Kriyam SS–Destiny– chapter 3

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Birla Mansion

Saumya and Krishna entered the hall of Birla Mansion. Suhani saw them and went towards them.
Suhani-“welcome saumya” and hugged her and then after some time they broke the hug.
Krishna touched suhani’s feet and suhani blessed her.
Suhani-“come” in the time yuvaani came there and touched saumya’s feet. Saumya blessed her
Yuvaani-“krish come with me” and she held Krishna’s hand and pulled her to her room

Yuvaani’s room

Yuvaan was already there.
Yuvaan-“krish, yuvaani told me that sayyam didn’t say no for this marriage and you were saying that we are going to enjoy the wedding…”
Krishna-“so…what more we can do..??”
Yuvaan-“ok I can understand…but let’s give it one more try..”
Krishna-“what you mean?”
Yuvaan-“what about talking to riya..”

(riya is sayyam’s would be fiancé)

Yuvaani-“are you serious??”
Krishna-“what we will say to her??”
Yuvaan-“we will simply tell her that sayyam is not happy with the marriage so she should say no to this marriage..”
Krishna-“ok..then you go and say this to her..”
Yuvaan-“you two also come with me..”
Yuvaani-“ok lets go..”
Trio came out of the room and found suhani at some distance. Yuvaani went to her
Yuvaani-“mom, are riya and her family here??”
Suhani-“first of all she is your bhabhi and they must be coming in no time, why u are asking?”
Yuvaani-“no….i just asked”
Suhani-“hmmm…ok” and then she saw Krishna at some distance then she went towards her
Suhani-“Krishna go and see sayyam whether he is ready or not..”
Krishna-“ok..aunty..” suhani went from there. Yuvaani came to Krishna
Krishna-“I am going to see sayyam, you both go and talk to riya when she will come…ok”
Yuvaan-“ok…you go..”
Krishna went to sayyam’s room and yuvaan and yuvaani were waiting for riya

Sayyam’s room

Krishna knocked the door
Sayyam-“come in” and Krishna entered side
Sayyam looked at her
Sayyam-“krish you don’t have to knock..”
Krishna-“its called manners..”
Sayyam-“got it madam..”
Krishna-“you didn’t get ready yet?”
Sayyam-“I am checking some mails then I will get ready..”
Krishna-“suhani aunty sent me to check you and you are checking mails..”
Sayyam-“its important..”
Krishna-“today is your engagement…its also important..”
Sayyam-“ok..i am going” and sayyam took his clothes and went inside washroom
After sometime, he came out of the washroom. He was wearing a white shirt and black trouser.
Krishna looked at him and smiled
Krishna-“you are looking damn good..” sayyam went towards krishna
Sayyam-“are you ok..krish??” he checked her by touching her forehead
Krishna-“what do you mean?”
Sayyam-“ just complimented me…” and Krishna smiled
Krishna-“don’t be very much happy..come on the earth..” and sayyam side hugged her.
Sayyam-“I am very lucky to have you in my life..”
Krishna-“ok..don’t be senti..” and then they broke the hug
Sayyam looked here and there.
Krishna-“what are you searching..??”
Sayyam-“my tie”

Krishna looked here and there and found it
Krishna-“here it is” and picked up the tie and gave it to sayyam
Sayyam tied his tie.
Sayyam-“ok..lets go..”
Krishna-“one min.” and Krishna checked him to confirm that everything is fine or not
Sayyam-“if your checking out session is over can we go?”
Krishna-“I am not checking you out..”
Sayyam-“then what you were doing?”
Krishna-“I was just checking is everything is perfect or not as suhani gave me a responsibility..”
Sayyam-“so what you found..”
Krishna-“everything is perfect…now lets go..”
Krishna and sayyam came downstairs. By that time riya and her family also arrived.

Krishna immediately went to yuvaan and yuvaani
Krishna-“did you talk to her..”
Yuvaan-“no yaar didn’t get the chance..”
Yuvraaj went in the middle of the hall
Yuvraaj-“may I have your attention please, really thank you to all you to take out time to be the part of our happiness. We will start the ceremony as soon as my dadi will arrive” and suddenly heard someone’s voice and everyone turned to the direction of the voice. There was standing Chandrakala Birla.
Dadi-“so I am here” suhani,yuraaj, yuvaani, yuvaan, sayyam went towards her and took her blessings
Dadi-“ok…now start the engagement ceremony”
Sayyam and riya went in the middle of the hall
Suhani stood beside sayyam and mrs. Srivastava stood beside riya. They gave them their respective rings and then they exchanged their rings.
And everyone clapped for them.


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        Ooooh! U have a nice name Neha and u r right my name is Sanaa.

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