Kriyam SS–Destiny– chapter 2

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first of all i am really sorry dears for being late as i got little busy
i will try to update regularly i mean with a gap of 1 or 2 days..
hope u all like this
plzz ignore typos and grammatical mistakes..
so here we go…


Birla Mansion

All the family members were present in the dining room for the breakfast. All were having breakfast silently. Suddenly suhani’s phone ringed and she received the call.

Suhani-“hello..mrs. srivastava..Good morning..”
Mrs. Srivastava-“good morning Suhani ji…”
Suhani-“anything important…I mean you called so early…”
Mrs. Srivastava-“ya, I called you to inform you that our family priest has got a very auspicious date for marriage..”
Suhani-“wow, its such a good news…”
Mrs. Srivastava-“ya we got the date after 1 week..”
Suhani-“what 1 week..?” and suhani looked at everyone
Mrs. Srivastava-“ya I know its quite early but the next date is after 2 months and I don’t want to delay…hope its ok with you..”
Suhani-“ok no problem…”
Mrs. Srivastava-“ok, then today in the evening we will come for the engagement ceremony…and there will be only family members and some of our close relatives. And another functions we will celebrate grandly..hope u don’t mind it..”
Suhani-“no, its absolutely fine.”
Mrs. srivastava-“ok, then we will meet you in the evening..”
Suhani-“ya see you in the evening” and disconnected the call
Yuvraaj-“what happened suhani? What mrs. Srivastava said?”
Suhani-“it’s a good news”
Yuvaan-“did she said no for this relation” suhani glared on him and then looked at yuvraaj
Suhani-“actually mrs. Srivastava’s priest got an very auspicious date for the marriage”
Yuraaj-“ its really a good news…btw whats the date?”
Suhani-“its after 1 week”
Yuvaani and yuvaan(unison)-“what 1 week?”
Suhani-“what’s the problem”
Yuvaani-“its too early, I mean it’s a marriage na, so many preparation are used to be done..”
Suhani-“you don’t worry everything will be done on time and yah engagement is in the evening” the food almost choked yuvaan and yuvaani’s throat and they starting coughing. Sayyam passed glass of water to both of them
Suhani-“sayyam, I hope you don’t have any problem”
Sayyam-“ya…I am fine with this”
Suhani-“so everyone should come home at time” and then yuvraaj and suhani went from there
Yuvaani looked at sayyam
Yuvaani-“what is this bhai, really u don’t have any problem with this. Suddenly mom announced your engagement in the evening”
Sayyam-“one day the engagement was going to happening so what is the big deal if it happens today..”
Yuvaan-“its just a waste to say or make you understand something (yuvaan looked at yuvaani)..yuvaani lets go, we getting late for college” and both went to the college and after sometime sayyam also left for office.

Srivastava apartment

Yuvaan and yuvaani were waiting outside krishna’s home. Yuvaani called Krishna
Yuvaani-“krish we are waiting “
Krishna-“yup coming…” and after sometime Krishna came and sat in the car.
Yuvaan started driving
Yuvaan-“krish there is a problem”
Krishna-“now what happened..??”she said in little annoyed voice
Yuvaani-“ mom and her mrs. Srivastava blasted a bomb in the morning..”
Krishna-“say it clearly”
Yuvaani-“actually” and she told everything to Krishna
Krishna-“now this was the only thing left to happen..”
Yuvaani-“now what we will do”
Krishna-“first let me talk with sayyam, if he understand then there is no problem but if he don’t then we can’t do anything”
And by the time they reached krishna’s office. Krishna came out of the car
Krishna-“ok bye guys..”
Yuvaani and yuvaan-“bye” then they left for the college.

Around 4 o’clock in the evening

Krishna went to her boss’s cabin. She knocked the door
Boss-“come in”
Krishna-“sir here is the file you wanted”
Boss-“keep it there” and Krishna kept the file on the table
Krishna-“sir actually I have finished my today’s may I go sir”
Boss-“Krishna is there any problem as you never asked for leave like this..”
Krishna-“actually sir I have one personal work and that can’t be done on any other if you”
Krishna-“thank you sir”
Boss-“you are welcome” and Krishna went from the cabin. She took her bag and went downstairs.
Krishna called sayyam
Sayyam was sitting in his cabin when he received Krishna’s call
Sayyam-“ya krish”
Krishna-“sayyam actually I need your help”
Sayyam-“what happened?? Are you ok?”
Krishna-“ya I am fine. Actually today I didn’t brought my scooty and now I am not getting any cab”
Sayyam-“ok, I am coming to pick you up”
Krishna-“and she disconnected the call

After half an hour sayyam reached krishna’s office and picked her up

Sayyam-“krish how you are free so early today”
Krishna(in her mind)-“I knew it, he is going to ask this question” and sayyam called her out
Sayyam-“krish” and Krishna came out of her thoughts
Krishna-“actually today I finished my work early that’s why”
Sayyam-“but” before he could complete she cut him off
Krishna-“sayyam stop the car” he stopped the car
Sayyam-“what happened?” but Krishna didn’t reply to him and get off the car and went to sayyam’s side and opened the door of sayyam’s side
Krishna-“come out” and sayyam came out of the car. She holds his hand
Sayyam-“where we are going?”
Krishna-“in the park” and sayyam saw a park in front of him
Sayyam-“but why?”
Krishna-“come” and pulled him inside the park and they sat on a bench
Krishna-“sayyam, why are you doing this marriage..??” and sayyam looked at her
Sayyam-“yuvaan and yuvaani said to you to make me understand”
Krishna-“leave that, what I have asked you first answer me that, are you happy with this marriage..”
Sayyam-“Krishna you know naa…my mom and dad…than why are you asking..??”
Krishna-“are you happy…??” and sayyam looked away
Sayyam-“yaa..obviously..” and then he looked at Krishna
Krishna-“you are going to marry which means you have to be happy, you are going to spend your whole life not uncle or aunty(Krishna took a deep breath)…think about yourself, be selfish for the first time..” sayyam looked at her
Sayyam-“I am happy..”
Krishna-“atleast don’t lie to me….leave it there is no use of making you understand….” And she stood up to go and turned to look at him
Krishna-“and yah I am not coming to attend your wedding..” and she turned to go when she felt a hold on his wrist. Krishna turned to look at him
Sayyam-“its my wedding…and if u will not this will happen”
Krishna-“I am not coming..”
Krishna-“OK…i will come…now happy..”
Sayyam-“that’s like my best friend…”
Krishna-“ok…now let’s go” and they walked to the car
Sayyam-“and today is my engagement you have to come..”
Krishna-“ok I will..” and Krishna gave him a smile
Then sayyam drove Krishna to her home and then went to his home

Krishna went to her home. Saumya opened the door

Saumya-“how was your day?”
Krishna-“good” and then she went and sat on the sofa
krishna called yuvaani
Yuvaani-“did bhai said no for the marriage”
Krishna-“no, he is not ready to understand..”
Yuvaani-“then what we are going to do..”
Krishna-“we are going to enjoy the wedding..”
Yuvaani-“hmmm” and disconnected the call
Saumya came to her with a glass of water and sat beside her
Saumya-“Krishna, we are invited for the engagement of sayyam..”
Krishna-“sayyam..didn’t understand…and wedding is after 1 week”
Saumya-“ya I u go and freshen up” and Krishna went to freshen up


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