Kriyam: Kyun karte ho mujhse itna pyar (Chapter 43)

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Thank you to everyone for all the lovely messages for my naani. I miss her everyday. And a huge thank you for the warm welcome back…im really overwhelmed by the amount of support by you guys…

The episode starts with kriyam in their room..
Krishna: Saiyyam tum please utt jao… sangeet shuru ho chuki hai sab pareshaan honge… (Saiyyam please get up.sangeet has started everyone must be worried)
Saiyyam: mujhe utao please……( Help me up please)
He forwarded his hand gesturing Krishna to help him. Krishna took his hand and started pulling him up..
Krishna: Saiyyam please…

Saiyyam: Pyar se utao…..(Help me with love…)
Krishna was still pulling on his arm when he pulled her down and she fell on top of him…. Tera HoneLaga Hoon… played in the background….They have an eyelock….Saiyyam pulls Krishna closer to him….
Saiyyam: tumhe pata hai aaj maine sharab kyun pi… Kyunki aaj main bohot bohot bohot khush hoon..Aisa lag raha hain ki mere paas duniya ki saari khushiyan hai..maa hai…poora parivaar hai….Mera yaar hai..Tum ho….(hugging her tightly) Main bohot khush hoon Krishna..(Do you know why I drank today. Because I’m very very very happy today…its like all the happiness in the world is in my heart. I have maa, the entire family, my best friend…and You…(hugging her tighly) I’m very happy today krishna)

Krishna was silent….she was looking directly in his eyes…For the first time she noticed there was no pain, no fear in his eyes….All she could see was love……And a wide grin spread across her face,knowing that all the love in those beautiful eyes were for her…..And in that moment she was lost.. she forgot about everything else and just wished she could lay there in the arms of the man she loved who finally..finally had the courage to love her back…

Scene shifted to Yuvani..she was frantically searching for Raj…All kinds of thoughts running through her mind…thoughts about saiyyam and how he was going to get through the sangeet..thoughts about what she daid to Raj…what if he has left….He looked so hurt….she thought to herself…She passed the main hall where bhavna and sharad were dancing to Yeh Ladka Hai Allah and the rest of the family memebers were clapping and cheering…but there was no sign of Raj…she had turned and was heading towards the garden area when she felt a hand on her shoulder….it was her mother…

Suhani: Yuvani..kahan jaa rahi ho…aur Krishna kahan hain..tum toh usse lene gayi thi na.. aur saiyyam ar Raj bhi nahi aaye tumne dekha kya unhe..Sangeet shuru ho gayi hai beta….kahan hain woh dono….( Yuvani where are you going..and where is Krishna you went to vbring her here didn’t you..and saiyyam and raj are also nowhere to be seen..have you seen them..sangeet has started where are they..)
Yuvani: Mumma Krishna aur saiyyam unke kamre mein hai..kuch problem ho gayi thi Krishna saiyyam ko leke aa jayegi…aur main raj ko hi doond ne jaa rahi hoon..woh meri wajah se..(mumma Krishna and saiyyam are in their room there was some problem..krishna will bring saiyyam and I am going to look for raj ..because of me he..)

She was interrupted by a worried suhani..
Suhani: ek..ek minute…Kya problem ho gayi…aur yuvani humne kaha than a un dono ka milna mana hai…humein bol deti hum jaate na saiyyam ke paas….aur raj aise kaise chala gaya..aisa kya kar diya tumne yuvani….( hold hold on… What problem..and yuvani you know they aren’t supposed to see each other. You should have told me I would have gone and helped saiyyam and could he just leave..waht is it you said to him..)
Yuvani: Mumma please abhi main aapko sab nahi bata sakti abhi mera raj se baat karna bohot zaroori hai pkese..( Mumma please I cant explain everything now. It is vert important that I speak to Raj please..)
Suhani: haan teek hai..tum raj ko doondo hum saiyyam ko dekh kea ate hai…( Yes go find raj I’ll see saiyyam and come..)

Yuvani: NAHI MUMMA…aap saiyyam ke paas nahi jaaenge…Krishna samhal legi maa please..aap bas yahan function main sab samhaal lo..(NO MUMMA you cant go to saiyyam…krishna will handle handle everything here in the function)
Suhani: Par Yuvani….(But yuvani)

Yuvani: mumma please..kya aapko apni betiyon par itna bhi bharosa nahi hai…( Mumma please sont you trust your daughters..)
Suhani: acha teek hai…nahi jaaongi main saiyyan ke paas….humein apni dono betiyon ar poora bharosa hai…( okay fine I wont go see saiyyam.. I trust my daughters completely.)
Yuvani: I promise you mumma kuch gadbad nahi hogi…( I promise mumma nothing will go wrong)
Yuvani raced over to the garden area and yelled out his name…but he was not there….Yuvani was now seriously considering the possibility that he really was gone……she then made her way outside the house towards the main door….And sure enough there he was..Lagging on the large gate….rubbing his eyes.. looking up at the sky…His back was turned and he couldn’t see yuvani….She was about to approach him when he started pouring his heart out..and yuvani couldn’t help but stand there listening to every word..

Raj: Maa papa, aap dekh rahe hain na…apke nalayak bete ko…yeh bada unfair hai waise…maine kabhi aap ko nahi dekha…par aap humesha mujhe dekh sakte hain….aur aapne toh mere liye koi bhai behen bhi nahi choda…shayad isiliye saiyyam ke saath bhai wali feeling aa jati hai…dosti ka haat maine aage bada ya tha…aur uss din se lekar woh hi hai jisne mujhe kabhi akela mehsoos hone nahi diya..woh jahan bhi ho jaise bhi ho dil main humesha ek sukoon sa hota hai ki woh mera apna hai……aap log bhi jaante honge main kabhi bhi saiyyam ka bura nahi chah sakta ta..kabhi uske saath kuch ghalat nahi kar sakta…..jaante hona aap dono? Aap ka beta cartoon zaroor hai..aur haan todha irritating bhi..par main dil ka buran ahi hoon maa papa..aur aap dono ko embarrass karne ka toh sawaal hi nahi….pata nahi yuvani ne kyun who sab……( Mom, dad, you see this don’t you, your worthless son…this is pretty unfair by the way…

I’ve never seen you my entire life..but you can see me all the time…and you didn’t even leave me any brothers or sisters…maybe that’s why I feel brotherly towards saiyyam. I took the fisrt step towards friendship and from that day he’s the one who never made me feel lonely..Whereever he was, however he was my heart was always content knowing that he was like both would know too that I could never want anything bad to happen to him..or do anything bad to do know don’t you? Your son is definitely a cartoon, and yeah maybe a little irritating..but mom dad, I have a good heart..and embarrassing you two is out of the question..i don’t know why yuvani said all that…)

Yuvani: Kyunki woh bohot badi bewakoof hai…( Because she is a big fat idiot)
Yuvani couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up..she then approached a shocked Raj..
Raj: Yuvani ji aap kab aayi..( Yuvani when did you come here)
Ignoring the question yuvani began her apology speech..

Yuvani: Raj im really sorry…..mujhe jab gussa aata hai na to main kuch bhi bina soche samjhe bol deti hoon..mujhe tumhare maa baap ke baaremein bolne ka koi haq nahi..aur jahan tak saiyyam ka sawaal hai….mujhe pata hai ke tum kabhi bhi jaan booch kai uske saath kuch ghalat nahi karoge..i mean uski shaadi aaj ho bhi rahi hai toh sirf tumhari wajah se…..Please mujhe maaf kardo raj..i’m really sorry.. meri wajah se please apne bhai ki sangeet miss mat karo…..tum chaho toh mujh par chilaa lo..mujhe punish kardo par please..mat jao…( when I get angry I don’t think I just blurt out whatever comes to mind..i had no right to talk about your parents..and as far as saiyyam is concerned I know you would never intentionally do anything to hurt him..i mean the only reason he’s even getting married is because of you.please forgive me raj I’m really sorry..dont miss your brother’s sangeet because of me…if you want you can scream at me or even punish me just please don’t go….)

There was a momet of silence after she had finished her speech…yuvani was looking at him eagerly for an answer…Raj then turned around and walked out the door…he was walking away..and yuvani could think of no way to stop him,then suddenly she remembered something and blurted out..
Yuvani: Aaj ke liye bohot drama ho gaya raj..yeh tumhara ghar se jaane wale dramatic scene kuch zyada ho jayega…( There’s been enough drama today’ll be a little too much if you add a dramatic exit scene)

Raj stopped walking he couldn’t help but smile at the fact that yuvani had remembered and used his own trick against him….. He turned around and saw that yuvani was sincerely worried and jittery..he had never seen her like this…whatever she may be feeling inside she never let it show on the outside, she always appeared confident… and so seeing her look so vulnerable and helpless he decided that her apology was indeed sincere and walked back towards her…he could now see a small smile creep up on her face….

Raj: Kya yuvani ji….banda naraaz hoke exit maar raha hai aur aap ho ki climax par dialogue maar kar rokh liya…( What is this yuvani ji..i was all angry and making a timely exit and you just had to come at the climax and stop me with a brilliant dialogue..)
Yuvani: Toh maafi mil gayi kya dost? Tum wapas chalo ge na mere saath ( So have you forgiven me friend? Will you go back inside with me?)
Raj: Maafi toh mil chuki hai..par main andar ek shart pe jaoonga….aapko mere saath dance karna padega..( Yes I have forgiven you, but I’ll only come inside on one’ll have to dance with me)

Yuvani: Done! Infact abhi chalke dance karte hain…(infact lets go dance right now)
Yuvani was running inside when raj grabbed her arm..
Raj: ek minute yuvani ji.. aa kya madhuri dixit hai jo dance ke naam pe itni excited ho rahi hai..pehele jaake yeh toh dekh lein ki saiyyam teek hua hai ya abhi tali hokar wahi pada hai… ( wait a minute yuvani..are you madhuri dixit to get so excited about dancing…first lets go and see if saiyyam is okay or if he’s still ying around drunk)

Precap: YuvAni, YuvRaj and KriYam sangeet performance….

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  1. Wow yuvRaj.. Nice name

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you Jenita. i named him Raj just so their ship name would be YuvRAj

  2. Ahhh I can understand the pain yew are going through actually 3 days back my nana passed away…I loved him…I missed him and all his prayers
    My deepest sympathy for yew dear…may her soul rest in peace..amin
    and coming to your ff it’s amazing?

    1. Nnnya

      My deepest sympathies to you too Zani. May your nana rest in peace. Thank you for understanding and sharing your loss with me.
      and thank you for all the love you continue to give my ff. 🙂

  3. Plzzz wedding finish karo boring ho raha hai

    1. Shaani

      Rich this no at all boring… Can’t u think more than kriyam… Come on yaar.. This yuvaani n Raj’s Jodi is also superb… As I fold u before.. Writers can’t make things happen soon… Becoz it will break the flow of the story… So plz don’t say boring n all… If u feel boring.. Don’t read… n u itself start a story…
      Problem ends…

      1. Exactly this richa always wants jealousy track but someone plz tell her that there are many other problems???beyond jealousy and this is not at all boring❤

      2. Nnnya

        Thank you shaani dear for being my saviour! and Richa please dont make these type of remarks. i have seen you commenting on other people’s ffs as well. If you have nothing nice to say, please dont say anything at all.

    2. Nnnya

      Writing is a way of expressing oneself. I am not a robot and i cannot cater to every demand of the readers. If you enjoyed my ff in the past then please have patience and continue reading until i reach the wedding. If you fail to do so then i would recommend you skip about 5 to 6 chapters and come back to enjoy the wedding.
      Please and Thank you

      1. Shaani

        @Nanny… It’s ok Dr… Don’t think about this richa’s comments… U just keep writing…

    3. Nnnya

      Thank you Zani i’m glad you understand how these stories go and yes i agree that jealousy and hatred is not the only way to make a story interesting

  4. Shaani

    Niana… What can I say sister…. I just love this episode… Honestly after I read the episode… I said “aww…soo sweet”.. Then my mom asked why… It was soo sweet Nanny… Actually I loved it to the core… This raj is making me crazy… N I am falling this raj yaar… I love this yuvRaj couple…
    Truly amazing episode… U nailed it as always… Jeep writing waiting for the next episode.. Update when u r free.. No need to rush the story… Just go like this…

    1. Nnnya

      Awww thank you soo much shaani dear…And you called me sister i’m so overwhelmed right now. Haha you’re falling for Raj huh? maybe i should have a little cameo by you then in my story as part of the Raj track…
      Thank you so much for always being so supportive and understanding. Love you sister. God bless you 🙂

      1. Shaani

        Aww… U were that much happy..when I said sister… Then I will definitely keep calling u sister from now.. Ok..?
        N yes Naina I’m falling for raj’s character… He is soo sweet… Just make a yuRaj track as well.. Their momnets like this with kriyam ok.. Not always.. But when it is necessary ok..
        N I will always support u dr… So don’t worry.. Keep writing… God bless u..?

  5. It was an amazingly worded episode. All the dialogues were super awesome and lovely. The episode portrayed the YuvRaj bond in a truly magnificent way and their conversation was indeed overwhelming and fantastic. The soulful exchange of words between Yuvaani and Raj was marvellously depicted and worded. The scene was intensely emotional and beautiful.
    I am seriously wordless as to how to praise this episode. My vocabulary is well and truly exhausted.

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you so much shivani. Your comments are always so positive and beautiful and motivating. Thank you very much 🙂

  6. Fidato

    Naina dear…Amazingly written… Raj munda…Tho … Stole my heart… Really…Love them yuvraj… Rula diya aaj Raj.. ne…
    Waiting for sangeet..

    1. Nnnya

      Awww thank you. This Raj is very popular among the comment section everyone is falling for him haha… 🙂

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    What else can I say…it was terrific and great as always…thank u for all the yuvRaj scenes..I loved it…fantastic writing skills..

    1. Nnnya

      No need to thank me dear…its my pleasure.. And thank you AnahitaAnnie for your kind words 🙂

  8. I loved YuRaj very much!!! Yaar super chemistry of both couples…we saw a different face of raj ..I love him by each epi ?…kriyyam was also fab..Can’t wait 4 YuvAni,YuvRaj & KriYyam ?

    1. Nnnya

      Thank you so much Isha 🙂

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