A bright and shiny morng..

A college is shown…

Principal office..

Principal : Its not going well Mr.Birla.. you don’t understand .. your son is not a doc. but a goon for sure… Just beacuse he studies well.. we can not give him.. all the.

Mr.Birla : I know he is bit aggressive in nature..

Principal :Aggressive … no.. he is an animal.. Sayyam.. I will only allow you sits in tge final exam only if you promise¬† me.. that you will not get into any for this three months..

Mr. Birla : Sayyam.. promise himm..

Sayyam :Dad..

Mr.Birla : Do it as i say.. Sayyam Birla..

Sayyam : Yeah.. sir..

Principal : And yeah.. i have choosed Hyderabad for your internship.. and you will go there..

Mr.Birla : Yes sir.. I assure you that..

Mr.Birla and sayyam gets out.. His friends were waiting outside..

Mr.Birla : What was the reason .. why did you guys fight with them..

Kiya and mayank (saiyyam’s friends)

They looks at eachother..

Kiya : That Rahul .. he tried to kiss me forcefully..

Mayank :And we reacted..

Mr.Birla : Beware Sayyam… your mother is gone kill you..

Sayyam : I am sure.. you will make her understand..

Yuvraj leaves the campus.. while Sayyam and his friends seeoff him..

Parking Section..

Kiya : I am sorry yaar.. because of me.. you had to..

Sayyam (sitting in his bike) : Chill it yaar.. everything will be fine…

viraj (sayyam’s friend)

Viraj : Yaar.. juniors… They are so beautiful..

Few girls were going near by them.. and Kirshna was with them.. Sayyam sees her and stands numb..

Sayyam :Ww… She’s hot..

Kiya : Who..??

Saiyyam :The girl in the yellow suit.. Uff..

Krishna also sees him… staring her and she fastens to her classroom..

Saiyyam : Guys come..

Kiya :Where..??

Saiyyam goes and his friends follows him.. He enter to a class which was krishna’s. He keeps his hand on her bench…

Junior(next to krishna) :Oh.. no Saiyyam ..

As he hardly taps on the bench krishna gets shocked..

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  1. Please update regularly, love the story

  2. Nice start dear plz post next one soon .

  3. Jasminerahul

    saiyyam got a bad name .sad as he was only trying to protect kiya. saiyyam has fallen for Krishna in first sight he is followed her to her class.interesting n romantic. nice pics

  4. Very nice episode plz post next one soon

  5. Awesome dear

  6. Elina

    Thanks to all for liking my post..
    Soon i will update the next chapter…

  7. Really awsam storyline plz continue..

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