Kriyam-meri aashique tumse hi ep1

Krishna.. krishna.. a voice called from behind, Krishna listen said a tall muscular boy, are you dead? he shouted leaning closer to her, the girl sitting still on her bike lost deep in her thoughts still not paying attention to what was happening around her.
KRISHNA .. a loud scream she heard immediately making her come back to reality, what happened she asked- nothing you died he replied sarcastically. Ok she said going deep in her thoughts again.
KRISHNA he screamed louder than last time, but she stood still,he saw a drop of tear coming out of her eyes,ok sorry he said as he wiped the single drop of tear from her face . Krishna finally came back of her thoughts and held the hand of the boy – sorry I wasn’t paying attention. what happened she asked again,what were you thinking he asked her,nothing she replied ,I know what you’re thinking of he said .
If you know it then why are you asking ,she replied.
When will you stop it ?he asked, you don’t know Rahul how much it hurts when- Krishna stoped
-When you’re betrayed by the person you loved the most: he said .

Krishna I know what had happened with you shouldn’t have happend but it’s been 4 years today forget it. Rahul said as he sat on the bike, it’s hard Krishna said
I know but Krishna after what he has done with you
It’s your dumbness to still think about him and cry.
Do you still love him ?asked Rahul with pitiful voice.
No Krishna replied as she started the bike.
Somewhere deep down in her heart Krishna knew that she had always loved Sayyam and will always love him but something made her say that she didn’t.for the past few years she had been trying to make herself understand that Sayyam never loved her and that after what he had done with her she shouldn’t be loving him.but still she wasn’t successful for she had always believed that first love is always first love and it can never happen again.


The sun rays beaming through the window made their way to Sayyam’s face making him get up from the bed good morning and happy birthday he said to the photo frame kept next to his pillow and gave a small smile.
“And now let’s listen to this hit number from our very favourite singer SAYYAM”
Sayyam stops the radio.
You’re getting late Sayyam hurry up (Sayyam said to himself)
Sayyam hurriedly left the house .
Yeah ok I’m coming said Sayyam as he sat in his car and drove off.

Khanna house said the board at the gate of a lovely villa facing the sea .
Let’s go said Rahul as he got of the bike.’wait’ said Krishna removing her helmet.
Rahul: I’m going you come.
Krishna gets off the bike and goes inside the gate and opens the door of the villa and….
Krishna gets a little shock seeing Rahul,rohit and aunty scream together but gets happy that they remembered her birthday.
Thanks she said entering the villa
Rahul:now can I go I have been behind this pagal since morning.
Rohit:we asked you to help us decorate the house but what did you do? nothing so the least you could do was to keep Krishna busy or else you know she could have known about our surprise birthday party.
Rahul:fine bhai,but I’m tired tell Krishna to cut the cake fast.
Ankita aunty ( Rahul and rohit’s mother)
Ankita aunty: Rahul it’s her birthday at least today don’t tease her.
Krishna:no aunty it’s fine let his birthday come and I’ll show him.
Rahul: can you please cut the cake.
Krishna:why do you want me to cut cake so early?
Rahul:cause I’m only here to eat the cake.
Rahul goes and grabs Krishna’s hand and makes her cut the cake.
Rahul:happy birthday Krishna .
and takes a piece of cake and feeds her.
Krishna:what is this Rahul why are you in such a hurry?
Rahul :are you done with your cake cutting and all?
Krishna:yeah why
Rahul: ok wait..
Rahul runs out of the house and comes back after a minute with a big box
Krishna:is it my gift?
Rahul:open it fast?
Krishna:what’s so special that you’re in such hurry?
Rahul:open it fast
Krishna opens the box and gets surprised seeing a little puppy in the box she screams in happiness she gently picks up the puppy.
Rahul:how’s my gift I bet it is the best one among all the gifts you’ve got today.
Krishna:of course it is thanks
Krishna hugs Rahul and everyone and rohit and Ankita auntie smile

Back in Mumbai
Sayyam parks his car and heads to the building in the front “RJ STUDIOUS “ reads the big banner on the building .
Sayyam to himself:finally it’s the last recording session and then holiday.
Sayyam heads inside.

Time skips to night,
Krishna sits on her room’s window watching the stars above.
Krishna:I know mom and dad you’re watching me and will always do so. I have turned 24 today, in these 24 years I have lost lot of things, my family, my best friend and everything but I never regret that I have lost almost everything because God gave me everything thing that I had lost back.whenever I see Ankita auntie I feel like it’s you,she has been taking care of me like her own child since past 4years she has never made me feel that you’re not there,and Rahul has given back me the best friend I had lost 4years ago.he has been standing with me in everything and has always supported me.and rohit Bhai he has made me feel how it’s like to have an elder sibling. I’m very grateful for everything that I have right now but my past is still with me that one thing I never wanted to be with me,it still haunts me.but I hope I’ll forget it one day.okay enough now goodnight.
Krishna goes to her bed and sleeps.

Back in Mumbai again
Sayyam opens his house he struggles to get inside because of all the bags he had been carrying
Ufff he let out a sigh as he rushed to his room
I’m sorry I’m late but there are still 2 hours left for your birthday to end so we can still celebrate it said sayyam and picked up the photo frame kept on his bedside table.he brought a little cake and cut it keeping the photo frame in front of it. happy birthday Krishna he he saw the picture of Krishna in the photo frame and kissed it.
Sayyam:you know what Krishna everyone asks me why I haven’t put a garland on your picture,they say you have died but I always say them that you might have died for them but you have never died for me you have always lived in my heart and you’ll always one can replace your place in my heart. I know I’m the reason for what had happened with you and I’m still suffering for that and I’ll always suffer because I deserve that punishment for everything that I had done with you I know you’ll never forgive for that.where ever you Krishna I just want to tell you that I love you and will always love you.
Sayyam’s eyes gets tearful as he speaks his heart out to Krishna’s picture.
Sayyam goes to his bed and keeps the photo frame back and sleeps .

Guys it’s the first time I’m posting and I know its confusing but the story will unfold as the episodes come and it’s not same as the ssel story. please tell me if I should continue to write or not and please leave your comments.

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