Krishna Chali London 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadda sends Shukla away

Krishna Chali London 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Matuk advising Radhe, when Radhe shares his problem. Matuk asks him not to stop Krishna from going to London, since she couldn’t go because of him and his family. He asks him to just leave it on Lord. Dadda packs Shukla’s bags. She asks him to spend some money on Lali’s treatment, then Krishna will be isolated, everyone will calm down and come under you again, throwing Krishna out is more imp, I have packed your bag. Shukla asks but where am I going. Dadda says Dubai. Shukla asks what will I do there, I have many things to do here. Dadda says I need 30 lakhs, I lost money in gambling. Shukla says you could have told me, I would have sent money.

Dadda says I know you can do anything for me, just go and clear my debts, laws are strict there. Shukla says you go there, I won’t go, I have many tasks to do here. Dadda says so that you enjoy here. Shukla says no, I have doubled the business by working hard, I didn’t enjoy. Dadda says two petrol pumps and four shops are mine, this house where you stay, its mine, I m roaming around since 20 years, you used to send me money every month, you are dealing with crores here, you are giving me a lecture here. He scolds Shukla. He asks her to go and live stylishly. He laughs. He smiles seeing Shuklain. Shukla asks Gajanan to take money for Lali’s treatment.

Dadda says don’t be upset with your wife when you are going, hug her. He goes away. Shuklain says you have planned to go abroad suddenly, without telling me, so far from here, when will you return, Karwachauth is around, without you…. He says its good, I m a brutal man, you joined your son’s team, you have entire family, I m not needed here, I m going, you will understand my value now. She says Dadda is here, I m feeling scared. Shukla says he is my Dadda, respect him, if you can’t respect him, remember, he will divide all the property and this house, no…. I m not just talking about house and business, he can snatch even more, you remember or shall I remind you, if you want to keep him with you, just do as I say, its a matter of few days. He leaves.

Shukla recalls Vrinda’s screams. She goes to see Dadda. He stops her and gives her a notebook and a pen. He says there are three bahus here, ask them and write down the days of their periods. Shuklain gets shocked. Dadda says I have returned after 20 years, but I haven’t changed, I still don’t like women going to the kitchen or to the temple during those days. She cries and goes. Bela says don’t know what else will Dadda snatch from us. Triloki asks her to have food. Shuklain feels tensed. She drinks water. Shuklain thinks no one will go through anything which I have tolerated. She asks Bela not to go to Dadda’s room.

Triloki says why won’t she go, is there any drama going on, this is too much. Gajanan asks what happened, Lali is sleeping, don’t create noise. Bela cries and does drama. She asks Triloki to take her to Gurudwara. Shuklain says Gajanan, I want to tell you something, its nothing, why do you seem so tired, you seem more worried, sit down. Gajanan says I m scared, whatever dad did, I m scared, if Krishna wasn’t here, don’t know what would have done, Krishna has done what we should have done, I m tired. He hugs her. Krishna asks Pandey to check tickets, she will confirm date tomorrow. She sees Shuklain. She asks what’s the matter.

Dadda says make preparations to go to London. Radhe says don’t go to London leaving me, I will try my best to reform. Someone takes Krishna’s passport.

Update Credit to: Amena

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