Krishnadasi ff Epi-3

Guys sorry for sooooo Late update.. I got low comment so I thought of ending.. But my heart says to write ff on this show.. So where j left.. I will start..

The episode starts with arjun wonders what happened to Aryan and leaves.. Aryan follows aradhya and comes near gate and sees her leaving in auto and notes auto number and follows in car.. He recalls her beauty and smiles and reaches her house and sees it and thinks it is so small.. He waits.. Aradhya sees him and comes there and tells him to come inside.. Aradhya tells radhika that he gave free seat to me.. Radhika thnx him and blesses him.. He thinks they are senti?.. Aryan tells I need to go.. Aradhya serves him tea etc…,… He eates it and thnx her and asks her name..? She smiles and tells aradhya.. He smiles and tells nice name.. He comes to house and dances.. Anitha asks him what happened? One more girl? Aryan tells but diff feeling.. She smiles and asks her name? He telld aradhya and dances.. Anitha thinks so this girl is correct and thnx to fix marriage asap..

Arjun comes there and asks about Aryan? Anitha tells I have work and shows the way he left.. Arjun thnx her and comes to room and sees him dancing and asks what happened? Aryan tells u saw one girl she is soooo beautiful.. He tells u always says for all girls.. He tells but she is little spl.. He tells I went to her house and had snacks.. Arjun tells so u went this much? What is her parents doing? He tells don’t know.. She does not have father only mother.. Aryan shows house pic.. Arjun tells if u want I will get u married to her.. He asks what? U need to enjoy my life and leaves.. Arjun smiles and thinks I was like him before but he also same..

Aradhya asks radhika what she needs for dinner? Radhika tells poori.. She smiles and gets ready all and gives to her and makes her eat.. Radhika tells superb.. Aradhya eats it and tells it is over salty.. U r telling nice.? She tells whatever it is u did it right? Radhika eats with her hands.. Aradhya hugs her.

Anitha keeps food on aryan plate.. He recalls what aradhya did and makes anitha sits and serves food to her.. She smiles and gets teary eyes.. Arjun thinks he is little changed after going to girl house..he smiles.. Aryan gets hiccups.. She makes him drink it.. Aryan smiles and thnx her..

Anita tells no problem and tells now I ate now u eat.. He makes him eat food.. He tells enough.. He smiled and thnx her. Arjun sees this and he also asks anitha to feed him.. She smiles and feeds him also . anitha smiles and feds both and washes her hands and legs to god and thnx him for making her happy now.

Precap:Arjun takes aradhya number from form and calls aradhya.

  1. Plz no stop writing ff and I am always waiting ur ff pls dear don’t stop ff .ur is very different I love u ff

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx vavachi???don’t worry I won’t end..

  2. super episode
    pls continue

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx anu for the comment..

  3. It’s amazing plz don’t stop

  4. Love love love your ff Narendran….. and why did you stopped I always loved your ff…… actually I was a silent reader but your ff forced me to comment….. and please do not stop again…. with love carry on..??????☺️☺️☺️??

  5. finally…………i was eagerly waiting for dis..thanks 4 continuing

  6. Awesome episode, tc dear. .. 🙂

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