Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 24

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Episode 23

Hey guys, I am back with a new episode. I am taking my decision of finishing this ff back and I will continue this ff.

Men capture Krishna. Elsa comes to her.

Krishna: Leave me. I will not stay back. Don’t dare to marry Saiyyam. He is my husband and always will be. I will not let him marry you.

Elsa: Oh just shut up. I will marry him and he is going to be mine. You can’t do anything. You know, you are my biggest enemy whom I will finish after doing this marriage and no one will come between me and my love Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: You said you will not hurt my family.
Elsa: Yes, I will not hurt them but her. Now let’s marry.

They both sit in the mandap. Pandit starts the rituals.

Krishna: No Saiyyam. No. You can’t marry her. I will die. Pease Saiyyam please. (Cries)

While Yuvan was planning to do something. He quickly got the chance. He kicked the man on his right and took the gun from him.

Yuvan: Hands up. Donot try to do anything. Relese everyone. Relese.

Until then police comes.

Yuvan: Inspector, arrest her and these men.
Elsa: What!! How did the police come here.
Kaira: I did.

She came from behind the police.
Elsa: Who are you?
Yuvan: She is my wife. (Guys, kaira had gone to her parents house for some days and came back today. She had heard the gun shot that’s why called the police)

Police arrested her. Before leaving.

Elsa: I will be back Krishna and then I will not leave you..

They take her away..

Saiyyam and Krishna run to each other. They hug each other passionately. Krishna cries in Saiyyam’s arms.

Krishna hits him.
Krishna: How could you? How could you marry her?
Saiyyam (smiles): I was marrying her but now I m not so don’t cry.
Krishna: But why were you marrying her?
Saiyyam: If I didn’t then I would have lost you.
Krishna: You would have let me die.
Saiyyam: No. I wouldn’t think of that. I love you. You are my everything.
Krishna: What? You love me and trust me?
Saiyyam: Yes, more than myself. You are my life, strength, everything. I love you. And will to anything for you.
Krishna: I love you too.

They both have a liplock.
Romantic song plays in background and rose petals fall on them.

Suhani: Close your eyes everyone.
Yuvaani: I didn’t know that my bhai is so romantic that he can do this thing in front of everyone.

Finally, they broke apart.
Yuvraaj: Wow Saiyyam, I didn’t expected this from you.
Yuvaani (teasingly): Nor from Krishna.
Kriyam: What everyone?
Suhani: Yes, stop teasing my kids. I am glad that they realized their love.
Yuvraaj: This reminds me of our love story, Suhani.
Suhani: What yuvraaj, we can’t say this in front of everyone.
Yuvan: So this jodi is another form of maa and papa’s Jodi. Wow.
Suhani: Now enough. Let them have some time together.

They all went to do their works. Someone in kitchen and someone to room.

Kriyam also went to their room. Krishna sat on the bed. Saiyyam goes to her. He sat beside her. Just than, someone called Saiyyam. He talked and then sulks.

Krishna: What happened?
Saiyyam: There is a call from office. I need to go office urgently.
Krishna: So why are you sulking.
Saiyyam: Because my romance mood is on and they are the enemies of my mood. Ugh..
Krishna: Hahaha…
Saiyyam: Don’t be so happy. Tonight I will not leave you and it would be a best night for both of us.
Krishna blushes..

He got ready and went to office.

Time skips to night.
Krishna was sitting near dressing table and thinking about Saiyyam’s words. She was excited but also feeling nervous. She was lost in her thoughts when Saiyyam entered. He closed the door and goes near Krishna and kisses her forehead. Krishna got shy.

They have a quality time together and at last they became one. ( I don’t want to drag these so just described little).

******Morning ****

Krishna wakes up. She saw herself sleeping on Saiyyam’s chest. She smiles. She went to washroom and got ready. Saiyyam also wakes up and saw her getting ready. He was mesmerised to see her beauty.

Saiyyam: Good morning sweetheart.
Krishna (smiles back): Good morning jaan.

Saiyyam goes to her and kisses her forehead. He also got ready and they both went downstairs for break fast.

At dinning table

Yuvaani: So did you enjoyed?
Saiyyam: What?
Yuvaani: Don’t be so shy, we know what happened between you two at night.
Hearing this, Krishna blushes.

Saiyyam: YUVAANI!!
Yuvaani: O baba! Sorry. I don’t know anything. (Teasingly)
Suhani: Yuvaani! Stop teasing them.

Everyone laughs….

A leap..

So guys, how is the episode. I hope that you like it… Do comment.

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  1. Nice episode dear

  2. Awesome

  3. Leap leap me bad kya hoga plz improvement karo leap me bad Krishna s life mai koi new entry karo plz pregnant wala seems mat dikhana k and sayyam s jeliusy next update long plz

    1. Princessporsha

      I will try my best..

    2. Can’t u say anything appreciating to anyone..I know u gave ur opinion atleast thank them 4 such amazing ffs..and ff writers

  4. awwwwww so good?

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow loved the episode…thank god u didn’t end it…loved it from core…and leap maybe kriyam has a baby…don’t know but can’t wait for the next one…u rocked it…

  6. Beautiful episode. The confession and subsequent actions reactions were supremely cute and adorable. The confession was simple in a way but much better than what the show gave us. It was supremely cute, romantic, funny and realistic at the same time. Awesome episode…

  7. Dinu

    I’m really vry happy dat u r continuing ur ff.tysm.??? loved 2dy epi dr.dis will be my last comment 4 dis month coz my clzes begins frm 2mrrw.I hv a exam nearby so i hv 2 stdy hrd 4 it n will be too busy upcoming days.i’m so sry dr bt dnt wrry i won’t miss any epi of ur ff n other ffs.i’ll definitely read them bt might nt be able 2 comment so often. Hope u understand dr.byeee pray 4 me so dat I can passe dis exam????☹

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and best of luck for exams.??

  8. Superb epi ..?..I have vacation classes.. so I couldn’t comment I am sorry?..keep writing ?

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