Kriyam- Its only hate (Episode 2)

Hello, im back,apologies for late update and thanks for all who commented,

Sayyam looks at Krishna’s hand, and starts to act concern for her, Krishna is surprised for his sudden action. He takes her to the hospital and gets her wound dress, they leave hospital and sayyam looks at Krishna

Sayyam: Krishna, I dont know what happened to me, its just all the drugs, and alcohol i take, i did not mean to hurt you, please forgive me, saying this he drops down on his knees and keeps askinng for forgivness.

Krishna, feels restless and emotional and kneels down and says
Krishna: I forgive you,
Sayyam: You mean it
Krishna: i do
Sayyam: Thank you so much, he looks at his watch as says i have to go, he turns and smiles……

Meanwhile back home where Krishna lives.
Krishna: hmm why did he change that quickly…. why is he always rude to me, what did i do to him??….. NO NO NO, did he find out the truth, no this cant happen, he cant know the truth, please god, i hope sayyam doesnt know the truth

Sayyam: Oh Krishna, you fake, innocent girl, i know everything about you, and i know the truth, why did you do it, it makes me mad, you are a cruel person. and i will take revenge and give you HATE……Sayyam calls the collge and gets krishna address

Sayyam: No just wait what i do to you

Krishna’s House:

Doorbell rings continuous…

She opens it and screamssss

Krishna: who are you, leave me,

The person starts twisting her hand, she screams in pain, she then remembers what her mother taught her and she fights back and she succeeds.. the person runs away and rings someone

Sayyam answers: what, how did this plan fail, Krishna Mehra i will succeed and get revenge for what you did……….

Precap: Krishna is highly intoxicated, that she goes to hospital, (sayyam is there)

Krishna reveals the “truth:

So, thats the second episode i know its lame and short, but im busy now days , but next one will be better so what is the “TRUTH”

Love from Faaizah 🙂

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