yeah, i am absolutely fine.

Aryan: Looks like the fairies of fantasy is playing games before jiju’s eyes..(smirks)

Krishna: huh? fairies of what?

Saiyyam: Nothing… I think Aryan’s gone crazy…

Aryan: Not me but someone else is getting crazy in love.

Krishna: I can’t understand what do u mean Aryan?

Aryan: don’t worry, slowly even u will understand everything ( looks at Saiyyam).

Suhani: I think we should resume shopping again.

Soumya: Now we will buy Saiyyam’s sherwanis and than we will go to the jeweler store.

Saiyyam starts walking slowly… Due to tiredness.

Krishna: Saiyyam!! Why are u walking like a Zombie?

Saiyyam: My legs are tired due to walking and my eyes are tired seeing dresses after dresses. I don’t know what to select? Everything is pretty much the same.

Krishna: Saiyyam we should start jogging with me. At least ur immunity power will rise.

Saiyyam: If that what is accelerating ur energy than rodger that. I am on it…

Yuvani: guyz, if u are done whispering than we should proceed to the jeweler shop.

Saiyyam: No plz…( pretends to sob)

At the car…

Aryan: So to be jiju….

Krishna: his name is Saiyyam, Aryan.( rolls her eyes) either call me him saiyyam or just whatever u called him before…

Aryan: Ok, jiju. Whats ur plan about bachelors party? And dancing and everything…

Krishna: What bachelors party? I won’t allow such stuff.(feels a ting of jealousy)

Saiyyam notices it and thinks to inflate it…

Saiyyam: Right aryan…we should also call and drinks and not to forget Chameli.(smirks at krishna).

Krishna: Chameli? Who the hell is Chameli?

Saiyyam signs Aryan… And he understands it…

Aryan: ooo Chameli…  She is a very experienced famous dancer. She is so beautiful….

Krishna: (gets angry) saiyyam I am warning u.. No Chameli or Chipkali is allowed in any party..

Saiyyam: if u say so than ok we won’t call her but are u jealous krishna?(teases)

Krishna: Me and jealous.. Huh thats not even possible… Besides I was telling for safety… No need to do such stuff. Just enjoy a boys night.

Yuvani pipes up…

Yuvani: Leave it krish if they can celebrate boys night than why can’t we do girls one… And let them call Chameli, we will call chamela….(laughs).

Saiyyam: Haha… How funny? Should have come up with a better name than chamela..

Yuvani: why Saiyyam if u can make up names than why not us?

Krishna: Ha saiyyam. Sorry I interfered.. Do whatever u want and we will do our own party….

Saiyyam: fine do it.. As if I will stop u…( crosses his arms and pouts)

Yuvani: Achcha forget it… What about up coming sangeet?

Disha: I was thinking to do a dance off…

Baby: Between Birlas and Mathur’s??

Suhani: No between youngsters and elders…

Yuvani: Ma..obviously the youngsters will win. We are fresh and strong…

Soumya: But not experienced…

Suhani: Hmm.

Dadi: even I am on it..

Saiyyam: Dadi u too.

Dadi: Why not? even i want to enjoy my grandson’s sangeet.

Aryan: How about a kriyam dance?

Yuvani: Who’s kriyam?

Aryan: Are Yuvani di. Its a combo name of saiyyam and krishna.. Its my invention.

Krishna: what? Aryan stop inventing such stupid stuff.

Saiyyam: Why krish? Its a cute name.

Krishna: saiyyam…(irritated).

Baby: Come on guyz. It looks nice. Kriyam’s wedding. So unique right Yuvani.

Yuvani: Agreed!!!

The screen freezes at saiyyam smirking ? at krish and Krishna looking at saiyyam with a pissed off look.

Precap: sangeet preparations Part 1.

Sorry guyz for the short episode. I hope I will be able to get ur forgiveness. And sorry if u find it boring….but i will try my best to improve it next time….?

Plz put ur precious reviews…

Till than bye……?

  1. Shaani

    Aww… Shopping masti… Nice episode… Loved it… It’s ok..don’t worry we can understand ur situation.. Update when u r feer.. It’s ok.. All the best.. Keep writing..???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani. I will try to update daily but it won’t be quick….and shopping is masti for us but for Saiyyam its punishment…and thanks a lot for ur encouraging wotds…

  2. Nice,Anahita.. So much busy schedule ..!!! Here I’m getting bored due to the gap btwn xms..Best wishes fr ur co-crclr activts..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shrabony apu…Yeah I am drowning in work…especially after becoming the freshmen president…why did the students elect me as their president?? I should never have taken the candidacy….its fun but its hard…. I mean everyday I have to give speech, sit in a meeting with my parliament members and discuss their problems…geez, its hard…and best of luck for ur exams…

  3. Hi Annie episode was superb dear. Thanks for writing ur ff between ur busy schedule. You will get the opportunity to study in best universities.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura… Glad that u liked it… And also thanks for all the inspiration…

  4. Lovely episode anahita…
    The shopping experience and planning for sangeet were beautifully described. You have a really good hand at words and never fail to surprise us with some great pieces of art. The episode had comedy and sibling banter in the right banter which made it a fantastic description of pre-wedding diaries. All the description and diction was truly amazing…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much shivani. Ur extensive knowledge in words always amazes me..its an honour that u liked it..hope I will able to meet upto ur expectations in other episodes too. Thank u soo much again for such beautiful words….it means a lot dear…

  5. You have a truly hectic and never-ceasing list of activities on your portfolio. The fact that you manage to keep your cool and write this story is a great achievement in itself. I really dont know how do you even manage to balance your academics and fanfiction so well. Its truly a motivator for all of us…
    Congratulations for election. And dont feel disheartened as with power comes responsiblities. So you just need to accept the hard truth and live with whatever life throws at you. A great many good wishes for all your future endeavours.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much shivani. Ur extensive knowledge in words always amazes me..its an honour that u liked it..hope I will able to meet upto ur expectations in other episodes too. Thank u soo much again for such beautiful words….it means a lot dear…❤?

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      When I saw the first line of the comment in my notifications, I knew it was u…becoz u have a very beautiful style of writing that I can recognize it immediately… Thank u for the wishes…it was my life long dream to be the freshmen president and that means I get the chance to be the president of over 500 9th graders. Its hard but as u said its good. Thank u for all of ur inspirational words Shivani..ur comment always brings a smile to my face… I am really glad to have u as one of my readers… And thanks again for all the support u gave me throughout all of my ffs. It really means a lot….?❤

  6. Fenil

    Nice update
    waiting for next.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much fenil. Glad that u liked it…

  7. Good one
    .. love it…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Aarav. Glad that u liked it….

  8. U don’t hv 2 apologies dr.I totally understand coz my situation also same like urs.i’m also too busy these days with my clzes.I hv clz since 6 a.m.-4 p.m. these days.n when I reach home it’s nearly 5.30 p.m.2dy only I got some free time. So i’m reading all of ffs nw n trying to comment each of them. ☹☹? btw I read all prts of ur ff dat I missed nw.I loved all prts???? reading ffs lessens my tiredness. ? so want 2 tnk all d writers of these beautiful u byeee tc (sry 4 d long comment??)

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Dinu instead I am happier with ur long comment…looks like u have a busy schedule too…and thank u soo much for ur comment and encouragement….it means a lot…

  9. N eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt epi.though i’ll nt be able 2 comment i’ll definitely read it when I get free time.byeee

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      O I will miss ur comments…anyways…best of luck with ur studies…and thanks for being a regular reader…it means a lot…

  10. Hafsaaa

    The episode was killing ?? Man I totally understand the studies part.I barely have time too and can’t manage it all,I might end my ff but stuck on yours?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Hafsaa.❤.are u serious about ending ur ff?? Don’t do that..plz…my heart will end along with ur ff. ?Its my fav ff.please reconsider…again don’t end it…its a request from one of the die hard fan of ur ff….?

  11. Oh my god that was so cute. And I understand u I have to do a lot of things to, like going to debate and all EVERYDAY. Community service,…… life’s deppressing, but anyway love ur ff and don’t try to scribble just for the sake of posting it take ur time. ❤️

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much Aisha for all ur encouraging words…it means a lot and I am glad that u liked it…?❤

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