Krishna Chali London 7th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Radhe jumps down the terrace

Krishna Chali London 7th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna leaving in the car. Radhe looks on and prays. He jumps over the car to stop her. Krishna gets shocked and gets down the car. She asks him are you fine. Shuklain comes there and shouts to everyone. She cries for Radhe. Shukla asks what happened to him. Shuklain asks Krishna to leave. Krishna says please control, don’t say any nonsense, I will do what I believe, this guy is not Radhe, I m a doctor, its my duty to treat him, shall I leave him this way, you know the chances of fracture. Shukla says I m telling you.

Krishna asks what, will you take responsibility, fine I will go. Shuklain says no, don’t go, treat him, he is in pain. Gajanan worries and reminds the last time Radhe did this. Krishna asks what shall I do now. Krishna says I will call ambulance. Shuklain asks her to treat him at home. Krishna says if anyone touches him, his bones can get dislocated. Shuklain says just save him. Doctor checks Radhe and goes. Krishna thanks him. She sees Radhe. Lali says Radhe did the same thing as before. Gajanan says he will remember everything. Shuklain says I got happy when he had food by my hands.

Gajanan says Krishna is getting DNA test done, once results come, Krishna and Shukla will agree. Shukla pays the doctor. Bela says Radhe and this guy have one thing common, they both ruined your money. Triloki says this guy will dupe us for money. Krishna talks to Bua and says I feel bad for Shuklain, I will come in the morning. Krishna sees Shuklain and says I will sit here and wait at night, you go and sleep.

Shuklain says its your room and your husband, its all the same, even then you aren’t getting anything in heart. Krishna says no, I don’t want to lie, you know everything, this family couldn’t become mine, you all didn’t accept me well, I had some good and bad memories, I could start my new life with good memories, please, its a matter of one night, I will go tomorrow. Shuklain says you think by mind, if you think he isn’t Radhe, you are getting his test done, maybe its right, think from our side, if result is positive, then what will happen, then you come to talk to me. She goes. Shukla looks on and calls someone. Krishna recalls Radhe. She goes and opens the cupboard. She smiles seeing Radhe and her pics. Radhe gets up and comes to her. She gets angry and scolds him. She pushes him away. He says your soap is really nice, it smells good. She gets shocked. He goes. She recalls Radhe’s words. Its morning, Shukla asks Bela to get tea fast. Bela gets tea.

Krishna comes. Shukla asks how are you. She says good morning to you too, tell me, what can I do. He says thanks for everything, I have first right on that guy, when the DNA test reports come, call me there. Krishna says of course, I will call you first. Lali gets tiffin for Krishna. She says I will pray that everything happens in your favor, we are seeing this happiness after 6 years, I wish everything gets fine. Krishna sees Radhe.

Krishna gets the reports. Shuklain prays. Krishna gets shocked and says he is Radhe. Shukla smiles. Veer is in jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    For everything to be so accurate, I am sure someone close to Radhe is playing with everyone’s mind, including Krishna ? my guess is Shukla himself ?

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