How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 17

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At the table:
All were sitting while Suhani and Bhavna were serving.
Krishna, whispered to Saiyyam:”plz just eat it today…”
Saiyyam looked at her. She looked at him cutely.
He nodded yes. Yuvan watched them.

Yuvan:”maa, you cooked Krishna’s favorite today. You remember Krish, how much we used to fight in Goa for this.”

Krishna just nodded yes and then ignored him. Yuvan felt angry.
Krishna noticed Yuvani on the phone texting.

After lunch:
Krishna was going to Yuavani’s room when Yuvan came there.
Krishna:”leave my way.”
Yuvan:”Krish… i am sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
Krishna:”you already said what you wanted, can i go now?”
She was about to leave but Yuvan hold her hand to stop her.
Krishna jerked his hands away.
Yuvan:”listen to me for 5 minutes. See Krish, i am sorry, i regret that i didn’t marry… i know i hurt you a lot. I realized your love… and even i love you Krish…”

Krishna looked at him shocked.
Yuvan:”i love you Krishna….”
Krishna, angrily:”are you out of your mind? How can you think of this, Yuvan? You are married and i am too.”

Yuvan:”Krishna, i will leave Baby…”
Krishna:”i don’t care if you leave Baby or not. But i am marries to Saiyyam. And i won’t leave him.”

Yuvan:”married? Did you forget Krishna, he didn’t even fill your forehead… how can he be your husband? And he forcefully married you, that doesn’t count.”

Krishna:”i don’t care about this. For me i am married to Saiyyam.”
Yuvan:”how can you accept him? He forcefully married you, his dad killed your mum. His dad raped maa… and you still.”

Krishna:”all that you are saying, it is his dad who did those things, not him. Stop blaming him for what his dad has done. I don’t have any problem with him. I am happy with him.”

Yuvan:”you are choosing Saiyyam over me. Over our friendship?”
Krishna:”if it is about choice, Yuvan, then i will not think twice before choosing Saiyyam before you. I will always choose Saiyyam.”

Saying so, she left. Yuvan clenched his fist in anger.
Yuvan, thinks:”whatever Krishna… you will be only mine.”

Krishna came to her room.
Saiyyam noticed that she was angry.

Saiyyam:”what happened?”
Krishna:”how could he think like that? He is so disgusting to think this. I hate him.”
Saiyyam, confused:”who? Whom are you talking about?”

Krishna looked at him.
Krishna, thinks:”should i tell him what Yuvan said? He should know right? He is my husband.”

Saiyyam:”Krishna…. who?”
Krishna:”Saiyyam, actually….”
Yuvani came there.
Yuvani:”Krish… i want to talk to you.”
Krishna:”i will just come.”
Yuvani:”no, no. Come with me.”
She pulled her.

Saiyyam thinks:”why is Krishna so angry and worried? I will ask her later on.”

Yuvani’s room:
The girls talked for a while. Krishna forgot about Yuvan and was once again smiling. Saiyyam came there and saw them enjoying.

Yuvani, noticed him:”Bro, come, come.” Saiyyam came in.

Yuvani:”i am going with Dadi and Rags to a fashion show, what should i wear?”
Yuvani showed them a dress.

Saiyyam:”this is perfect.”
Yuvani:”but maa will not agree, she will say it’s too short.”

Saiyyam:”then explain her. A girl will wear what she likes, what she is comfortable in. No need to think about people.”
Yuvani:”so you explain to her.”
Krishna:”obviously you…”
Saiyyam:”ok. If she tells you something then i will explain her.”

Yuvani:”cool. Krish… if Saiyyam has no problem then why don’t you also wear dress?”
Krishna stared at her. Saiyyam looked at Krishna.

Yuvani:”right, bro? You won’t mind if Krish wears a dress.”
Saiyyam:”she can wear whatever she wants.”
Krishna looked at him.

Yuvani:”Krish, come on, try one of my dress and then we will see.”
Krishna:”see what?”
Yuvani:”in which type of clothes you look best.”

Krishna:”no Yuvani.”
Yuvani:”come on, Krish… even Saiyyam said he had no problem.”
Yuvani handed Krishna a dress and pushed her in the washroom.

Saiyyam:”i have to go…”
Yuvani:”Saiyyam…. come on. You also want to see Krish in a dress, right? So stay.”
Saiyyam stared at her.

Yuvani:”ok, ok. Don’t give me this deadly look now.”
Dadi called Yuvani from outside.
Yuvani:”arey, Dadi had to call now itself. I will just be back.”

Yuvani left. Saiyyam tried to stop her.

Krishna came out trying to avoid Saiyyam. Saiyyam looked at her. She was feeling very uncomfortable.
Krishna:”where is Yuvani?
Saiyyam:”Dadi called her. She will come.”

Krishna:”i will change…”
Saiyyam:”Krishna… why are you so uncomfortable? I already saw you earlier.”

Krishna looked at him. Saiyyam came near her. She moved back.

Saiyyam:”and it was shorter earlier.”
Krishna looked at him surprised.
Krishna:”Saiyyam, i will change.”
Saiyyam cornered her as she hit the wall.

Krishna was scared a bit.
Saiyyam took a shawl there and covered Krishna with it.
Krishna looked at him lovingly.
Saiyyam:”you will never wear such dress if you are not comfortable. And anyway you look better in your clothes. I don’t like this one.”

Krishna tried to move and the shawl fell down.
Saiyyam came close to her.
Saiyyam:”wait till Yuvani comes. Otherwise she will tell you wear it again.”

Yuvani, Yuvan and Baby came in.
Saiyyam moved away from Krishna. Yuvan and Baby were shocked seeing Krishna in dress.

Yuvani:”wow Krish… you look so pretty.”
Yuvan looked at Krishna from head to toes. Krishna was aware of his gave and moved behind Saiyyam.

Baby:”Krishna, why are you hiding? You are looking so pretty.”
Krishna:” i am gonna change”
She rushed to the bathroom.

Yuvan stared at Saiyyam.
Krishna came out and both Kriyam left the room.

Krishna went to the kitchen.
Yuvan followed her.

Yuvan came near her. Krishna moved back.
Krishna, scared:”what are you doing?”
Yuvan hold her hand, she tried to remove her hand from his grip but couldn’t. Yuvan just tighten his grip.

Yuvan touched her cheek. Krishna moved away disgusted. Yuvan heard a noise and moved away from Krishna. It was Suhani who came there. Krishna left from there.

Precap: Saiyyam asked Krishna what’s wrong as Yuvan continues to bother her.
Thank you all for your support and comments. Hope you like this one too

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