How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 22

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Saiyyam heard Krishna’s scream and came to their room. The lights were back now.
He came to the room and saw Yuvan there and Krishna was down on the ground.

He had slapped her. Saiyyam clenched his fist and came to Yuvan. He beat him a lot.

Yuvan tried to fight back but couldn’t as Saiyyam was way to much angry. He couldn’t bear someone slapping Krishna.

Saiyyam was about to throw a vase on Yuvan but Krishna stopped him.
Krishna, holding his hand:”no Saiyyam. Plz… don’t do this.”
Krishna looked at him pleadingly. Saiyyam left Yuvan.
Yuvan was unconscious. Saiyyam called the police. And they arrested Yuvan while he was unconscious.

After the police left, Saiyyam came to Krishna. He touched her cheek where Yuvan slapped her. Krishna felt some pain and let out a scream.
Saiyyam felt bad and was teary eyed. He brushed his thumb on her cheek. He kissed her cheek to ease her pain. He wanted to take away all her pain.

Saiyyam:”i won’t leave him. How dare he touch you? I don’t care if he is my brother or not. Whoever try to harm you, i will punish him. If necessary i will kill him.”
Krishna looked at him lovingly.
Krishna:”why? Why would you do that?”

Saiyyam looked at her.
Krishna:”and the…. i mean what happened before Yuvan came?”
Saiyyam remembers the kiss and didn’t know what to answer.

Saiyyam:”you should sleep.” And he moved away from her, he went to the window.

Krishna came to him, and put her hand on his shoulder.
Saiyyam turned to her and she could see the guilt on his face. She knew what he was thinking. He thought that he kissed her without her permission and is scared that he had become Sambhav.

He was avoiding eye contact with her but Krishna tilt his face so that he sees her.
Krishna:”Saiyyam, you don’t need to feel guilty.”

Krishna hugged him.
Krishna:”i should thank you for saving me from him. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Saiyyam also hugged her.
Saiyyam:”i became like him. I don’t know why i kissed you. It just happened. I am sorry Krishna. I don’t want to be like him. I didn’t know why i kissed you.”

Krishna looked at him. She saw tears in his eyes.
Krishna:”you are not like him, Saiyyam. You didn’t force me. Even i kissed you.”

Saiyyam left from there and went to the washroom. Krishna tried to stop him.

Saiyyam thinks:”why did i do that? How could i kiss her? I don’t know why i can’t control myself in front of her. I told her everything about me, my pain, which i never shared with anyone then why with Krishna, i didn’t hesitate even once.”

He came outside and didn’t see Krishna in the room. He called her out but no answer.
He began to panic and searched for her.
He came down and saw her there.
Saiyyam:”where did you go?”
Krishna:”why are so worried? I am not running away.”

Saiyyam pulled her towards him.
Saiyyam:”you can’t run away from me. Don’t you even think to leave me.”
Krishna:”i will never leave you.”

Saiyyam left as his phone rang. He went aside to pick it up.

After sometimes, he came back to Krishna.
Saiyyam:”my business partner, Mr. Sam, called me for a party. He is asking me to bring you too…”
Saiyyam:”so….. if you could come with me. If you don’t i can ref….”
Krishna:”ok… i will come with you.”
Saiyyam smiled at her.

They went to sleep.

Next morning, Krishna woke up quite late and didn’t find Saiyyam in the house.
Krishna:”where did he go? I should call him. It’s still raining.”

Saiyyam came in then only fully drenched.
Krishna:”where did you go in this rain?”

She went to get a towel.

Saiyyam:”i went to get this…” he showed her a bag and a file.

Krishna:”What’s this?”
She made him sit and dried his hair with the towel. Saiyyam smiled as he always wanted his mum to do this when he was small. He wanted to shake his head just to tease his mum.
But if not his mum, he had Krishna. He did the same with Krishna.

Krishna, surprised:”Saiyyam… stay still.”
But he did it once more.
Krishna left him and was about to go but Saiyyam held her hand and pulled. Krishna fell in his arms. They have an eyelock.

Saiyyam shook his head again and the droplets of water fell on her face. Krishna continued to dry his hair with the towel, avoiding his gaze. But she was aware that Saiyyam was looking at her.

As she was nervous, her hands trembled a bit due to which she was drying his hair very slowly.

Saiyyam’s hand was on her waist to support her and all of a sudden, Saiyyam pulled her towards him. They became even more close.
He brushed his finger on the droplets of water on her face. Krishna closed her eyes feeling his touch. He noticed some drops of water on her neck and moved closer to her neck.

He kissed her neck drinking the water there. Krishna clenched to his shirt. Saiyyam could feel her heavy breathing. He looked at her and smiled seeing her nervousness.

He came closed to her lips and cupped her cheeks. He was about to kiss her when there was a knock on the door. They both realized their position and composed themselves.

Krishna went to the door and opened it. She was surprised seeing Suhani, Yuvraj, Yuvani, Pratima, Sharad and Bhavna there. She hugged Yuvraj.

She invited them inside. Suhani looked at Saiyyam. Yuvani came to him and pulled him in a hug.
Yuvani:”how are you, bro?”
Saiyyam just smiled at her.

Yuvraj also came to Saiyyam.
Yuvraj:”let them talk, won’t you show your dad your house?”

Saiyyam looked at him.
Yuvraj:”lets go…”
Saiyyam nodded yes and they left from there.

Suhani:”Krishna, how is it going on? You never live alone…”
Krishna:”i am not alone, Aunty. Saiyyam is with me.”
Suhani:”beta, plz convince him to come back home. Plz.”
Krishna:”aunty, you know him, he is so stubborn. He won’t listen to me but…”

Suhani:”but what…”
Saiyyam:”but if you tell him then he might agree.”
Suhani looked at her.

Saiyyam and Yuvraj’s side:
Yuvraj:”the house is pretty, you earned a lot in your young age. I am really proud of you.”

Saiyyam didn’t know why but he was uncomfortable.
Yuvraj also felt that.
Yuvraj, thinks:”the boy who used to be so confident while answering someone is so calm today. I have to do something.”

Yuvraj:”so only you and Krishna lives here?”
Saiyyam nodded yes.

While walking, suddenly Yuvraj slipped. Saiyyam held him calling him papa.
Yuvraj:”thank you…” and then realized what he said.
Even Saiyyam realized it and looked away.

Yuvraj smiled but didn’t let Saiyyam see it.
Yuvraj:”you know… we are quite similar. At your age, i was lost and impulsive too. I used to do what i think was right. I didn’t bothered what anyone would think. But slowly i started to realize that what i was doing was wrong. Even i felt guilty. Anyone would have feel guilty especially in your place. But that doesn’t mean that you will stay with this guilt all your life. You didn’t know the truth, that’s why you did so. See, once you got to know it, you apologized. You should remove that guilt too now.”

Saiyyam was just listening to him. Yuvraj was right, he couldn’t stay in this guilt all his life. He had to let it go. But he was not used to this. Apart from hate, he didn’t let himself feel anything, no other feeling. He couldn’t just change it at once.

Yuvraj:”i know what you are thinking. Take your time but you have to release that guilt.”

Yuvraj left from there and came to the hall where everyone was.

Krishna went to the kitchen to bring something for them, followed by Yuvani.

Yuvani:”seems like you are enjoying these time with Saiyyam.”
Krishna:”what do you mean?”
Yuvani:”ohhh, now you will hide from me too.”
Krishna looked at her confused.
Yuvani:”you might hide it from me but that bite mark on your neck told me everything.”

Krishna touched that place and tried to covered it. She felt shy too.
Yuvani:”i have already seen it now. No need to hide.”
Krishna, shyly:”shut up, Yuvani. Let’s go out. Everyone must be waiting.”

When they came out, Suhani was talking to Saiyyam.
Suhani:”beta, plz come back. I am sorry for everything.”
Saiyyam:”i told you that i am not angry at you. I just don’t want Krishna to be near Yuvan.”
Suhani:”he won’t do anything now. I have talked with him that day. He said he won’t do it again.”

Kriyam looked at each other.
Saiyyam:”he said that? Then why don’t you call him and tell him to say this in front of me.”
Suhani nodded yes and called Yuvan. But no one answered.

Suhani:”why is he not picking up?”
Krishna:”i will tell you aunty. He is not picking up as he is in jail….. (Krishna told them everything)”
Suhani stood there teary eyed.
Suhani:”how can he do this, Yuvraj? Let him be in jail, i don’t want to see him. (To Saiyyam) you are right. You and Krishna should not come there. Let’s go Yuvraj.”

Suhani left from there with the other family members.

Kriyam looked at each other. Krishna saw the bag on the floor which Saiyyam brought earlier.
She opened it and found a beautiful white and blue saree.
Saiyyam:”if you like it then you wear it for the party.”
And he left from there.

Krishna smiled. When he left, Krishna saw the file too. She opened it and was surprised reading it.

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