KriYam ff: 20 Saal Baad (part-1)

A bright morning.

A big house is shown… Birla House. The richest & respected family of Allahabad.

Inside a lady is shown walking & ordering. Noo..she is actually running like a teenage girl. Excitement evident on her eyes.

The lady: oh God, nothing has done yet. Yuvraj will come anytime. Kids can’t u do anything properly?

Suddenly a girl who is looking almost like the lady hugs her from back & closes her mouth with her hand.

The girl: Mrs. Suhani Birla! Can’t u stop ur nonstop talking & panicking? Aap ka Yuvraaaaj sirf ek week ke liye bahar gaya tha…wo bhi business trip. Kisi aur ke sath nehi. Aur itna utsab kyu kar rahi hain tum…aisi to nehi ki bohot din se aap dono ko mulaqut nahi huyi. Iss one week video call mein kitna mb kharch kiya shyad aapka hisaab nehi. Aap ka to makeup karch ke sath  sirf dushmani hain.

So the lady is Suhani & the girl? I know u understood by reading her dialogues ????

Suhani: Ms. Yuvani Birla, kya tum aap ki papa ke sath milna nahi chahti ho. Wo itna di n baad arahi hain kya tum khush nehi ho. Ur papa was in another country. Was it my fault to call him? I wanted to know if he is OK or not.

A teardrop fall from her eyes. One boy & girl comes running to her & glares at Yuvani. Then the girl dries her cheek.

The girl: Aunty,Yuvani was joking with u. U were so tensed. No worries. I made the dishes of daidu’s favourite. Even Yuvan & Yuvani cleaned daidu’s room. Now guess what Yuvani did? She arranged a game for us. Let daidu come. Fun will begin. Everyone is ready except u. U just quickly get ready. Ok?

Suhani: Sorry Yuvani,krishna & yuvan… I over reacted. Actually…

Yuvan: No actually. Just go maa!

Suhani: Ok. Going. Sorry Yuvani.

Yuvani(smiling): Forgiven. Now can u go & honour us?

Suhani nods & goes to her room.

After some distance three lady was watching this. Dadi,pratima & bhavna.

Dadi: Aaj to Krishna situation handle kar liya par aise air kitna din. Suhani ka possessiveness yuvraj ka din din bar rahi hai.

Bhavna: Kitna din ho gaya dadi par 20 saal ka jakham aaj taak nahi thik hua. Suhani still fears to lose Yuvraj… to lose her family aur…

Pratima: Bhavna we will be her strength. Samay bohot hai. She needs to recover. Ek kahani sabka jivan badal dia. Par we are together & we will face every problem. Now go. She will say we don’t value her yuvraj if we are late.

Trio smiles & goes where they are needed…to welcome their yuvraaj.

Bell rings. Suhani almost runs & opens the door. Outside standing her love of life,her supporter,her friend… Yuvraj Birla. He is now no more the hansome angry halki daari bikhre baal rather a matured,loving,supporting system to her family. The incident before 20 years ago changed their lives.

Suhani: kaise ho yuvraaj? U didn’t eat well. Just seeing u I can tell u know. Tumhe to janta hoon. Diet or young rehne ke chakkar mein aisa karti ho tum. U never listen my word.

To make her mouth shut, yuvraj keeps her hand on her mouth.

Yuvraj: Are u listening me? I’m fine 1st point. I’m tired that’s why looking like this. Aur mujhe nahi tumhe young rehne ka koshish karna chaiye…kyu ki young to mein hoon.

Suhani glares at him & beats him.

Yuvani:Stop it guys. Papa hum bhi yaha hain. Look at us. We don’t look that bad.

Yuvraj smiles. He then takes dadi & pratima’s blessing. Then goes to bhavna.

Yuvraj: Bhavna,how are u? Woh…

Bhavna: pata hai what u want to know. Sharad office gaya hai.

But the door opens with a loud sound revealing Sharad.

Sharad: Guruuuu,kaise ho? Let’s go to that match I told u….

Suhani: shut up p.a vaiya. Today we will spend family time. No match.

Yuvani: OK guys. Papa go freshen up & have something. We will play something.

Yuvraj: OK young lady. Krishna, beta,why u are always quite? Say something.

Krishna: Daidu everyone is talking so… How are u?

Yuvraj:Even u have to talk…stand for urself. I’ll not be there for u forever.

Yuvani: Who asked u to be there. Someone is going to be there for her. Hain na krishna?(& elbows her)

Everyone smiles & Krishna shies.

Time skips to night.

Yuvani: so the last part of game. I’ll say some words & u have to reply instantly what comes to ur head. Clear.

First chit was picked & it has Krishna’s name.

Yuvani: ready? Blue?

Krishna: Sky.

Yuvani:sea or hill?


Yuvani: BFF?

Krishna: Yuvan.

Yuvani:yuvan or yuvani?

Krishna: both.

Yuvani smiles & picks another chit revealing suhani’s name.

Yuvani:Ready? Movie?

Suhani: shole.

Yuvani: actor?

Suhani: Bacchan San

Yuvani: Food?

Suhani: samosa.


Suhani:Yuvraj( she answers fast & everyone laughs)

Yuvani:Surat aur sirat?


Yuvani: nafrat?


Screen freezes on Suhani’s face.


Precap: “Ur happy family’s picture will be no more SUHANI BIRLA. I’m coming”


Guys, I tried my best. I wanted to write something else but it turned out like this. I’ll try to write better than this from next update. My brain is not supporting ??

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  1. Elina

    Nice update dear..
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    1. AyeshaMuniya

      Thanks a lot liking my bakwas story. I can’t post daily because I have college. I’ll post once a week. Besides I’m having problem in my hand.

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    Nice episode sissy….. Waiting for next part…. Post regularly… Tc…

  3. Awesome update dear
    Loved it

    1. AyeshaMuniya

      ??? I’ll update dear but my hand is having problem. Thanks for liking my nonsense writing ?

  4. Sarafacebook

    I was very pleased to see the attention been given to Yuvraj & Suhani in the story ?. Reading kriyaam story for the first time

    1. AyeshaMuniya

      Yes, I was a YuvAnian & after the leap became KriYamite. In this story I’ll try to show possessive suhani after that incident. She will recover. I’ll also try to give yuvani scenes.

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome start..i am a yuvanian..leap ke baad dekhna hi chod diya…par i kinda love kriyam as i watched few scenes of them on insta..they were good..

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