Kriyaansh : Destined to be Together (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

This is Fan Fiction of Kriyaansh that is Rey (Reyaansh Singhania) and Kriya (Kriya Ghai) from Dil Dosti Dance (D3) which was played by Kunwar Amarjeet Singh (Kunwar Amar / KAS / Rockstar) and Shakthi Mohan. This Fan Fiction mainly concentrates on Kriyaansh Love Story and their bonding with friends after the D3 Academy.

This story starts from the end of Dil Dosti Dance. All the characters of D3 like Swayam, Bharath, Amar, Neha, Vishaka, Sharon, Simmi, Rinni, Vicky, Nilesh may appear here gradually. But It will focus mainly on the love story of Kriyaansh.

So. This Chapter is the elaboration of the last day shown in D3.

Karma comes back. He performs for with Huma. Then the goons try to sabotage the musical by throwing the marbles at the door. Kriya watches this and tries to inform Sara. But Sara is Hurt. So eventually Kriya decides to perform with Rey risking her health.

Then Rey and Kriya performance on the song Tujhe Dekha to ye jaana sanam. Then Kriya falls on rey shoulder. She is brought to the green room in unconscious condition. Rey is tensed. Raj gives injection to kriya. Everybody are tensed. Then Kriya gets conscious. Rey rushes to her. He asks is she alright, what was the need to perform, it could have affected her health. Kriya brushes rey away saying I’m alright don’t worry. Rey comes out sad that Kriya is ignoring him. Raj sees this all and tells to himself that all this what is happening is not right. Raj comes to talk to rey and tells him kriya lied to him about their engagement, they are not. Rey goes inside the room and asks kriya why she lied. Kriya tells this raj can’t keep secret. The she says, I’m happy with Raj, I have moved on with him Rey and you should also move on. Then Rey says if you are happy by staying away from me then ok, I’m happy with your happiness. Sara hears there conversations and goes to kriya after rey goes outside. Though Sara tries to make Kriya understand that Rey only loves Kriya, Kriya says to Sara that “I know you like Rey. You take care of him” and she leaves from there.

Next day morning Swayam and Sharon conversation that they need to give time for each other and test their relationship.

Then in airport Raj makes Kriya understand that the choice of being in relation or not should be given to Rey and she should not take decision by herself thinking that Rey should move on. Then Rey tells Kriya he wants to be with her forever.

Then Rey shakes hands with Raj and says thank you and Kriya hugs Raj.

Rey hugs Kriya and lifts her up and comes out of airport. On the road Kriya sees Ice-cream and shout “Rey Ice-cream”. They go and have Ice-cream and have fun.

After 1 year
Swayam and Sharon meet..they go and have chai in there fav spot..then they say did you get Rey’s message…then they say its time lets go.

In Rey’s home
Kriya comes in. Rey asks Kriya did u get the reports…she says yes…he asks whats in it. She gives to his hand. He reads and hugs her. He then says let me go, students will be waiting, We will celebrate once I return and then he leaves.

In Huge D3 academy
Children and teen age students will be there. All D3 gang members as well…they will be teaching them..Rey also come, hugs his teammates (Vicky, Nilesh, Bharat, Amar, Simmi), teaches students and ask them to disperse for the day. Then Swayam Sharon come. All hug. They all leave to Rey’s house.

In Rey’s home
They all sit. Rey goes to kitchen, have some romantic moments with Kriya. She says Rey. They bothget juice to everyone. And Rey informs everyone there is news for you all. Then he with a sad face informs everyone that after one year of treatment of Kriya, we got the report today. Everyone askswhats in the report Rey. Then Rey suddenly shouts with happiness and says Kriya can dance now without any problem. Everybody give a group hug to rey and Kriya. Then they say let’s all sit now. Then they all see Huma andKarma dancing on the TV. They all praise the performance of Huma and Karma.

This was just the elaboration of the last episode of D3 to form the base of the story (and to give D3 the ending what I wanted to see). The actual story will begin from the next chapter.

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