Kriyam: Kyun karte ho muhjse itna pyar (Chapter 44)

Yuvani and Raj got back inside the house and they were making their way towards KriYam’s room when they heard loud cheers and claps coming from the main hall…Yuvani couldn’t contain her excitement and ran off to see what all the applause was for..Raj rolled his eyes and followed promising himself he would immediately drag yuvani out of there and go looking for saiyyam…However things did not go as planned as the sight was indeed worth seeing…..Yuvraj and Suhani were dancing….. Suhani was wearing a beautiful orange sari and yuvraj was dressed sharp in a gold suit…
“Aajkal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche Har Zubaan Par… Sab Ko Maloom Hai Aur Sabko Khabar Ho Gayi”
(These days our love affair is the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips,….. Everyone has come to know, this is the news)

”Humne To Pyar Mein Aisa Kaam Kar Liya …….Pyar Ki Raah Mein Apna Naam Kar Liya”
(We have done such a unique thing in love,…..We have written our names in the trodden path of love)
“Kyon Bhala Hum Daren Dil Ke Malik Hain Hum…….Har Janam Mein Tujhe Apna Mana Sanam”
(Why should we feel scared, we are the masters of our hearts, ….In every life I have chosen you as my predestined soulmate)
“Aajkal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche Har Zubaan Par… Sab Ko Maloom Hai Aur Sabko Khabar Ho Gayi”
(These days our love affair is the topic of conversation on everyone’s lips,….. Everyone has come to know, this is the news)
The song continued to play and yuvraj and suhani continued dancing with each other..Yuvani had never seen them like this, so carefree so relaxed…they were truly magical together….she was still lost in their performance when she felt a light tap on the shoulder…
Raj: Yuvani ji..aap ke mumma papa toh hai hi kamaal ke..par aap shayad bhool rahe hain ki yeh mumtaz aur shammi Kapoor ka performance khatam hone se pehle humein humare shahrukh aur kajol ko neeche lana hai…aur humare shahrukh ne toh filmein hi confuse kardi…karna tha k3g mein shava shava..par devdas ki tara sharab mein dudh ho gaya……( yuvani your mum and dad are amazing..but aren’t you forgetting that before they finish their performance we have to bring our main hero heroine here…and our hero has confused movie plots..he’s supposed to be doing the shava shava in k3g but he’s drunk and out of it like in devdas)

There was a slight moment of silence before yuvani spoke..
Yuvani: Tum kabhi bhi kuch bhi directly nahi bol sakte ho kya? Har baat mein koi dialogue ya koi movie reference daalna zaroori hai kya? ( Why cant you ever say anything directly? Is it necesarryh to always say some dialogue or make some movie reference in every conversation)
Raj: Haan zaroori hai yuvani ji kyunki aise baat karne se na kuch hota hai..(Yes its necessary yuvani. Because when you talk like this something happens)
Yuvani: Kya hota hai….( What happens)
Raj then gestured yuvani to come a little closer..she awkwardly moved a little close….Raj then lightly brushed her nose with his finger and said….
Raj: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai yuvani ji…aap nahi samjhein gi…(Something something happens yuvani, you wont understand..)
Raj was expecting Yuvani to roll her eyes or completely ignore his comments and walk away but to his surprise she laughed….then she gestured towards KriYam’s room and said
Yuvani: Chalo saiyyam ko dekhte hai…..ek minute..nimboo paani leke chalti hai..badi glass main..nasha jaldi utar jaaega…(Let’s go check on Saiyyam, wait let’s take some lemon a big glass…he’ll sober up sooner..)
YuvRaj entered KriYam’s room to find KriYam on the floor….embrassing each other and smiling…They looked peaceful and happy…..Raj and Yuvani exchanged looks and moved towards them..Neither one of them even noticing they were no longer alone….
Raj : “ O Krishna ne maari entriyan reh saiyyam ke dil mein bhaji ghantiyan re tang tang tang tang “ (Oh Krishna made and entry and the bell’s of saiyyam’s heart started ringing…)
Raj continued singing and Krishna immediately got up and tried to hide her blushing face…Saiyyam got up along with her but he was’nt embarrassed..infact he joined in on the song and started singing and around Krishna as well….this made Krishna turn even redder than she was already….Finally yuvani intervened and made saiyyam sit down and have a large glass of lemon water…. Yuvani had brought a whole jug of lemon water knowing that one glass was unlikely to have much of an effect…After making him drink another glass they were all looking eagerly at him..waiting for any sign that he was sober…..there was drop dead silence in the room then suddenly saiyyan got up..took Krishna’s hand and…
Saiyyam: “ Tune maari entriyan re dil mein baji ghantiyan re tang tang tang tang “

He started spinning Krishna around, clearly still drunk..and Krishna made him sit back down and Yuvani instructed him to drink the rest of the jug in one go…..Saiyyam then made a face and insisted that he had had enough of the lemon water… He was arguing and protesting to yuvani and Raj when Krishna put a hand on his shoulder and whispered a very soft please…..This was enough to make saiyyam’s heart melt…. He drank the whole jug in one go… The other three had gone back to staring at him intently…saiyyam held is head with one hand and had the jug in the other….then he suddenly got up threw the jug at raj and yelled…
Saiyyam: Dost apne dost ko uske sangeet mein sharab pilaa ta hai kya? aaj itna khush nahi hotsa na main toh tujhe maar maar ke tujhe black and blue kar deta main…..( Does a friend get his friend drunk in his own sangeet..if I wasn’t so hapy today I would have beaten you until you were black and blue)
All three of them let out a sight of relief and Raj hugged saiyyam..
Raj: Sorry bhai…woh kabhi kabhi na mere dimaag ka switch off ho jata hai…(Sorry brother..sometimes my brain shuts itself off)
Yuvani: Acha saiyyam ab tum jaldi se tayyar ho jao aur hall mein chalo….( now saiyyam quickly get ready and come to the hall area.)
Yuvani Raj and Krishna made their way out as Saiyyam went into the washroom….
Sometime later all four of them were at the sangeet and suhani spotted them and thanked the lord..she approached saiyyam
Suhani: Beta tum teek ho? ( Son are you ok?)
Saiyyam: haan maa main bilkul teek hoon..par sorry maine aap ka performance miss kar diya…(yes maa I’m fine.but im sorry I missed your performance)
Suhani: arey maafi kyun maag rahe ho…humara sirf ek performance todhi hai..baad mein hum sab saath mein bhi toh naachenge…humein bas iss baat ki khushi hai ki humara beta teek hai aur khush hai..(why are you apologizing.its not like I have only one performance….we’ll all be dancing together just happy that my son is okay and happy)
She patted saiyyam lovingly on the head and moved towards raj….
Suhani: Raj yeh kya baat hui tum kyun chale gaye the…humse wada kiya than a ki shaadi tak yahi raho ge…hum sirf tumhe kehene ke liye beta nahi kehete..hum tumhe apne parivaar ka hissa maan te he..par shayad tum nahi maante..( Raj what is this, why did you leave… you promised me that you will stay until after the wedding..i don’t just call you my son..i have accepted you as part of this family but maybe you haven’t accepted us)
Raj: Nahi Nahi …aisi baat bilkul nahi hai..woh kya hai na aap ki beti bohot ghaglhaaloo hai…aur humesha mujhse panga leti rehe ti he toh main isse tang akar yahan se jaa raha ta..aap sab se toh main bohot pyar karta hoon..aap log mujhe itna pyar jo dete hain..apni beti ko bhi kuch sika deejiye…( no no its not like that at all. What happens is that your daughter is very quarrelsome and she’s always arguing with me so I was fed up of her and leaving..i love you all a lot…you give me so much love that’s should really give your daughter some lessons….)
Yuvani was fuming…..
Yuvani: TUM! ( YOU)
Suhani let out a laugh and hit Raj on the head playfully before leaving to join Yuvraj…Everyone was now seated and Bhavna announces that the main couple of the night have arrived…Everyone claps for KriYam….

Precap: YuvRaj and KriYam dance…..special guests arrive…. Conclusion of sangeet….

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