How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 16

In the garden:
Saiyyam was on the phone when Baby came there. As soon as he hung up, she went to him.
Baby:”Saiyyam, we haven’t talk since many days. Can we talk a bit?”
Saiyyam:”why don’t you talk to your husband?”
Baby:”we are friends….”
Saiyyam:”no, no. We are not. Don’t stay in this misunderstanding.”
Saiyyam left from there.

Baby, thinks:”he is not even listening to me… how will I do what Yuvan has said?”

Saiyyam came to his room and went to the bathroom to bath.
He locked the door behind him. Without knowing that Krishna was inside too. Krishna was washing her face thus she didn’t see him.
He was removing his shirt when Krishna noticed him. He put his shirt on stand there.

Krishna shouted and Saiyyam looked at her.
Krishna:”what are you doing here?”
Saiyyam:”what are you doing here?”

Krishna:”couldn’t you knock?”
Saiyyam:”couldn’t you lock the door?”
Krishna:”the door lock is not good, it gets stuck.”
Saiyyam looked at the door which he locked.

Krishna, tensely:”don’t tell me you lock the door?”
Saiyyam nodded yes.
Krishna:”ohhh no…”
Saiyyam:”why didn’t you tell me before? I would have got it fix”
Krishna:”i forgot….”
Saiyyam:”i didn’t know you were in….”
Krishna:”i know… i just came to wash my face. But now how will we go out?”

Saiyyam:”let me try to open it.”
Saiyyam tried to open it but in vain, it was stuck.
He nodded no to Krishna.

Saiyyam:”someone will look for us, they will come here and open it. And it’s nearly lunch time.”
Krishna:”yeah, they will come to call us.”
Krishna sat down on the floor.
Krishna:”till then we will have to wait.”

Saiyyam also sat down near her.
Saiyyam:”yes… we have to wait.”

Krishna:”did you bring your phone?”
Saiyyam:”no, it’s outside. Otherwise we could call someone.”


After sometimes:
Krishna was walking here and there.
Saiyyam was looking at her.
Krishna:”it’s been so long, why didn’t anyone come?”
Saiyyam:”Krishna, it’s been only 20 minutes and there is still time for lunch.”

Krishna:”yeah but i have to prepare your lunch, you won’t eat otherwise.”
Saiyyam looked at her.

Saiyyam:”why do you care for me this much?”
Krishna:”i just care for you. There is no reason to care for someone.”
Saiyyam smiled a bit at her.

Krishna was once again tensed. Saiyyam noticed it.
Saiyyam stood up and went near the bassin and opened the tap.
He threw a bit of water on Krishna. Krishna looked at him.

Saiyyam:”this will wash away all your tension…”
She also did the same and Saiyyam stared at her.
Krishna, scared:”Don’t look at me like this. You started it.”
She moved back as Saiyyam started to approach her.
Krishna, scared:”ok, i am sorry. I won’t do it again.”
But Saiyyam continued to move towards. They reached under the shower.
And as it was slippery there, Krishna slipped. Saiyyam caught her but her hand hit the knob of the shower, they got drenched.

They were having an eyelock. They were now completely drenched.
They both composed themselves and look away. They were getting out of there when this time Saiyyam slipped. Krishna tried to hold him but couldn’t and they both fell. Saiyyam on top of her.

They have another eyelock.
Saiyyam moved Krishna’s hair away from her face. Krishna shivered feeling his touch and also due to the cold water falling on them.

They both were lost in each other.
Saiyyam move closer to her lips. Their lips were an inch apart. Krishna closed her eyes as he moved closer. He was about to kiss her when someone knocked on the bathroom door.
Kriyam composed themselves and stood. Saiyyam hold her hand to make her stand up.
They both felt awkward and avoided each other’s gaze.

It was Suhani who was knocking at the door.
Krishna answered her:”ye… yes aunty.”
Suhani:”hurry up, then come outside for lunch.”
Krishna:”aunty, actually the door is stuck. It will open only from outside. Can you open it, plz”

Suhani:”ok, i will try…”
Suhani tried but she couldn’t at first. Saiyyam hide behind the door so that Suhani doesn’t see him.

Krishna, whispered:”why are you hiding?”
Saiyyam:”so that she doesn’t see us together here. What will she thinks? What were we doing together in the bathroom.”

Krishna thinks and then nodded yes.
Suhani, from outside:”Krishna, it’s not opening.”
Saiyyam signed Krishna what to say.
Krishna:”aunty, there is a key in the left side drawer. It will open with the key.”
Suhani found the key and opened the door.

Krishna hold the door half open.
Suhani seeing her in wet clothes:”when happened?”
She was about to get in but Krishna stopped her.
Krishna:”actually the knob was opened when i was trying to open…”
Suhani:”ok, ok. Change otherwise you will catch cold.”
Krishna nodded yes.

Suhani turned to go but turned back to Krishna.
Suhani:”where is Saiyyam?”
Krishna looked at Saiyyam and gulped.

Krishna:”Saiyyam… he went out. He must be coming.”
Suhani:”ok, don’t close the door otherwise it will get stuck again.”
Krishna nodded yes and Suhani left. Krishna signed relief.

Krishna looked at Saiyyam:”aunty went.”
Saiyyam:”you change, i will go outside. Don’t close the door. I am here itself. No one will come in.”

Krishna nodded yes and Saiyyam went out. He closed the door of their room. Krishna closed the door only half way. She started to change. Saiyyam changed in the room itself.

In the wasroom:
Krishna to herself:”ohh no. My clothes are outside. What will i wear now?”
She grew tensed.
Krishna:”Saiyyam must have go now…. but he said he will wait outside.”
She peeked out to see and Saiyyam was still there, sitting on the couch with his back towards her.

Krishna, called him out:”Saiyyam…”
But he didn’t turn. And then Krishna noticed that he had earphones on.

Krishna:”now what will i do?”
She noticed Saiyyam’s shirt there.

Krishna, thinks:”should i wear it?”
And then she wore it. She felt uncomfortable in it. It reached only half her thigh. She peeked out once again and Saiyyam was still in the same position.

Krishna:”he won’t see me. I can go quickly and take the clothes and come back.”

She came out quickly and went to the wardrobe, but she hit a vase and it fell down. Saiyyam removed his earphones just then and heard the noise. He turned around.
He was surprised to see Krishna. She felt Saiyyam’s gaze on her.

She felt very uncomfortable and avoided to look at him.

Saiyyam:”why are you…”
Krishna in one go:”myclothesareinthewardrobe.”

Saiyyam looked at her. He noticed she was uncomfortable and turned away.
Krishna went to the wardrobe when Saiyyam heard noise outside.

Bhavna and Suhani were coming there.
Saiyyam went to Krishna and turned her around so that she faced him.
Krishna:”what are you…”
Saiyyam opened the door of the wardrobe so it covered Krishna.

Suhani and Bhavna came in. They didn’t see Krishna. It was as if Saiyyam was searching something in the wardrobe.

Suhani:”when did you come?”
Saiyyam:”just now.”
Suhani:”i didn’t see you coming, i was in the hall all time.”
Saiyyam:”you were there when i came. Maybe you didn’t notice.”

Suhani:”maybe… where is Krishna?”
Saiyyam looked at Krishna was scared.
Saiyyam:”i don’t know, i just came.”

Suhani looked at the bathroom door.
Suhani:”she is not in the bathroom.”
Saiyyam:”maybe she went out.”

Krishna moved as she was getting hurt with the handle of the drawer inside the wardrobe.
Saiyyam noticed it but couldn’t do anything as if he moved, they would see her. Saiyyam put his hand on her mouth so that she doesn’t make any noise. But intentionally, Krishna pinched him. And Saiyyam shout a bit.
He removed her hand.

Bhavna:”what happened?”
Saiyyam:”nothing, a small ant bite me.”

Krishna looked at him angrily. Saiyyam smiled a bit.

Suhani:”maybe she went out. Saiyyam you also come for lunch.”
Saiyyam nodded yes and they left.

Krishna pushed Saiyyam a bit.
Krishna:”you called me an ant. How dare you?”
Saiyyam:”it’s true…”
Krishna continued to push him a bit and Saiyyam stopped her and pulled her to him.

They were very close. Krishna was stunned by his sudden move.

Saiyyam:”i can give you any name that i want. You are my wife, i can call you by any name. No one has the right to stop me. Not even you.”

He blew on her face, while Krishna closed her eyes.

Yuvan and Baby saw that at the doorstep as Suhani and Bhavna didn’t close it.

They were both shocked seeing Kriyam so close and Yuvan was shocked seeing Krishna in Saiyyam’s shirt.
Yuvan clenched his fist angrily.
They both went from there.

Saiyyam left Krishna.
Saiyyam:”you should change before someone else come.”
Krishna realized that she was still in his shirt and quickly went to the washroom.

Yuvan and Baby’s room.
Baby:”you want Krishna but seems that she has already chosen Saiyyam.”
Yuvan, angrily:”no. She can’t love Saiyyam. She only loves me. I know Saiyyam is forcing her to do it.”

Baby:”you are right. Saiyyam must have been forcing her. Krishna doesn’t even like to wear a dress.”

Yuvan left the room angrily.
Baby, smirked:”Yuvan… i am going to help you in separating Kriyam but at the same time, i will do my job. Very soon, this whole Birla house will be mine, only mine.”
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