Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujhse itna pyar (Chapter 56)

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Next morning Saiyyam woke up due to water dripping on his face, He wiped away the water and took a good look at the figure standing before him, It was ofcourse his beautiful wife. She was already dressed and wearing her mangalsutra and sindoor..She was calling out to him telling him to get up all the while sprinkling water from her wet hair onto his face..Saiyyam grabbed Krishna and she fell onto the bed and into his embrace.
Saiyyam: Yeh kya thareeka hai apne pati ko utane ka…toda pyar se nahi uta sakti thi..(Is this the way to wake your husband. Cant you do it a bit more lovingly)
Krishna: Kal raat ko tumne bhi upne baalon se mere upar pani chidka tha..aaj main badla le rahi hoon..(Last night you also sprinkled water on me from your hair..I’m getting even with you)
Saiyyam whispered in her ear..
Saiyyam: Kal raat koh maine aur bhi bohot kuch kiya tha..uska bhi badla logi kya tum..(Last night I did a few other things also, will you get even with me for that as well)
Saiyyam kissed her ear lightly and Krishna blushed and moved away. She got up from the bed and pulled on his blanket lightly..
Krishna: Utto….(Get up)
Saiyyam pulled the blanket up again and gestured no with his head…
Krishna: Saiyyam kya bacho ki tara behave kar rahe ho..utto aarti ke liye der ho jaaegi….koi na koi hame doond tha hua aa hi raha ho ga…(Saiyyam, why are you behaving like a child. Get up we are getting late for the veneration, someone will probably come looking for us..)
Saiyyam kicked Krishna on the leg so that she falls on him again….He strokes her hair lovingly
Saiyyam: Krishna hum newlyweds hai….aur newlyweds koh subah subah log disturb nahi karte..koi nahi aaega…(Krishna we ar newlyweds, nobody disturbs newlyweds in the morning…no one will come)
He was about to kiss her when there was a knock on the door. Krishna pushed him aside and got up hastily and fixed her dupatta..
Krishna: dekha maine kaha ta na koi aajaega..(See I told you someone will come)
Yuvani: Saiyyam! Krishna! Darwaza kholo… mumma neeche bula rahi hai…(Saiyyam Krishna open up. Mumma is calling you downstairs.)
Saiyyam who was still in his boxers, got up and wrapped his blanket all around him and went towards the door..Krishna protested but he wouldn’t listen..He opened the door and Yuvani quickly covered her eyes with her hands…
Saiyyam: Yuvani ki bachi….Lagta hai tujhe shaadi karne ki bohot jaldi hai…tabhi toh itni subah subah aa gayi humein pareshaan karne…(Yuvani, I think you really want to get married, that’s why you’ve come to disturb us early morning)
Yuvani: Saiyyam yeh kya….Tumne kapde kyun nahi pehene hai…..Main toh bas tum dono ko pooja mein bulaane aayi thi…ugh…yeh sab mujhe hi kyun dekhna pada…disgusting….(Saiyyam what the hell, why aren’t you dressed and I just came here to call you for the veneration..ugh..why did I have to see all this..disgusting..)
Saiyyam: Agar tum shaadi shuda logon ke kamrein mein subah subah knock karke disturb karogi na toh aisa hi hoga….(This is what happens when you knock on married people’s doors early in the morning and disturb them)
Krishna who stood there blushing and covering her face in embarrassment finally spoke up..
Krishna: Yuvani tum jaoo hum todi derr main aate hai…(Yuvani you go ahead we’ll be there in a while)
Yuvani leaves and saiyyam closes the door and moves towards Krishna..
Krishna: Woh kya tha..Saiyyam tumhe koi idea hai ki tumne kya kiya..pata nahi who kya soch rahi hogi…(What was you have any idea what you have done saiyyam.. I don’t know what she will be thinking of us..)
Saiyyam: Who soch rahi hogi ki hum dono ko subah disturb nahi karna chahiye..( She will be thinking that we shouldn’t be disturb in the morning..)
Saiyyam then threw the blanket over Krishna and headed towards the bathroom..
Krishna smiled and started folding the blanket..
Krishna: Nautanki…..(Drama queen)

Scene shifts to the temple area where Yuvani bumps into Yuvaan.
Yuvani: Yuvaan, tum believe nahi karoge maine abhi kya dekha….(Yuvaan, you wont believe what I just saw)
Yuvani then proceeds to tell her story and after she’s done she notices Yuvaan is spaced out…She pats him on the shoulder to get his attention..
Yuvani: Yuvan, kahan khoye hue ho….jab se tum police station se aaye ho maine notice kari hai….Kya baat hai…Police station main kuch huwa kya..(Yuvaan, where are you..I’ve notice ever since you came from the police station. What’s wrong..Did something happen at the police station.)
Yuvaan: Haan yuvani…Kuch toh huwa hai…(Yes yuvani. Something definitely happened)
Yuvani: Kya? Baby ne kuch kiya kya? Yuvaan woh jail main toh hain na?(What? Did baby do something? She is in jail right?)
Yuvaan: Shut up Yuvani…Baby ne kuch nahi kiya hai..woh jail mein hi hai….woh actually…tumhe who inspector yaad hai jo uss din ghar aayi thi..(Baby didn’t do anything. She is in jail..actually, do you remember that inspector that came that day..)
Yuvani: Who lady singham…Ofcourse….
Yuvaan: Uss din formalities fill karne jab main gaya tha toh baby ke bakwaas se unhe pata chala ki baby meri ex wife hai..aur hum dono ne bohot baatein ki..woh bohot supportive aur sympathetic thi yuvani…pata nahi uss din ke baad se bas unke baare mein hi soch tha rehe tha hoon..unse baat karke mujhe bohot acha laga yuvani..mujhe unse milna hai..unhe jaan na hai(That day when I went to fill the formalities, due to baby’s rambling she found out that baby is my ex wife, then we got to talking and she was very supportive and sympathetic yuvai, ever since then I keep thinking about her..i felt very good after talking to her yuvani, I want to meet her..i want to know her…)
Yuvani: Yuvaan, tum koi simple ladki nahi choose kar sakte kya…pehele who psycho baby aur ab…lady singham..(Yuvaan, cant you choose a simple girl. First that psycho baby..and now lady singham)
Yuvaan: Kya yuvani..Mujhe laga that u meri help karegi..rehene do..(I thought you would hel me yuvani..forget it)
Yuvani: Yuvaan ruko…ofcourse main tumhari help karoongi…agar mujh jaisi ladki koh raj jaise acha insaan mil sakta hai..toh tumhe bhi yar karne ka pyar paane ka poora haq hai…(Yuvaan wait, ofcourse I’ll help you, if I can get a great guy like raj then you also deserve to be in love, to be loved..)
Yuvaan: Kya..Kya.. Tu aur raj kya?…( and raj what?)

Yuvani simply nodded…
Yuvaan: Acha toh mera shaq sahi ta…mujhe lag toh raha ta ki tum dono ke beech kuch hai….par tum dono jagad ne ke sivai kuch aur karte nahi te toh todhi confusion thi….but I’m happy for you..(Oh so my suspicions were right. I always thought there was something going on between you two.. but all you did was argue with each other so I was confused..but I’m happy for you…)
Yuvaan and Yuvani shared a warm hug..
Yuvani: Acha yeh batao tumhari inspectorni ka naam pata hai kya…(Ok tell me do you know the inspectors name)
Yuvaan smiled..
Yuvaan: Uttara…
Yuvani: Great. It’s a start..Chalo kuch karte hain…(Lets go do something about this..)
Yuvaan: Ek minute madam..pehele aarti toh kar lein….Woh dekho humare naye couple finally neeche aagae hain..(One minute madam, lets do the veneration first..Look the new couple has finally come downstairs.)
Everyone gathers at the temple..Saiyyam and Krishna do the aarti together and take everyone’s blessings..Everyone turns to leave towards the breakfast table when saiyyam tells them to stop…
Saiyyam: Mujhe aap sabse kuch zaroori baat karni hai…iss main poori family ki rai lena zaroori hai…(I have something important to discuss with you all, this requires the opinion of the entire family..)
Suhani(Looking serious) : Ek minute saiyyam pehel humein kuch kehena hai..(One minute saiyyam. First I have something to say)

Precap: Kriyam honeymoon planning…wedding for Yuvraj and a lady love for Yuvaan

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    Nice one dear….really like it….Kriyyam romance was awesome…and specially Yuvan and Yuvaani convo was superb….and thank god Yuvaan is not behaind Krishna….
    Waiting for the precap to appear soon…

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    Loved the beginning scene! The Kriyam romance was amazing and then when Yuvani came in, it made it so cute and funny lol. Looking forward to the precap.

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