Kriyam-meri aashique tumse hi ep3

Rohit hard called someone on the phone
Rohit : where are you, do you even remember your old friends or not.
Person on the phone: no, it’s just that I was a little busy.
Rohit: so busy that you couldn’t even reply to a message.
Person on the phone : listen Rahul, seriously I was too busy.
Rohit: fine, but I’ll
Person on the phone : ok sorry.

Rahul: ok fine, I’ll forgive you but on one condition.
Person on the phone: fine tell
Rahul : you have to come to goa.
Person on the phone : Rahul you know I can’t come to goa.
Rahul: I know , but please it’s Rohit bhai’s wedding and all our friends are coming, it will be fun like old days and also you don’t have to stay in goa for long. Just for a day, the wedding is in udaipur.
Person on the phone : idea is not that bad. By the way my holidays have started so no work for 2 weeks.
Rahul: so you’re coming.

Person on the phone : yes.
Rahu: fine so come tomorrow .
Person on the phone : see you tomorrow then.
They both hang up the phone. Rahul then informs rohit and ankita.

After some time.
A postman came to the khanna house and dropped a letter named “Kiara Khanna” . Rahul took the letter and called out for Krishna.
Rahul: Krishna come out there is a letter for you.

Krishna came down and took the letter. Rohit and ankita were sitting in the living room Krishna opened the letter in front of everyone. Krishna’s were filling with excitement as she silently continued to read the letter. She ran and hugged ankita first.
Ankita: what happens Krishna, what is the letter about.
Krishna: aunty my job , the job I had applied for.( Krishna couldn’t complete she was too happy)
Ankita :tell beta
Krishna: aunty the letter is from travel channel they have selected me for the job of host for their new travel show.

Rahul: really
Krishna: yes.
Rohit: congrats girl I knew it
Ankita : finally you’re dream is going to get fulfilled.
Rahul: so where are you going to travel,
Krishna : they have called me for a meeting.
Rahul: when?
Krishna: tomorrow.

TIME SKIPS to night
Krishna was in her room trying to sleep when Rahul sprang into her room. Krishna wake up I can’t sleep. Said Rahul.
Krishna: go Rahul I have to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow.
Rahul: please Krishna just 10 minutes.
Krishna: fine

Krishna got up angrily and sat on the bed Rahul came and sat in front of her.
Krishna: now tell me you have only got 10 minutes.
Rahul: yeah so you remember about my collage friends I have always talked about.
Krishna: oh yeah your friends.
Rahul: and about my school friend,

Krishna: is he coming ?
Rahul: yeah I finally convinced him to come and will be with us till rohit bhai’s wedding.and along with him my other friends are also coming .
Krishna: that’s great. So that means you’ll not irritate me until rohit bhai’s wedding.
Rahul: I irritate you?
Krishna: irritate no you don’t irritate me, you sit on top of my head everyday and annoy me.
Rahul: So I annoy you right.

Saying this Rahul starts tickling Krishna, Krishna tries to stop but instead they both fall on bed laughing. Rahul sees Krishna laughing and stares at her lovingly. He slowly gets up and goes close to Krishna, krishna stops laughing and stares at rahul’s eyes. Rahul whispers in her ears “ always laugh like this you look extra beautiful” saying this he goes from her room. Krishna wonders why Rahul suddenly did that. Rahul never came that close to Krishna. Krishna had never seen Rahul stare at her like how he did today. Forget it she said and slept back.

Precap: Krishna’s hair scatter all over Sayyam’s face.
Who do you all think rahul’s friend is ?And here’s a little precap of tomorrow’s update.

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