Kriyam life of a lover (part 2)

So friends i am here. This is my ff last part. U can say its a os. I was very disappointed by less comment so i decided to end this ff in this part. Sry if u don’t  like my decision but how can i continue without readers. Ok ok stop of my blabbering

Lets start

Krishna was in her hoom just then saiyam came from window. He was wet bcz there is rain outside. He prapose krishna by keep silent. He propse her by giving cards. 1st card i love u krishna 2nd i know u know that this is my plan but i am saying the truth. Krihna was shocked.


Saiyam sees krishna was listening their convo. She goes from there he follow her. She was so upset from him and miserably crying. He start feeling something when krishna is crying. U can say this a love at 1st sight.

Flashback end

Krishna :i don’t love u plz get out of my room.

Saiyam dosent say anything. He shows her 3rd card i am sry krishna i don’t even know how i fall in love with u but plz believe me.

Krishna:i don’t believe u. I know u r playing drama with me to win that bet. I love u but this time i hate  u. U r selfish.

Saiyam show her 4th card krishna i can prove my love.

But she doesn’t look at him. He goea from there and stand in heavy rain. He stand there for 7 hours. Krishna goes to him but with no expression on face. She suggests him to came in but he denied.

Saiyam:jab tab tum muje maaf nhi kar deti main nhi aauga andar.

Krishna :ok fine maaf kia. Abb andar aajao.

Saiyam :no 1st say me i love u.

Krishna :plz try to understand.

Just then krishna brother arun came and start beating him. He think that saiyam was forcing krishna to accept his love. (i didn’t tell abt krishna brother. I got idea so i add him)

Krishna was crying.

Krishna:bhai stop it i love him he don’t force me. Plz stop it.

Arun :krya plz stop lieing to save him.

Krishna :no i am not lieing. I really love him.

Saiyam look at her.

Arun stop beating and take him to house. Krishna mom dad were not in home. They goes in someones wedding.

Krishna aids him. He looks at her silently.

Saiyam propose her once more she accepts proposal and they get married with both parents.

1 year later.

Krishna :saiyam uthho. Tumhe office nhi janna kya…?

Saiyam :krishna… Plz let me sleep for more. U didn’t let me sleep..

She was in shock just then he pull her in his embrace.

Saiyam plz let me go. Hamme aaj mandir janna h na… Maa ne pooja rakhi hain.

Saiyam:oo… God i forget abt it. Tum mere kapde nikalo main abi aaya.

Krishna :haan..

He plans for honeymoon in Switzerland.

They go to temple and worship lord

Krishna:saiyam hum abi kaha jaa rhe hain.

Saiyam:hum restaurant jaa rhe h surprise hain

Krishna faint in car. Saiyyam try many times to wake her up but she didn’t. He take her to hospital

Dr:congratulations mr saiyam u r going to be father krishna is pregnant.

Saiyam was supper happier. He went to krishna. She was lying on bed. He was waiting impatiently for waking up of krishna. Krishna wake up.

Krishna:saiyam kya hua. Hum yaha.

Saiyam :tum car me behosh ho gai thi. So i take u here.

Krishna :i am fine so lets go.

Saiyam hug her. Saiyam:krishna tum pregnant ho.

Krishna:ooo… My god.. I am so happy. She also hug him.

They go back to home. All family was happy. Krishna goes to room and see the honeymoon paper.

Krishna :saiyam hum Switzerland jaa rhe h. O my god i am so happy.

Saiyam:nhai krishna tumhe aaram ki jarurat hai.

Krishna :nhi saiyam i am fine hum chalte h na…

She try many times but he denied. She was happy to see all happy and forgot abt Switzerland.

8months pass like this. One day krishna was going to her room bit she slip and fall down from stairs. She fainted.

Saiyam came running he take her to hospital. She open her eyes and see saiyam with her.

Krishna :saiyam bahut dard ho rha aa.. Aa.. Saiyam i am sry i didn’t save our child. She faint again.

Saiyam  :krishna don’t say it… U r gonna to be fine. Plz open ur eyers.

They reach hospital. Dr. Start treatment. .

Dr came out give news that they save krishna and baby boy both.

He got happy to hear this news.

Krishna had serve injuries but got fine.

Precape:someone kidnaps kriyam baby

  1. Wow so nice and awesome and wonderful update please continue the ff it is so nice. There r many silent readers of ff and may be some may busy they may not comment. Try to continue this ff or u start any other ff. We can keep Kriyam alive by this only. I loved ur ff so much

  2. Muniya

    Lovely epi Aleesha…
    Loved the whole epi…
    Keep up the good work dear…

  3. yes sravya is right please dont stop writing we need you to continue it
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  4. yeah aleesha they are right don’t worry about comments keep writing on kriyam pkxzz plz plz…

  5. For me this was a rollercoaster.. I enjoyed the ride.. would love to see more of your works..keep writing and don’t give up..?

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