Krishna Chali London 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela joins Krishna and Veer

Krishna Chali London 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan and Veer arguing. Veer warns him about Krishna. Mohan says remember your mum is in my captivity. Veer says you remember I have already served five years in jail for your murder, if I kill you again, police can’t do anything, you won’t be alive to see how I save my mum. Krishna asks them to stop fighting and not do anything wrong. She says Mohan you will get money, I want video of Sunaina every hour to know she is fine.

Mohan says fine, Veer won’t get Sunaina until I go out of this city. She says done. He goes. Veer asks you trust him? She says no, we have no option than to buy time, reach mum soon, I will postpone the transfer. He says nice, we are doing this for great Sunaina, she sold us every time without thinking, what if I don’t do this. She says we can get Mohan arrested today, but you will never meet your mum, she is your mum, I lost my mum long time ago, I wasn’t ready to fight cancer, you have a choice, think what is better. He says I really wish that my mum understood you, you think of everyone. She says everything will be fine, find mum, I will go home and then hospital. He hugs her. Hawayein….plays… They recall their marriage. He says I really love you. She says I love you too. She goes. Mohan comes home. Triloki says you were out the whole night, you must be tired, we shall relax. He gets wine for Mohan. He asks did you think what you will do of money, we have many plans. Bela smiles.

Mohan calls Shuklain. Triloki asks will you get us beaten. Mohan asks Shuklain to see them. Triloki says its a cold drink. Mohan says dad is unwell, they want to feed me wine and chicken, as Bade Papa left 3 crores on my name, they want to buy me. Shuklain scolds Triloki. Krishna looks on. Shuklain cries a lot. Mohan acts good. He says I will give the money away in charity so that dad gets blessings and get fine soon, am I right? Shuklain says you are my dear son. Bela worries. Shuklain says you both are shameless. She goes. Mohan says I shall go now. He sees Krishna at the door and says if I withdraw all the money, people would ask, the problem is solved now, I will get entire money now. Bela sees them.

Its morning, Veer says I couldn’t find mum, I couldn’t find any clue from the video, they sent it in a pendrive, not phone. Krishna says lawyer would come in some time and money transfer will not take much time, he can harm Sunaina, we have to do something. Bela comes to them. Krishna asks how come you are here. Bela says Shuklain asked me not to come here, they think I m a fool, even owl is a wise bird, I m the smartest one after Krishna in that house. She recalls catching Radhe smoking and asking the family about his change. Shuklain slaps her. Mohan/Radhe insults Triloki and Bela. FB ends.

Bela says I knew he isn’t Radhe, who will listen to me, that thief imposter will run away with 3 crores, we will not sit back, think if its greed, hatred and love for family, I m ready to do anything to expose that imposter, tell me what to do. Krishna says we won’t know, Sunaina is kidnapped by Mohan. Bela gets shocked. She says we will get rid of Mohan, tell me what to do. Sunaina recalls hiring Mohan and feels sorry to Veer. Bilal says Sunaina isn’t eating food, she is alive. Mohan says send the next video. Bela says Sunaina deserves this, as you sow, so shall you reap, its her own fault. Krishna says you are right, but she is a mum, she just wanted her son to get released from the jail, her way was wrong, but we can’t let her suffer. Bela says I will take some rest.

Sunaina is taken by goons. She shouts to Veer. Veer sees her and stops the car. Bilal points gun at him. Sunaina throws sand in his eyes. Veer fights Bilal. Bullet gets shot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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