Krishna Chali London 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dubey commits suicide

Krishna Chali London 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe taking Shukla’s challenge. He says I will arrange money on own and leaves. Radhe goes to get loan. The man refuses to give money. He says your dad called and asked me not to give you money. Radhe begs him for money and agrees to work for him. The man says you aren’t educated enough to work here. Saajan scolds the man for insulting Radhe. Krishna comes to police station. She says I have no other way. She meets Dubey. She asks him to sign on house papers. Bua says we have to mortgage papers and get money for bail. Dubey cries. Krishna says house isn’t of any use if you have to stay in jail, don’t think, house will be home if family stays there, please sign. He cries and signs.

Guddan gives her jewelry to Saajan. He asks just this much. She says yes, you didn’t buy anything for me. He says your family would have given you something. She reminds that they eloped and married. He says fine, sit. Radhe comes and asks what’s this, did you go mad, you were going to sell jewelry, keep it down, we will think something else. Saajan says no one can pay you, they know you can’t return it, Shukla will not let anyone help you. Guddan asks him to take bank loan. Saajan says bank loan needs property mortgage. Shukla scolds Gajanan for pitying Krishna.

Triloki asks Gajanan not to get in between this matter, Radhe is already opposing Shukla, let Krishna suffer. The bank manager says loan process will take one week time. Krishna and Bua try to talk out. Radhe and Saajan come and scold the manager. Saajan says I identified you, meet me outside. The manager asks them to throw them out. Krishna asks what’s this way to talk to client asking help. Manager says we can’t give money without guarantee. Krishna scolds him.

Manager says I understand, sorry for this, how shall I give loan without qualification and job. Radhe says I want to help you, but I don’t know what to do, you tell me, I m ready to do anything, I will become watchman, deduct money from salary. Constable calls Krishna and says Dubey has cut his wrist. She gets dizzy. Constable says come to hospital fast. Radhe asks what happened. Bua gets Sonal’s call. Dubey is rushed to hospital. Radhe asks Krishna not to worry, everything will be fine. Saajan consoles Bua. Doctor says its tough to say anything as of now. Krishna and Bua cry. Shuklain thinks of Shukla’s words. He says this slipper will hit Krishna and her dad, things aren’t fine, it will get fine now, Dubey will go jail, he will die there, like Krishna got Gajanan arrested, if Dubey dies, then I will see how Krishna gets support. Radhe consoles Krishna and says I m there for you, I promise I will get Dubey out of this problem. She cries and hugs him.

Dubey says I made a big mistake, I m sorry Krishna, you refused and I got you married in Shukla family, they aren’t suitable for you, I have put you in hell. Radhe looks on. Krishna sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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