How Krishna and Saiyyam became Kriyam part 13

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After sometimes:
In the hall:
Rags:”Dadi, why don’t we hold a reception for Yuvan and Baby? We couldn’t invite many people for the wedding…”
Dadi:”you are right…”
Dadi called everyone and informed them about the reception.

Sharad:”Guru, why not for Saiyyam and Krishna too? They also got married.”
Kriyam looked at each other.

Suhani:”why not?”
Dadi, Rags and Baby fumed hearing this.

Dadi:”why should they also have? We can do theirs another day.”
Yuvraj:”why, Dadi? They got married the same day.”
Dadi:”but Yuvraj….”
Yuvraj:”ok, both receptions will be together or i won’t come.”

Dadi:”ok. Do both together.”
Baby was unhappy about this.

All started to prepare for the reception at night.

Kriyam’s room:
Saiyyam:”what is the need of all this? We already got married right? Then why all this?”
Krishna:”Dadi wants to do this. And you can invite your employees too.”

Krishna:”why? You don’t want them to know you are married.”
She said questioning.
Saiyyam looked at her.

Saiyyam:”nothing like that. They already know it. Just i don’t want them to see….”
Krishna:”you don’t want them to see how uncomfortable you are with your family.”

Saiyyam:”it’s not my…..”
Krishna:”it is… You should invite them.”
Saiyyam:”not in Chandrakala Birla’s party. If you want i will give them party afterwards.”

Krishna:”ok as you wish….”

Suhani and Bhavna came there.
Saiyyam left from there. Suhani noticed this.

Krishna:”Aunty, plz give him some time, he is not yet comfortable with you. And you know Saiyyam is difficult. Just give him sometimes.”
Suhani nodded yes.

Bhavna handed some jewelries to Krishna for the reception.
Yuvani also came there.

Yuvani:”maa, don’t worry. I will make Krishna ready.”
Suhani and Bhavna left.

Yuvani:”come, i will decide your clothes and make up.”
Krishna followed her.

In the hall:
All the boys and men were decorating the hall.
Yuvraj saw Saiyyam coming.

Yuvraj called him:”Saiyyam….”
Saiyyam came to him.

Yuvraj:”can you help me to put this?”
Saiyyam nodded yes and took it from him.

He climbed on the ladder.
Yuvraj:”be careful.”
Saiyyam looked at him.

Yuvraj:”what happened?”
Saiyyam nodded no ans continued his work.

Yuvan came in the hall and sat down on the couch on his phone. Yuvraj saw him.

Yuvraj:”ohh, Prince Yuvan… can you help us with this?”
Yuvan:”Papa, tell the servant to do it.”
Yuvraj:”come here… i called Saiyyam once and he came. Look at you.”

Yuvan looked at Saiyyam angrily but did the work.

Yuvani brought Krishna to her room and all the ladies along with Baby were getting ready there.

Baby looked at Krishna and thinks how she called her a witch.
Baby:”Krishna, now you will see what i will do to you.”
And smirked.

All were almost ready.
Baby wore a long sleeveless red gown, whereas Krishna wore a red lengha with silver borders. She put small amount of make up. She had only bangles and earrings given by Suhani and Bhavna.

Dadi came there:”Baby… you are looking so nice. Here you go…”
She handed her a jewelry set.
Baby:”thank you, Dadi.”
It was a diamond necklace (again)

Baby wore it and looked at Krishna with pride.

Everyone went downstairs.

Krishna, to Yuvani:”Yuvani, the necklace is in my room, i will wear it and come.”
Yuvani nodded yes and went to the hall while Krishna went to her room.

It was dark so she thought Saiyyam went down. Even she didn’t turn the lights.
She went to the mirror and took the necklace. She wore it and turned around to Saiyyam there. He was wearing a black suit with white shirt and looked very handsome.

Krishna got scared.
Krishna:”you scared me….”
Saiyyam:”you should have turn on the lights.”
Krishna:”i thought you were in the party.”

Saiyyam:”i am not interested in all this.”
Krishna:”i know… even i don’t want to but for the family…..”

Saiyyam:”ok, let’s finish all this for once.”

They both came in the hall.

Baby was getting all the attention. And the other family members were busy attending the guests.

Rags took the mike:”so, thank you everyone for coming and now let’s have some couple dances on the stage. So welcome Baby and Yuvan.”

Yuvan and Baby danced wajah tum ho song.

The other couples: YuvAni, Sharad/Bhavna.

And Yuvani pulled Kriyam also to dance.

Kriyam were both feeling shy, but finally danced a bit.
While dancing, Baby was looking at Krishna.
She was looking at her blouse whose hook was broken and it was opening slowly.

She smirked remembering how she broke the hook when Krishna was in the washroom.

While dancing, Krishna felt her blouse opening and grew tensed.

Saiyyam noticed her.
Saiyyam signed her what happened.
Krishna didn’t know how to tell him but as Saiyyam turned her around, during the dance, he noticed her blouse.

Saiyyam:”Krishna… don’t panic. Just let the dance finish, then you correct it.”
Krishna, tensely:”it will open more….”
Saiyyam turned her so that she faced him and covered her back with his hands.

Saiyyam looked around and pulled her to a corner still covering her back.

In the corner:
Saiyyam turned her and tried to close it. He saw the hook broken.
Saiyyam:”hmmm it’s broken.”
Krishna:”what? Now….”
Saiyyam:”you should change.”
He took out his coat and put it around her. Krishna looked at him.

Saiyyam:”lets go to the room, you will change.”
Krishna just nodded yes and followed him.

In their room:
Krishna changed her dress completely and wore only a white suit(salwar kameez) with silver borders. When she came out of the washroom, Saiyyam looked at her with a little smile.
Krishna:”thank you for…”
Saiyyam:”it’s ok, Krishna. I will always protect you.”
Krishna smiled at him.

They came to the hall again where everyone were having dinner.

Krishna went to the kitchen and took a plate.
Saiyyam came there.

He looked at the dishes.
As soon as Krishna saw him, she handed him the plate.
Saiyyam:”it’s empty.”
Krishna:”serve yourself. There is so much variety today. You can take it.”

Saiyyam:”and who made it?”
Krishna:”you just eat…”
Saiyyam:”Krishna, you know….”
Krishna:”that you will eat only what i prepare… i know. But i didn’t make these.”

Saiyyam just put the plate away and turned to leave.
Krishna:”i made only this…”
She showed Saiyyam the bowl of Kheer.
Saiyyam smiled broadly seeing Kheer and he took the entire bowl and started to eat.

Krishna smiled at the way he was eating it.
Saiyyam noticed her and forward the spoon to her and feed her also.

Yuvan saw all this at the doorstep of the kitchen. He was angry and left from there angrily.
Hope you like this one too. And thank you all for ur comments and lovely words. It really means a lot to me. So a big thank you

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