Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 14)

Its morning

Kriyam is on their way to the hospital.

Krishna – Sayyam I am very much scared. Don’t know what truth, I will have to face to face today.

Sayyam – Krishna you don’t have to be scared. No matter how the truth is, don’t forget that I am always there for you.

Krishna – (faintly smiles) I know that you are always with me. But I am not strong like you.

Sayyam – Who says that you are not strong. You are the strongest girl I have ever seen. You never saw your father. At seven you lost your mother. From that time you were bearing everyone’s taunts and you were married to me when I was a devil. And still you are able to smile. I don’t think anyone can be stronger than you.

Krishna felt like she had conquered the world, when Sayyam was praising her. She felt happy, but somewhere she thought that all this praise was just to distract her from her thoughts.

In the hospital.

Sayyam – Excuse me.

Receptionist – Yes sir.

Sayyam – 25 years ago, there was a delivery done in this hospital I want details of that.

Receptionist – Sorry sir but we are not allowed to share anyone’s personal details.

Krishna – The woman which he is talking about is my mother and there is something very important. Please I beg you to give us the details.

Receptionist – Okay ma’am come with me. In the record room.

In the record room.

Receptionist – Ma’am tell me the exact date.

Krishna tells her the date.

Receptionist – Yes Ma’am I have found the file. That day there were two deliveries, one was of Mrs Rashmi and the other was of Mrs Soumya.

Krishna – Yes tell me about Mrs Soumya.

Receptionist – She delivered twins and both were girls.

Krishna – (puts her hand on her mouth) What!! (Tears start falling from her eyes, Sayyam holds her)

Sayyam – Yes you continue.

Receptionist – Mrs Rihanna Verma delivered the babies.

Sayyam – Is she still working here.

Receptionist – No. She isn’t working anymore. (Hearing this words Krishna felt like now she cannot find the whole truth). But she is in this hospital in the general ward as she is paralyzed from her waist to toe.

Sayyam – okay thanks. (He takes Krishna and goes to the general ward)

In the general ward there is an old lady sitting in the wheelchair.

Krishna – Excuse me. Are you Mrs Rihanna Verma.

Rihanna – Yes. But I didn’t recognize you.

Krishna – You must be remembering Mrs Soumya.

Rihanna (the color from her face fades) – Yes. But who are you.

Krishna – I am Krishna, Soumya’s daughter. That day she delivered 2 babies, but she got only one. Tell me what happened with the other girl.

Rihanna – That day she delivered two baby girls but they were not identical twins. Both of them were beautiful but one girl was quite dark. Before Soumya woke up Mrs Soumya’s mother in law gave me money and asked me to throw the dark girl in the orphanage and asked me to tell Soumya that her other child died. When I was talking away the girl Soumya gained consciousness, she saw me picking the girl, but she didn’t see my face.

Sayyam – But when she saw you taking the girl away she didn’t do anything?

Rihanna – She didn’t have the strength. She just kept cursing me. Today due to her curse I am in this condition (with tears) I lost everything in my life.

Sayyam – You know where Krishna’s grandmother leaves.

Rihanna – Yes (she gives him her address)

Krishna was not in the condition of hear anything more. She runs from the hospital, Sayyam gets, he starts chasing her.

Sayyam – Krishna stop. (She ignores him and keeps running) Krishna I said stop. For your mother’s sake. (She stops running as she hears his last sentence. Sayyam goes to her)

Krishna breaks down in Sayyam’s arms. And cries badly.

Krishna – Am I so bad Sayyam. I don’t deserve any love? Why all this happens with me. (She hugs Sayyam tightly and he hugs her back) . I was so unlucky that I didn’t even get to see my father’s face for once. My mom left me when I was 7. I was all alone despite of having a sister. My grandma never came to see me.

Sayyam is feeling like he will die seeing Krishna’s state. He wants to take all her pain. But he knows that the relive for her pain is finding and uniting with her sister.

Sayyam – No Krishna you are not at all bad. You are the purest soul I ever saw. Please don’t think that no one loves you. There are so many people who love you. And there is one person who is ready to give his life for you (still hugging her)

Krishna breaks the hug and looks at Sayyam with tears in her eyes. Sayyam understands that she is demanding an answer for his last statement.

Sayyam – I mean your Daidu. He is like a father to you. And I am sure that he won’t hesitate to give his life for you. (In mind – It’s me Krishna I am ready to give my life if it is for your Happiness)

Krishna – (in mind – I don’t know why but I felt like you were speaking of yourself. Stop it what are you thinking, he is just trying to console me) Sayyam I want to go to my grandmother’s house.

Sayyam – Yes we will go but not today. We will go tomorrow, today you had enough. I don’t want you to be exposed to such harsh truth.

Krishna – (faintly smiles) OK now we should go back home.

Sayyam – Yes but you have to be happy. Your mother must be feeling very bad after seeing you in this condition.

Krishna – Okay baba now I won’t cry. Let’s go.

They leave for home.

At home in night.

Krishna is sitting in their bedroom. She feels a arm around her she is about to scream but sees Sayyam there.

Sayyam – Don’t shout I made your favorite cheesy pasta and hot chocolate with choco chip cookies. Come let’s eat.

Krishna – (in a sad tone) No I don’t want to eat. You eat.

Sayyam – Are you mad I was in the kitchen since one hour. Just to make your favorite meals. And you are saying you don’t want it.

Krishna – (realizes the efforts he had taken) Arre You don’t understand I was just scaring you. These are my favorite food items how is possible that I will deny them. Come let’s eat.

They finish the food. And throughout there dinner they were pulling each other’s leg. Soon they both sleep. Krishna is just waiting for the sun to rise.

Precap – Krishna lashes out at her grandma. Kriyam visit the orphanage.





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