Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 4)

It’s morning time

Everyone is having breakfast

Baby is serving apple juice to everyone. She puts something in Krishna’s juice and gives it to her. Krishna starts drinking it and Baby gets happy as her plan seems to be working

Suhani – The weather is so beautiful today!!

Yuvraj – Not today the weather here is always like this.

Krishna – Come everyone let’s take a selfie. (They all click many pictures together)

David – Come let’s start our trek.

Everyone is about to leave when Baby asks Krishna to help her clear the mat on which they had breakfast.

Yuvan – Baby yaar what are you doing. Come fast I we will go together.

Krishna – Baby you go I will clear this.

Baby – Thanks krishna.

Suhani – Come Krishna

Krishna – Aunty I will clear it and then join you.

Suhani – Are you beta?

Sayyam – Aree Maa don’t worry she is “Jhansi ki Rani” she will come. Let’s go.

David – Yes Aunty there are signs so she will easily find us.

They all leave. Soon Krishna clears everything and runs to join them. Here they all are walking and they come across a sign which points towards the left they all go in that direction but baby stops.

Yuvan – Baby why have you stopped.

Baby – Actually my shoe lace is opened you walk I will tie it and come

Yuvan starts walking and Baby turns the sign towards the right and hides behind a tree. Krishna comes there coughing heavily. She sees the sign and is about to go in right but stops and she sees a small temple. She takes the blessings and goes in the right direction. Baby comes out from behind the tree and says “Today even your God will not be able to save you”. She goes and joins the others

Soon they reach a big hill.

Yuvani – Wow it looks so beautiful from here. Let’s take pictures.

Sayyam – You all stand together I will take the picture.(He takes some pics)

Yuvani – Sayyam now you come I will take your pics.

Sayyam stands with everyone. Baby is standing beside him Yuvani gets upset by this.

Yuvani – It would have been so nice if Krishna was also in this picture

Sayyam – Krishna where is she. She should have been here till now. (He gets concerned and scared)

There Krishna thinks ( I have joined them till now but there is no sign of them). She walks and comes across a tree.

Krishna – I just now crossed this tree. Then how come I am again here. ( she makes a mark on tree). I think I should call them. (She tries to call Sayyam but their is no network, she tries to shout but the voice doesn’t come out)

There  Sayyam tries to call her but due to low network he is not able to. Everyone gets tensed. Baby thinks” I feel pity for her she will soon become a delicious feast for the wild animals and she is right now so helpless that she can’t even shout for help. Because I had put sindoor in her juice so she has lost her voice. ”

Dadi – We will wait here for an hour if she doesn’t come we will search for her.

Sayyam (angrily) – You keep waiting but I won’t wait for a second.

David – He is right in two hours the sun is going to set and after that this whole area becomes very risky as wild animals roam here.

Everyone goes back and starts searching for Krishna.

There Krishna is lost and she is crying like anything and she is trying to scream for help. She prays hard for someone to find her. She is in a very bad state her water gets over, she is coughing heavily. Suddenly she slips and falls her head hits the rock and she gets unconscious, blood flows from her head.

Here Sayyam calls the Forest officers for help (now it’s dark everywhere). All the others except Sayyam, Yuvraj and David have gone to their tents. Sayyam, Yuvraj and David will the forest officers are searching for Krishna. Suhani is in tears and in fear of losing Krishna.

Sayyam finds Krishna’s earing and they all spread in that direction and are finding Krishna.

Sayyam from a distance feels Krishna ‘s presence he follows his instinct and soon finds Krishna, who is lying there unconscious and still bleeding.

Sayyam – (with tears falling from his eyes) get up Krishna, open your eye. (She doesn’t respond him so he calls everyone and lifts her in his arms and takes her in the tent.

Everyone except Baby gets happy. Baby is shocked and angry with her defeat.

Suhani – (tensed) Sayyam take Krishna inside and Yuvraj call a doctor.

Soon the doctor comes and checks her. He comes

Suhani – Doctor what happened? She is OK and there’s nothing to be scared about na?

Doctor – Ya she is fine I have done the dressing of her wound.

Sayyam – when she regain her consciousness?

Doctor- anytime soon

Krishna slowly starts getting conscious. Everyone runs beside her, except Sayyam he is annoyed with her.

Yuvani – Krish do you even realize how much we were scared. And mumma she was not able to control her tears.

Krishna is about to reply but she is not able to speak. Everyone gets tensed and the doctor starts checking her.

Doctor – She has lost her voice.

Sayyam (now his level of patience has over, he holds the doctor by the collar while Yuvraj, shared and Yuvan tries to stop him) –  What nonsense are you speaking, you have to make her alright or else you won’t be able to speak  anything else forever.

Krishna gets up from the bed and goes to him and stops him giving an angry look.

Doctor – Arre listen to me. She has drank something which contained a specific chemical like the one present in sindoor. Due to which her vocal cords have contracted and she is not able to speak. I will give her the medicines eat them and till tomorrow morning she will get fit and fine.

Everyone thanks doctor and Sayyam apologies him.

Yuvraj – David after today’s happening I don’t think we will be able to continue this adventure trip.

Krishna signs Yuvraj that she will get fine and even she wants to continue.

Sharad – David you come tomorrow then we will decide.

David – okay then bye. Krishna take care.( she smiles and him. He leaves)

Suhani brings food for Krishna. Krishna hugs her tightly and crys. Sayyam feels bad and signs Yuvani to do something.

Yuvani – Ooho Drama queen how much big tank tears do you have. Now stop crying like a kid and be like “Jhansi ki Rani”. (Everyone laughs including Krishna. Sayyam feels happy seeing her laughing.)

Everyone leaves to their tents.

Sayyam doesn’t talk to her and is about to sleep when Krishna wakes him up and through signs asks him that why he is behaving like that.

Sayyam – What’s wrong with you Krishna don’t you understand that you need rest.

Krishna acts stubborn.

Sayyam (shouts) – ok fine I will tell you the reason for my behavior. You don’t have brain because the signs were clearly there but still you got lost. And now you drank something due to which you lost your voice. When I saw you lying unconscious in the pool of blood. I really thought that you have left us, you don’t know in what state we were. Leave it you won’t understand now go and sleep and take rest. If you need anything please wake me up.

Krishna thinks something and goes and sleeps. Sayyam watches her as she sleeps and then he himself goes and sleeps.

Precap – Baby gets exposed.

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