Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie part 12

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Hi guyz its Annie with the 12th part…its the sangeet…lets see…what happens in our kriyam Sangeet… And thank u soo much Shaani for soo many song suggestions….

Ok so lets start……

Krishna is sitting infront of her mirror and some girls are adorning her with necklace, make up etc….

Krishna today is wearing a silver and blue coloured lehenga. The skirt if downpart is fully silver with white glittering stones and upper part is sleeveless and blue with silver border line. Her duppatta is set like saree’s acha. Het dupatta is net with silver colour and blue border line. She is wearing a beautiful blue nacklace and an tiara… She was looking really pretty…

Soumya: Krish, u are looking so beautiful beta…

Krishna: Thank u ma.

Soumya: come on, we should leave for the sangeet venue..

Krishna nods and leaves with all other family members.. They reach the hall and the Birla’s are already over there…

Aryan:(points to Saiyyam) look krish isn’t ur prince charming looking so handsome.

Krishna: (in anger) Aryan…stop talking nonsense and concentrate on ur dance…

Saiyyam walks to them..

He sees krishna coming towards him and hugs him…

Saiyyam: krishna, u r looking so beautiful today…

Krishna:(blushes) u too saiyyam. U are looking like a prince who comes in my dreams everyday..

Saiyyam:( happy) Really?

Krishna: Really!!!

Saiyyam hugs her….

Aryan: Jiju, Jiju..

Saiyyam comes back to senses and sees he is hugging a pillar. he gets shocked and leaves it immediately..

Aryan: Jiju, phir se.

Saiyyam: phir se kya?

Aryan: I know u love her than why don’t u confess it…

Saiyyam: But, She said doesn’t love me Aryan..

Aryan: she does…i know my sis..she does love u… Except she needs someone to make her realise that…

Saiyyam: Maybe…(sighs).

Krishna walks upto them….

Krishna: what are u guyz whispering?

Aryan: about love and confession..

Saiyyam slightly hits Aryan with his elbow…

Aryan: (sputters) I….I mean about grieve and depression..

Krishna: saiyyam u r depressed about this wedding? U should have told me…i ..i don’t want to ruin ur life..

Saiyyam:(gets hypered)
Hits Aryan..he is talking about his friends grief….

Krishna: oh…u r telling the truth right?

Saiyyam: Promise…i am not depressed with anything…rather its my life long dre….

Krishna: Ur life long dream…(seems confused).

Saiyyam: My life long dream to see my parents happy in this way during my I am happy too.

Krishna: Thank god they are happy…at least it is a little consoling for me.

Yuvani comes…

Yuvani: Kriyam, lets go..we are supposed to sit…

Krishna: Di !!!

Yuvani: What krish I love the name and its a lot easier to call than full names…

Krishna pouts and goes…they are assigned their seats. Krishna and Saiyyam are sitting in a beautifully decorated seat the front… Krishna seems really excited…and saiyyam is looking at krishna…

The programme starts….

Roshni: Hi everyone I am Roshni Mathur welcoming u all to Kriyam sangeet…

Krishna: (shocked at the word kriyam) saiyyam, why is she using that name?

Saiyyam: I think it either Aryan or Yuvani di’s idea…

Krishna: Those two… Ugh..

Saiyyam: krish, change into ur witch avatar later…now enjoy the show…

Krishna: (pissed off) My witch, what?….(raged but than stops as the function starts).

Roshni: First we will have a dance from Suhani and Yuvraaj Birla. So guyz its a competition and we have three judges…(she keeps telling about competition rules and introduces the judges). So lets start.

Yuvraj and suhani comes there…
They dance on “tune mari entry”.
Yuvraj is wearing a shirt while suhani is wearing a peach coloured saree.

Kriyam hangs their mouth after seeing their dance… Yuvani pokes from behind…

Yuvani: (in anger) Saiyyam, Krishna…yek kya tha?

Kriyam: (gulps) d…dance.

Disha: Even we can see that…but why is everything opposite of ur description?

Aryan: Ha, kriyam…u told us they are terrible dancers…but now…

Krishna: I don’t know how this happened..

Saiyyam:Me neither…u told what we saw…

Aryan: Guyz we should get ur eyes treated.

Baby: Forget it…we practised right…we will just give our best…

Roshni: Now youngsters Group girlz dance…

Yuvani, Baby and Disha go on the stage.. They dance on “Nagada sang Dhol”…

Everyone cheers…

Like this dance performances continue…. Soumya and Kishan dances on “Kajra re”… The youngesters Group boyz dance on “ladki ki beautiful”. The elders has a group dance on ” lets Nacho” and the youngsters has a group dance on “the breakup song”.

Saiyyam sees Krishna cheering and enjoying all the dances…krishna looks at him, thinking something…

Krishna: what happened saiyyam?

Saiyyam: Nothing..

Krishna: Don’t sit like that…enjoy!!well I know the marriage in in unfavourable condtitions…but we should make the best of it..and besides we won’t see everyone performing like this very often(gives him a side hug).

Krishna agains starts cheering for the performers…saiyyam keeps his hand over Krishna’s one…which Krishna doesn’t notice… He keeps looking at krishna…

Saiyyams POV…

She looks so cute when she is happy..her cheeks are so pink and soft…the way her silky, chestnut brown hair blows is just…. So mesmerizing…its so heart warming when she smiles like that….

Roshni: Ok…. That were some performances…u all rocked now… This sangeet is near its end…but not finshed yet…lets play a game with our main couple on what they know about each other…. Ok so kriyam, its like a rapid fire…we ask questions and u answer…ok.

Kriyam nods….

Aryan: I will ask the questions…

He jumps to the stage and starts asking questions.

Aryan: Each of u tell ur partners fav colour..

Krishna: Saiyyam’s fav colour is black…

Saiyyam: Krishna’s one is light blue..

Aryan: perfect..

Aryan: favourite food…

Krishna: kheer.

Saiyyam: Gulab jamun…

Aryan: Again, correct…

Aryan keeps asking questions and kriyam answers all of them correctly…

Aryan: Now last challenge … remember its a challenge not question…

Roshni’s POV

What’s Aryan bhai doing? There were no challenge in the script than why is he….

Aryan: ok…u have to propose to each right now, infront all of us…

Kriyam: What?

Saiyyam’s POV

100% sure Aryan made it up…this boy is just crazy…how can I explain him to stop doing this? All this is not going to work.

Krishna’s POV

Who put this challenge in the script? Maybe, Yuvani di or Baby Bhabhi. How to do this?

Aryan: so saiyyam..u go first…

Saiyyam: (takes the mike) krishna u were one of the best persons I ever met..from the childhood u were smart, strong, beautiful, confident…i never realised how I started to fall in love with u… U r a really fantastic person krish and thank u soo much for coming in my life.. I love you…( starts to realize he expressed his real feelings with the flow).

Everyone cheers…

Aryan: Krishna…u go..

Krishna: (thinks what to say) Saiyyam u are my bestfriend and an amazing person. U have supported me in everything…happiness, sorrow. Ur support has been a great source of strength in my life..and the things u do for me can only be done by a loved one…and ( stops and hesitates a bit) I love u too.

Everyone claps and cheers…

Roshni: Ok so I have the results….all of our performers danced fiercely and I am sure our audience loved it. Anyways the winner of our sangeet is the Youngsters group….

Everyone cheers including the elders…

Yuvani: Ma, papa i didn’t know u guyz dance sooo good.

The youngsters starts praising the elders… At that time…

Saiyyam: Sorry krish for everything there… I know i made u a bit uncomfortable..

Krishna: its ok.. I mean I hope i didn’t make u uncomfortable ?

Saiyyam: No.anyways, how did u know so much about me?

Krishna: come on Saiyyam. I know u like since infancy.. I surely know everything about u, like u know about me..

Saiyyam: Yeah..

Krishna: and saiyyam…over there I meant what I said…

Saiyyam: (eyes lits up in happiness) what?

Krishna: I mean u always supported me in everything… I am really grateful.. Besides, obviously u r my best friend and I don’t hate u…so in a sense I love u as a friend right?

Saiyyam: Sure I love u too…(gets sad as he thought krish loved him more than as a friend).

Krishna: Ok Saiyyam… Lets talk to them but their sizzling performances… They were great right?

Saiyyam: They were really good.

The screen freezes at Kriyam going together to their parents…

Precap: Haldi maybe…not sure.

I know it was a little boring. So I apologize…. This days episodes will be mainly in ritual until we reach the bachelors party…i have a surprize coming up….
Thats all for all today….

Plz put ur precious reviews….

Till than bye…..?

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  1. saiyyam hugging a pillar best part(couldnt control my laughter) n as i m writing this im laughing yet again…nyc one really…in every ff saiyyam is shown dumb in realizing love..and i just want to hit him n say idiot u love hr…ur ff is so unique n diff..eagerly eagerly waiting fr nxt part..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Saaniya..i am happy that I could be a reason of ur laughter…thank u soo much for ur encouragement…

  2. Shaani

    Aree… Krishna can’t u understand ur frnd Sayyam… He loves u alot baba.. Don’t hurt him this much…
    Nice episode Annie… Amazing as always… Love ur story… Waiting for the next episode ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah krish is still not getting that saiyyu loves her…anyways…thank u so much for all the song suggestions and ur inspiring comments…Shaani..❤?

  3. Fenil

    Nice update
    can’t wait for next.
    Yrkkh page pe hain by mistake shift karwa do.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u fenil…I fixed the mistake…?

  4. Mithila Farzana

    It wasn’t boring at all.your ff going really well.good job!!!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Mithila…Glad that u liked it…

  5. Mithila Farzana

    It wasn’t boring at all.your ff going really well.good job!!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Hey Mithila I am guessing u are from BD…I was from BD..though I don’t live there anymore… Anyways thanks for ur comment…

  6. Today update good but plz next epi mai jaldi wedding fast finished start kriyam story olzz kuch epise boring lag raha hai

    1. Shaani

      We can’t write a story that fast richa… Story just need to have a flow… Hope u can understand… Writers also have a personal life… They can’t keep writing always… It will take sometime to post plz have some patience… I know all kriyam fans r impatient..but can’t help… I have one suggestion why don’t u start writing a story… Then u will understand how difficult it is…
      (No hard feelings) sorry if u r hurt…

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      I have to put kriyam marriage and then kriyam will start…?

  7. It was not at all boring?and it was amazing?yew know what Annie I suggest a friend of mine your horror ff and she red it and she loved it?she was saying that it is amazing❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani…it means a lot..thank u so much for all ur support..

  8. Sorry… Sorry..Sorry…Sorry…Sorry….Sorry..Sorry…Anahita.. actually, I m too much busy with my studies and HSC xms. I haven’t read out any of ur episodes yet let alone commented them.. I m soooooooooo soooooo so very sorry.PLZ accept my apology from the core of my heart..Even I’ll be busy for next 2 weeks. I won’t be able either to read them or to comment them. I hope that you’ll understand. After 2 weeks, I’ll definitely read them and of course comment on them as well… bye.. pray for me. Love u a lot.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize apu…i totally understand…it means a lot that u took time to read today…amd don’t worry u will ace ur exams with flying colours…

  9. Ela

    It has become one of my fav ff..keep it up annie…good going ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ela…it means a lot..

  10. Ela

    Wow there so many bd fans of kriyam

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah Ela…there are many BD kriyam fans….❤?

  11. Awesome dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much dwidha…

  12. Dinu

    Awesome epi dr.loved it 2 d core. ???? I enjoyed a lot reading dis prt.u included d songs perfectly. All d songs matched each couple n each group perfectly. ???? gd work. ??? bt i want kriyam couple dance in a nxt epi.plzzzz???? waiting 4 other marriage rituals of kriyam eagerly. Plz post d nxt epi soon. (Bt whenever u r free)?bye dr tc????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot dinu…actually shaani helped select the songs..and don’t worry about kriyam dance..its coming up soon…and thank u again…

  13. Amazingly depictive compilation of meticulous writings. The episode was in reality a superb piece of art which comprised of numerous emotions like love, embarassment, humour and care. It demonstrated the beautiful relation of friendship of krishna and a stupendous way. The confession part was really cute and adorable and sayyam’s antics at the beginning were really funny. You have perfected all the dialogues, actions and feelings here.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani…for all of ur beautiful works…as always I am always flabbergasted by the use of ur vocabulary..and glad that u liked the episode..

  14. Hi Annie, boring? No no dear. It’s the best. Saiyyam hugging pillar?? and his love for krishna was very beautiful dear. U lines were awesome. And his confession I loved it. Aryan idea?I hope soon krishna realize his love. Update ASAP

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura…i am really glad that u liked it…but sorry I have my rally today…so not sure If I can update….

  15. Hafsaaa

    Boring? Ya you’re right,but not your ff but mines.♥️ The pillar hugging part was my favorite ?? The lyf of Saiyyam can be felt??? ooo the confession part,I thought It was real man.Its slaying ??? I don’t understand how you get so much time to write long updates but salute to you girl.Yoo it’s one of my favorite ff,so don’t listen to others comments,lol it’s creepy but I’m gonna go back and re-read all your ffs ?? You’re an amazing writer girl,don’t let anyone pull that down❤️ Eagerly waiting for the next one ☝️

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Hafsaa for all of ur support and encouragement…ur comments has always been a part of my inspiration…and don’t u dare call ur ff boring… my favourite and all the suspense and tracks are awesome…so ur ff rocks an I will always love it….❤❤❤

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