Krishna Chali London 6th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sunaina threatens Krishna

Krishna Chali London 6th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina saying you are doing wrong with my son. Bua says you here…. Krishna says I was wondering, why didn’t you come yet. Sunaina says there isn’t much difference between Shukla family and you, you didn’t think of Veer after your husband came back, Veer is in jail since 5 years. Krishna says I have told you that this man isn’t Radhe, I don’t want to say about Veer, regarding the result of Radhe’s DNA test, I will know it soon. Sunaina asks her to free Veer in time, else she won’t spare her. Krishna says Radhe isn’t related to me, I can’t help Veer, you have come at a wrong place. She goes. Sunaina says lets see whom she will support. Shuklain cries and says he isn’t talking to me. She sees Radhe and asks him to listen to her, she is his mum.

Gajanan says he is scared, he has gone through a lot, he has recognized Krishna. Shukla says you went to London alone, I would have gone there and know the truth. Shuklain says don’t fight, the happiness will go away, I want that my son asks me to cook bhendi for him. Gajanan says we may remind him the old thing, maybe he remembers it. Shukla and Shuklain see Radhe. Krishna thinks of Veer. Lali calls her. Krishna asks what happened now.

Shuklain asks Radhe to have halwa. He refuses and says I feel scared here. Krishna hears him on call. Lali says I know what you are thinking, just come here once, Radhe isn’t ready to eat anything, he is only asking for you, Shuklain is crying. Krishna says I won’t agree, I won’t come there. Shuklain begs her to come. Shukla says why are you pleading, Radhe will eat if he is hungry. Shuklain says just come home once. Krishna agrees. \

Bua looks on. Veer says it can’t be Radhe. Sunaina says Shukla family is happy that Radhe has come back, Krishna didn’t tell anything, you just think about your and Krishna’s relation, she didn’t think about you. He says I m not surprised, stop hoping for my release, forget all this, DNA test results will prove he is Radhe or not, go back home, I m already stressed about Krishna, she may get into a problem. She says you still think of her, five years passed, she has moved on, she doesn’t love you, think about yourself, move on. He says Krishna is angry on me, its justified, you joined hands with Shukla, what happened, it back fired, I didn’t stop loving Krishna. Krishna comes to Shukla house and recalls Radhe’s death. Radhe gets glad seeing her and runs to her. He asks her to come inside and holds her hand. He says I don’t want to stay here.

She asks him not to trouble anyone and eat. Shuklain asks Shukla not to scare him. Shukla says if he isn’t Radhe, I will see everyone. Shuklain feeds Radhe. Albela clicks pic. Radhe says there was a globe here, right, where did it go. They all look on. Gajanan says he is recalling things. Shuklain says I hope things gets normal soon. Radhe goes to sleep. Krishna gets leaving. She says I m leaving, take care and give him medicines on time. Shuklain says you aren’t believing that my son has come back, he is just like Radhe, just ask your heart. Krishna says we can’t change each other’s thinking, medical proof will bring out the truth. Radhe come sand asks Krishna not to go. She says go and sleep, enough now. He says you are my wife, how can you go. She says leave my hand and raises hand… Shuklain shouts Krishna. Krishna goes.

Radhe jumps over Krishna’s car to stop her. She gets shocked. Gajanan says he jumped like this even last time to stop you.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I doubt that this radhe is planned by sunaina, and I like the way Veer hurt Sunaina becoz she deserve this (though what ever she did, she did for her son) but the way was wrong….
    Krishna love Veer, she is just angry on him…

  2. This could make happen to be Raadhey. As Veer’s collegues were jelous and they could make a plan ,the car was hired by his friend . The only way to unite Krishna and Veer is to show him innocen

  3. Shukla family is stupid how can a man come back from the dead ??I feel the person behind this fake Radhe could be Shukla’s older brother

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