Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 17)

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It’s morning

Krishna is quite scared due to the last night’s incident but Sayyam comforts her.

In the kitchen.

Krishna and Baby are preparing breakfast.

Krishna – Baby will you please handle here. I want to go to out house, some of my stuff is kept there and I want to take it along.

Baby – OK but come fast. We will have our breakfast and then we will leave.

Krishna is going to the out house and the goons follow her. She enters the out house and starts searching for her stuff.

Goon 1 – Bhai how are we gonna kill her.

Goon 2 – I have done all the arrangements. Just give me a lighter.

There in the house.

Sayyam comes for the breakfast.

Sayyam – Baby where is Krishna.

Baby – She is in the out house. Please go and get her. We will get late if don’t leave soon.

Sayyam – Yes I am going. (He is about to leave but remembers that he has forgot to take his phone so he goes back in the room).

In the out house.

One of the man throws the matchstick and the whole outhouse catches fire.

Goon 1- How you did it.

Goon 2 – I heard her saying that she is going to the outhouse so I spilled kerosene everywhere in this house.

Krishna turns back and gets shocked as she is caught in fire. She yells at the top of her voice and tries to get out but the intense flames prevent her from getting out. She prays hard for someone to help her.

In the house

Sayyam takes his phone and wonders why is Krishna taking so long to come back. He finally goes to see. And to his shock, he sees the entire outhouse on fire. He feels a sudden pain in his chest. He thought that he had lost his Krishna forever. But he feels better when he hears Krishna screaming.

Krishna (filled with tears and fear) – (screams loudly)   Please help me. Is Anyone there.

Sayyam – (screams) Yes Krishna I am coming please don’t panic. Stay where you are.

Krishna – Sayyam…. (she gets unconscious as a burning cupboard falls over her).

Sayyam goes inside through a window and starts searching for Krishna. He finally finds her.

Sayyam – (He is filled with tears and pain and he sees Krishna unconscious and the cupboard still burning on her) Krishna!!!! (He picks her up and jumps through a window.)

He then lays her down and pats her cheek.

Sayyam – Krishna please get up. Open your eyes. (He tries to wake her but she doesn’t so he takes her to the hospital)

In hospital.

Sayyam – Doctor please see na. She is not opening her eyes. She will get fine na.

Doctor – I can’t say anything right now. First I need to check her. So excuse me and let me check her.

Sayyam is waiting outside the room when his phone rings.

Sayyam – Hello Baby.

Baby – Sayyam are you and Krishna.

Sayyam tells her everything and she rushes to the hospital. They both are waiting for the doctor outside the emergency room. Soon the doctor comes out.

Sayyam – Doctor how is Krishna.

Doctor – She is out of danger. But the burns are very severe. You need to take good care of her or else she might have an infection and if that happens then the situation will be worst.

Sayyam – No Doctor nothing will happen I will take good care of her. You just tell me what I have to do.

Doctor – Yes let her take some rest till then you both come with me I will tell you about the care which needs to be taken.

Baby – One more thing doctor. The burns are temporary or permanent.

Doctor – All other burns are severe, reddish and temporary. But the on her face is permanent. (The burn like Sambhav had in ssel).

Both Sayyam and Baby felt bad for Krishna. But they knew that they need to be strong as Krishna would be needing their support. The Doctor gives them the details and they go to meet Krishna.

Krishna gets conscious.

Sayyam – Krishna how did the fire start.

Krishna – I don’t know I was just looking for my stuff and I when I was to return I saw the fire. Aaah!!!!

Sayyam – (concerned) What happened Krishna.

Krishna – Sayyam I am getting a burning sensation on my face. Please give me a mirror.

Both Sayyam and Baby look at each other. Baby felt that it was best to leave Kriyam alone for sometime so she goes out for completing the formalities. Sayyam sits beside Krishna and slowly puts his hand on her.

Sayyam – You have severe burns on your skin. They we start burning after some hours.

Krishna – (tensed and tears in her eyes) Sayyam they are not permanent na. My skin won’t be always like this na. I will get my flawless skin back na.

Sayyam – Yes Krishna all the other burns will go but the one which is burning and is on your face it will never go.

Krishna begs for a mirror. And cries badly as she sees her face.

Krishna – Sayyam it’s worst than the other burns they don’t look so bad. It looks so disgusting. (She starts throws things and is about to injure herself but Sayyam holds her)

Sayyam – Krishna stop it. You are still the old Krishna. Nothing has changed. Even if your face has a small mark. Your heart is still flawless.

Krishna – (cries bitterly) You can never understand Sayyam. I loved my beauty a lot and now my face is destroyed. No one will ever look at me without disgust in their eyes. Even I won’t be able to look at myself in the mirror.

Sayyam – (cups her face taking care he doesn’t touch her burn) Krishna you are thinking wrong. Everything will be the same. And if you ever want to know how you are looking. Just look into my eyes you will get your answer.

She hugs him and cries bitterly. He hugs her back and caresses her hair and she slowly falls asleep in his arms. He then carries her in the car where Baby is waiting for them. Soon they leave for Birla Mansion. While on their way back home Baby calls and informs everyone about all that has happened in chandigarh. They soon reach Birla Mansion. And Krishna also wakes up.

They are about to get out of the car. But Krishna stops Sayyam.

Krishna – Sayyam I can’t come like this.

Sayyam – You are coming. Just trust me. Okay?

She nods and they get out of the car.

Sayyam walks and Krishna walks behind him to avoid anyone’s gaze. But Sayyam holds her hand and brings her beside him. She is looking down but Baby lifts her chin making her look straight. She was thinking of everyone questioning her, looking at her differently. But to her surprise nobody did anything like that instead everyone welcomed them and huged her the same way like they did before. They all spent some time together.

At night

Krishna was sitting on her couch. She was very much upset. When Sayyam came.

Sayyam went and sat beside her. He had something in his hand. He called Krishna’s name but she was lost in her own world. So he shaked her a bit.

Krishna – Sayyam What are you doing.

Sayyam – Trying to get your attention.

Krishna – okay tell what you want.

Sayyam – ( in a playful tone) See her I brought a backless top for you. Wear it and show me.

Krishna – (confused) Are you mad. Your health is fine na?

Sayyam – I am perfectly fine. I brought this so that you wear it and I can apply antiseptic cream.

Krishna – Thanks but I will take Yuvani or Baby’s help.

Sayyam – Atleast have some care for them. They must be so tired and it’s almost midnight.

Krishna was hesitant at first but agrees and comes out wearing the top. Sayyam is memorized by her simplicity. He comes back from his thoughts as Krishna sits beside him.

He starts applying the ointment slowly taking care that he doesn’t get harsh on the burns. His every touch melts Krishna’s heart. Every time he touches her he feels that Krishna is only his. His care for Krishna makes her think that is it only care or it’s his love for her. They both are lost in each other’s thoughts and doesn’t realize the time. But Tiger’s bark brings them in the reality. Krishna awkwardly thanks Sayyam and goes to sleep. But she is unable to sleep so Sayyam goes to her and arranges her in a comfortable manner. And then he goes to his side and sleeps.

Precap – Krishna cuts her wrist. Sayyam finds a way to get rid of the mark. Will Krishna realize his love or will they get separated.


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