Kriyam-meri aashique tumse hi ep2

It was raining heavily storm clouds were all over the sky lightening was striking Krishna stood alone drenching in the rain running as fast as possible her eyes were red from crying suhani and yuvraj were following her from behind
Suhani:Krishna beta listen please stop.
Krishna:nahi aunty there is nothing left for me to live in this world anymore
Suhani:Krishna please listen

Krishna didn’t stop running she reached to the top of a cliff.yuvraj and suhani followed her telling her to stop but she didn’t
Yuvraj: Krishna just stay there I’m coming
Krishna: uncle if you come near I swear I’ll jump
Suhani and yuvraj stayed still after Krishna’s threat
Krishna:suhani aunty and yuvraj uncle you have done a lot for me and I always obeyed you it’s the first and last time I’m not listening to you I’m sorry but I just can’t take it anymore.
Saying this Krishna jumps from the cliff…….
Noooooooooo Krishna screams as she gets up on the bed she was sweating and gasping
Krishna:why,why did that dream come, why does it always come, Krishna now started to cry thinking about all the past happenings she remembered how she tried to kill herself and that today how much grateful she is to the new life given to her by God. But still she hasn’t forgotten her past.
Krishna got up from the bed and went to the balcony of her room. She sat in the balcony only to see Rahul sitting alone on the beach. She knew the reason why Rahul was sitting alone at this hour she thought to go and talk to him. Krishna went down to the beach.

Krishna: so how’s it like sitting alone on the beach at 3 in the night.
Rahul got a little shock hearing Krishna’s voice from behind.
Rahul: you here
Krishna:Yeah,why is there any problem?
Rahul:nahi but at this hour
Krishna: stop acting I know why you are here
Rahul: no Krishna I wasn’t feeling sleepy so I just came here
Krishna sat down beside Rahul they both felt the cool breeze gushing over there face.
Krishna: Rahul I know you are missing pooja but I’m sure she is there somewhere watching you and I’m sure she’ll be very sad seeing you cry.
Rahul (wiping is tears):no krishna ,you have been with me for 4 years and you know how much pooja meant to me, how much I loved her.
Krishna: Rahul but what will happen if you cry,will she come back-no. You have to try to move on Rahul, start a new life.

Rahul: I have moved on Krishna I have understood it long back that pooja is never going to come back it’s just every year on this day I miss her I can never forget that night.
Krishna could see the pain in his eyes.
Krishna: Rahul you have to forget that incident the more you remember it the more it will make you cry.
Krishna: Rahul you have to start a new life.
Rahul: why don’t you do the same Krishna? Forget him and move on.
Krishna was a little taken back with rahul’s reply.
Krishna:I told you Rahul that I have moved on and I have started a new life, I’m not that old Krishna anymore.
Rahul: Krishna you’re my best friend I know you more than you know yourself now. I know how hard it is for you forget him, but when you cry remembering him I could see that you still haven’t moved on.
Krishna: fine you think I haven’t moved on, so tomorrow will be a new tomorrow for me I promise I’ll never cry remembering him and would forget him. But if you promise me to be happy for pooja.
Rahul: I promise.

Both Rahul and Krishna spend some time at the beach, Krishna and both shared a past that still didn’t allow them to live happily in the present even though it had been 4 years.
Rahul: how did you wake up Krishna.
Krishna :umm I just got a bad dream and then I couldn’t sleep.
Rahul: that dream.
Krishna: yes that dream.
Rahul: are you still scared of it?
Krishna: today was the day it happened.
Rahul: and today was the day pooja died. But I I’m not angry on his for taking my love from me cause in return he gave you to me, you’re just like her, silly,bubbly,you have the ability to bring a smile on anyone’s face with your charm and beauty and your talking you know.
Krishna: are you okay? I mean are you sick or something cause praising of anyone from your mouth is like expecting the sun to rise from West and set in the east.
Rahul: Krishna ki bachhi !!!!!
Krishna gets up and starts running Rahul chases here to the house. They both laugh as Rahul finally catches Krishna. They both then go to their respective rooms.

Sayyam got up from the bed and as usual took Krishna’s photo frame and said good morning. He went out to his kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee and headed towards the balcony, he sat down in the balcony watching the city from his house. A drop of tear fell from his eyes. He couldn’t control anymore and he started crying.
It’s because of me, it’s all because of me. Its me who killed you Krishna.MEEE HE screamed crying more. Why did I do that? Why couldn’t I understand your love? It’s because of me I’m suffering today. Its because of me I’m so lonely today. There’s no one to love me today Krishna no one. You were right that day, preeti wasn’t good. But I didn’t trust you instead I.. Sayyam stopped. He couldn’t say that , because that made him feel more guilty. He sat in his balcony for some more time remembering Krishna. After some time his phone rings.
Sayyam: hello yuvani, how are you
Yuvani: finally you picked up the phone where were you? why didn’t you call me for the past 2 weeks? At least you could have picked my call.
Sayyam: ok sorry I was busy .
Yuvani: how are you.
Sayyam:fine and how’s everyone in the house?
Yuvani: everyone is fine
Sayyam: what is maa doing?
Yuvani : you know what is today right Sayyam?
Sayyam : how can I forget what is today
Yuvani: Sayyam are you doing anything for Krishna’s death anniversary. We are having a pooja like every year so everyone is preparing for it.
Sayyam: you guys go ahead .

Yuvani: there is a good news Sayyam,I’m getting married.
Sayyam: really yuvani finally my sister is going to get married I’m so happy for you.
Yuvani: I know I’m also very happy but I wanted you to come, you don’t worry about maa and papa I’ll talk to them but please come I want my entire family to be present in my wedding and if my younger brother is not there I won’t marry.
Sayyam: don’t be silly you know I can’t come .
Yuvani: why I’ll tell badi Dadi she will definitely convince maa and papa.
Sayyam : it’s not that maa and papa won’t like me coming there it’s because that house will remind me of Krishna and I don’t want to ruin your wedding by being sad .
Yuvani: ok I won’t force you. But take care now I have to go the pooja is about to start. Bye.
Sayyam hangs up the phone and goes to the washroom.

Everyone in the house was doing preparations for Rohit’s wedding.
Everyone sits in the living room with wedding cards Rahul and Krishna both are writing names on the wedding cards with ankita aunty dictating them and rohit bhai making list if items.
Ankita aunty : are all the cards fine now I have to send them.
Rahul: yeah all are done as per the list. If you remember anyone else then there are extra cards.
Krishna: aunty don’t worry all the arrangements are done and rohit bhai’s wedding will definitely be worth remembering.
Ankita aunty: it’s only because you are there to help us if you were not there I would have still been stuck with preparations.

Rohit: yes Krishna that’s true it’s because of you everything is going swiftly.
Rahul: what about me I didn’t do anything right. I just sat and watched everything.
Krishna: yeah you only sat and watched everything. From guest lists to hotel bookings I have done everything on my own.
Ankita aunty : fine you did help but not as Krishna did.
They all laugh and continue with their preparations.

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