Krishna Chali London 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer learns Sunaina’s truth

Krishna Chali London 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna and Veer talking about fake Radhe. Sunaina sees the pendrive. She goes to nurse. She says Shukla’s family is calling Veer. Nurse goes to call Veer. She says Shukla’s family is calling you. Veer says I will talk to you later Krishna. He goes. Sunaina goes to get the pendrive. Gajanan says we didn’t call you. Veer asks nurse who asked you to give me this message. She says a lady told me. Sunaina gets the pendrive and goes. Veer comes there and worries seeing the pendrive missing. Sunaina calls Mohan and asks him to run away soon.

Mohan says I won’t go. She gets angry. She turns and gets shocked seeing Veer. He recalls her words and cries. He asks mum, are you really my mum, how could you do this. He reminds her the past incidents and asks how could you cheat me. She says I just wanted you to come out of jail, which mum can see her son in jail. He says I m not your son, you aren’t my mum. She says I didn’t wish this to happen, I wanted to get you out of jail. He asks really, to what extent can you go, you were ready to get Krishna married to an imposter, anything could have happened, you did this to save me. She says your life got ruined because of Krishna. He says you won’t understand this, I really wish… no I don’t wish, I pray that I don’t see your face again, Mohan will go jail and for you, you go to jail or not, I can’t promise you, yes, now give me the pendrive. He takes it and goes. She cries. Krishna is at the ghat. Veer comes to her and cries in her lap. She asks what happened, tell me. He says I got to know who is that lady, who did all this, Sunaina. She gets shocked and cries.

He says really sorry Krishna, don’t know why this happens, you said Mohan can go anywhere for his greed. She asks are you sure, your mum can get arrested. He says I m sure. Mohan looks on and thinks she is still with her lover. He calls Bilal and asks did you do your work, great. Krishna gets a video. She shows it to Veer. He says maybe its Mohan’s new game. They see the video of Sunaina’s kidnapping. They get shocked. Mohan comes there at the police station and stops them. Veer beats him. Mohan says I won’t leave you today. They fight. Police constables stop the fight. Mohan says Veer always attacks me. Krishna gets Mohan aside and says you have Sunaina and we have proof, you want money right, say sorry if you want to leave from here.

Mohan apologizes and goes. Sunaina scolds Bilal when he asks her to have food. She says I m not weak, don’t forget that I got you here. He says you think Veer will come to save you. She struggles. He says lets see if Veer risks his life for you. He goes to have food. Veer says my mum got you out of jail, you backstabbed her, you are very mean. Mohan jokes on Sunaina’s bad deeds. He says I m a criminal, I left my younger sister to cry, who is your mother then, I fell for Krishna, I was waiting for marriage, but I regret marriage won’t happen now. Veer gets angry.

Krishna says lawyer would be reaching home in some time, money will get transferred to Mohan. Veer worries. Bela hears them and comes to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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