Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 16)

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It’s morning

Krishna, Sayyam and Baby are at Latika’s house.

Latika – Krishna Beta I knew that you will come. (she is about to hug but Krishna stops her)

Krishna – I didn’t came here to meet you. I just came here to introduce you to someone. She is Baby my sister and your granddaughter.

Latika’s face becomes pale. And doesn’t respond.

Baby – Why you hated me so much. And Ok you hated me right then why Krishna was left alone. Why you came to see her.

Krishna – Because she is just acting of being nice. But in reality she is just a wicked woman.

Latika – No beta.

Krishna – Stop I just don’t want to hear a single word from you. Baby, Sayyam please lets just leave from here.

They leave and Latika calls someone.

Latika – Come to meet me right now. I want you to kill someone.

Caller – I will come right now you just keep the photo and money ready.

Latika – It’s ready.

After 15 minutes.

Latika gives money to the goons.

Latika – I want my work to be done.

Goons – Aree we will do the work but whom we have kill we asked for a photo na.

Latika – Yes it’s there on the table take it.I am going to take rest.

On the table there is Baby’s photo and below her It’s Krishna’s. Wind blows and Baby’s photo falls down and the goons take Krishna’s photo and leave.

It’s evening.

Krishna, Sayyam and Baby are sitting in a restaurant waiting for the dinner. Beside their table the same goons are sitting waiting for a chance.

Krishna – After so many days we are here enjoying.

Baby – Ya I agree. And today we both are happy with each other.

Krishna – Yes you are right. Sayyam why don’t you say anything aren’t you enjoying.

Sayyam -( playfully)  When two girls are speaking continuously then what can I say in between.

They all laugh.

Krishna – Excuse me I will just wash my hands and come.

Sayyam – Even I want to wash. Come we will go together.

Baby – You both go I have already washed them.

Goon 1- Bhai see they are going.

Goon 2- But she is not alone.

Goon 3 – So what we will kill both of them.

They quickly go ahead of Kriyam and the door on which washroom was written its changed to refrigerator and the door on which refrigerator was written its changed into washroom.

Krishna – Sayyam there’s the washroom let’s go.

They both enter the refrigerator and as soon as they enter the goons lock them inside to freeze to death. And put the names back on their place.

Krishna – Sayyam it’s not washroom it’s refrigerator.

Sayyam – Yes Krishna please don’t panic we will call for some help. Wait I will call Baby. (He checks his mobile). Oh God my phone battery is over. Krishna you call.

Krishna – Sayyam my phone was in my purse and it’s with Baby. Now what we will do.

Sayyam – We will shout maybe someone will hear us shouting

They both shout for help and bang the door but it was of no use. 

Sayyam (tensed) – Krishna Maybe this room is sound proof and therefore no one can hear us.

Krishna – (with tears) Now what we will do Sayyam.

Sayyam – (cups her face and looks straight in her eyes) Don’t worry Krishna. After some time Baby we will come looking for us. Till then we will wait. 

(Baby in mind “Why they are taking so long. I think I should go and see”. She is about to look for them but her phone rings. It’s her besties call, she starts talking with her and as there was no network so she goes out of the restaurant)

After 10 minutes.

Krishna is rubbing her arms as she is feeling too cold and Sayyam is still banging the door.

Krishna – Sayyam…. (she falls unconscious)

Sayyam – Krishna.. (He runs to her) 

He pats her cheek rubs her hands and feet.

Sayyam – Ooh God her body temperature is getting low. I have to do some quickly.( He bangs the door shouts at the top of his voice but it was of no use)

He again checks Krishna’s temperature. It was getting low.

Sayyam – I have to give her warmth. (He hugs her tightly in order to keep her warm.) She is still not getting up. (He tries his best to wake her but she doesn’t respond and her pulse is slowly getting slow.) I am sorry Krishna I have to do this, but I swear I don’t have another option.

(He slowly brings his lips near to hers and gives her a long and passionate kiss. She slowly opens her eyes and sees Sayyam kissing her. She pushes him hard and gives him a tight slap)

Krishna – (with Tears) How dare you Sayyam. Why did you do it to me (She crys heavily)

Sayyam – (with guilt) Sorry Krishna but there was no other option I tried my best to wake you. But…

Krishna – No Sayyam I don’t care what was the situation but I just know that you kissed me without my permission. I hate you sayyam I hate you (she said this while beating his chest)

Her every single word broke Sayyam’s heart. He thought that she trusted him. He thought that she still considered him as the rapist’s son. The person he loved the most was today telling him that she hates him.

Sayyam in mind (Sorry Krishna for hurting you. But my intentions were not wrong. I know that if hadn’t done that, then your life would have been in danger and I can live with your hate but I can’t afford to lose you no matter how much you hate me but still my love for you will never end.)

Sayyam – (Twists her hand and shouts) You think what you want to. But keep this in mind that I did everything to save you. I can’t afford to let you die.

Krishna – (frees her hand) Why? Why can’t you just let me die?

Sayyam – (shouts) Because this life is not only yours. If anything happens to you, have you ever thought what will happen of your Daidu, your Suhani aunty, your bestie Rutvi and Yuvani and then here is your new found sister.

Suddenly the door opens and there is Baby standing with the manager of the restaurant.

Krishna and Baby hug each other.

Krishna tells her all that happened except the thing that Sayyam kissed her. The hotel staff apologises. While the goons get irritated as their plan fails.

Krishna tries to speak to Sayyam but he leaves without saying a word. They leave from there and go to their home.

At 11pm

Baby is sleeping in her room. Krishna makes hot chocolate for herself and sayyam. She goes to the room but Sayyam is not there. She then goes to the terrace as she knew that whenever Sayyam is upset or angry he goes to the terrace. There is Sayyam sitting on the edge of the terrace. She quietly goes and puts a hand on his shoulder. He doesn’t look at her and keeps looking at the sky.

Krishna – (holding her ears and with tears falling from her eyes) I am sorry Sayyam I am really sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted in that way. I know that your intentions were not wrong. Please forgive me.

Sayyam – (looks at her and her tears) You don’t need to be sorry. Any other girl would have also reacted the same way which you did. The fault is in me Krishna, my fears have come true. I have exactly became like Sambhav.

Krishna – (Holds his hands) No Sayyam you are wrong. You are not like him. What he did was to satisfy his desire. But what you did was to save me. Even if I was in your situation I would have done the same. Now just forget it and lets have this hot chocolate.

She gives him his cup and on the surface of the hot chocolate there was a sorry written with cream. He smiled at her and both of them resolved their fight.

Precap – Goons another attempt to kill. Out house on fire. Will Sayyam be able to save Krishna.






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