Kriyam FF Awakened Destiny (Episode 2)

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It’s morning

In Sayyam’s room.

Sayyam is getting ready when Yuvan comes.

Yuvan – Sayyam I need to talk to you right now.

Sayyam – Yes tell I am listening

Yuvan – We have an important mission. Here is the photo (He hands a photo of a man to Sayyam). We don’t have any information about him. We need to kill him in this week.

Sayyam – We will succeed as we always do but what have he done?

Yuvan – That I will tell you later. Here it’s not safe. Even walls have ears. Now come down for the breakfast everyone is waiting.

Sayyam – Bhai u know I don’t like going there. Whenever I sit for breakfast Maa asks me to leave this life of killing people. And I can’t leave this.

Yuvan – Oh Drama King, you can avoid her and change the topic as you always do. Why don’t you tell that you are eager to meet Krishna. And that’s the reason why you want to skip the dinner. (in a playful tone)

Sayyam – Stop it bhai. Fine let’s go.

They both go at the table

Everyone is sitting and having his breakfast.

Suhani – Sayyam please surrender, finish your punishment and then start leading a happy life.

Sayyam – (in a frustrated tone) Maa I am sorry but I can’t do that. I will never change.

He gets up and leaves from there. Yuvan also leaves. Sayyam and Yuvan go to a park where they usually went when they get tired of killing or when they don’t get peace. They both are sitting there and talking normally. Krishna also comes to the same park with her friends – Saanjh and Ritika. They are giggling, troubling each other and behaving like kids. At first Sayyam didn’t notice them but Krishna’s cheerful laughter makes Sayyam notice her. He starts watching her as she is eating ice cream and her face has got dirty while eating it, just like a small child’s. While enjoying with her friends Krishna notices Sayyam staring at her face. She gets confused and touches her face then she realizes that her face is covered with ice cream, she feels embarrassed and quickly takes a tissue and wipes off the ice cream. She gets back into her world.

After 1 hour.


Sayyam, Yuvan, Krishna, Saanjh, Ritika are still in the park. Sayyam and Yuvan are about to leave but the stop as they hear a small scream. They turn around to see Krishna on the ground crying and blood flowing from her knees. Sayyam gets hurt seeing this and without thinking for a moment he runs to her and holds her hand and starts blowing air on her knee. Krishna is shocked as she never thought that he would run to help her.

Sayyam – (in am extremely concerned tone) How did you fall. It must be paining. Tell na how did you fall?

Krishna – (feels awkward) (pointing towards a tree) Actually I was sitting on that tree my friends have went to bring some chocolates. So I was waiting for them, but suddenly I saw a rat I got scared and lost my balance and the rest you know. (Her friends come and get shocked when they hear her story and then all the three girls break into a laughter, Krishna is laughing hard holding her stomach, Saanjh and Ritika have sat down as they are not able to stand anymore. But the next moment Krishna gives out a small scream.)

Sayyam – (still holding her hand and her knee) I don’t think you will be able to go home like this. So please can I drop you.

Krishna – No it’s perfectly fine I will go by myself.

Yuvan – No you won’t be able to manage.

Before Krishna could say anything further, Sayyam lifts her in his arms. All of them get shocked and stares at Sayyam but he looks straight to avoid all the awkwardness. Krishna’s friends leave and Sayyam and Yuvan take Krishna in their car and are on their way to her house. Krishna is on the back seat, Sayyam is driving and Yuvan is beside Sayyam. Even while driving Sayyam watches Krishna from the mirror as she has closed her eyes and is taking a nap. Yuvan watches all this and gets really happy for Sayyam. They reach the house.

Sayyam – Excuse me (Krishna wakes up)

Krishna – (looks out from the window and is shocked) How you know my house. I didn’t give the address I was sleeping the whole time.

Sayyam gets tensed as he knows that he won’t be able to lie her. Yuvan understands this and quickly makes up something.

Yuvan – We didn’t knew it’s your house . We had a work in this area and we just finished it now we stopped her to ask you for your house’s address.

Krishna – (she is still not convinced but she doesn’t want to argue.) okay maybe it’s just coincidence. Well Thanks a lot both of you. I really don’t what I would have done if you both weren’t there. Ooh I forgot to ask you your name.

Sayyam – I am Sayyam and he is my elder brother Yuvan and what’s your name (Yuvan looks at Sayyam as how normally he is showing that he doesn’t know anything about her, despite of knowing everything)

Krishna – I am Krishna. Please come inside my house. Let’s have a coffee.

Sayyam really wanted to have a coffee with Krishna but he realizes that Krishna just asked them formally and it would be inappropriate to go so he denies it politely. And they soon bid good bye to each other and Sayyam and Yuvan leave.

It’s night

Sayyam and Yuvan are discussing something.

Sayyam – (in a low tone) It’s gonna be tomorrow.

Yuvan – Bro I hate it this . Tomorrow please can I go instead of you.

Sayyam – Bhai you are always supporting me. But this needs to be done by me. I can’t let that happen to you. Now let’s go and sleep.

They both go into there rooms.

Precap – What is going to happen with Sayyam. A mysterious guy with Krishna. Sayyam to kill that guy

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