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Hello guys ….I thought a new story on KRI¥AM
Its the intro

A woman is telling her story to two little girls…

Woman:- so …now I will tell u a new story

Girl:- Mumma …its also a fairy tale…?

Woman:- its about a girl n her husband….


Krishna:- a very introvert girl….a girl who care for everyone….ever that people too who always hate her…or never treat her well….she lacks confidence…..

The story is about her ….n a person who came in her life n make her strong ….

Girl ask:- Mumma why she cares for the person who doesn’t like her…if I was on her place …I would never cared about them….

A man laughs:- hmm…..u r just like me….

Woman:-may I proceed??

To be continued …

So guys hope u like it…I will only continue if u like it…else I will only continues MRS SAIYYAM BIRLA …..

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  1. This is good. But could u also continue mrs saiyyam birla. Beacuse i really like that one thanks.

    1. Mystery

      I will continue botj

    2. Mystery

      I will continue both…don’t worry…

  2. Plz post Mrs sayyam Birla ff today…and continue this one two?it also looks so romantic?yew are though a great writer?

    1. Mystery

      Thanks…I will post both

  3. Mrs saiyam Birla is best but it also seems good so plz continue both one

    1. Mystery

      Thanks I will continue both

  4. Greena

    Plz continue…

  5. Pls continue

  6. Rockstr

    I love both…if u continue one will i discontinue the other??

    1. Mystery

      No no…I will continue both

  7. Aarti32

    Plzz try n continue both..?? n I think these ppl r our very own Kriyyam..

  8. Pls continue both this is nic but i like mrs sayyam birla also pls upload next episode

    1. Mystery

      I Wii continue both

  9. Honeypriya

    Hey yaar mystery another kriyam ff
    Go on
    Love them n love u

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