Krishna Chali London 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer buys the hospital

Krishna Chali London 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking Krishna to ask for anything she wants. Veer says you can ask for anything, you will get it. Krishna says give another chance to Shashank. They get shocked. Krishna says there had been many fights before, everyone should get another chance, Nayani and Shashank are meeting secretly. Sunaina asks Nayani is this true. Krishna says I have seen them together at the time of Veer and Shivani’s marriage. She says I can do this at least for Nayani. Veer says if you start blackmailing me, I can’t refuse, fine call Shashank tomorrow, I want to meet him. Nayani thanks Krishna. Sunaina says you did a right thing by marrying Krishna. Veer agrees.

Lali talks to Krishna on call and says Shukla had an argument with minister, I don’t know what to do now, I will hang up the call, I have to see Shuklain. Krishna worries. Veer asks what did she say. Krishna says the news is right, I wanted to go there once, I want to see it, what do you think. Veer says I think you should go.

Veer comes to the hospital auction. The bidding goes on. Shukla gets sad. Veer comes there and quotes the highest bid of 55 crores. Krishna smiles happily. Shukla gets shocked when Veer wins the bid. Veer smiles and comes to Krishna. He says I know what this hospital means to you, I didn’t wish to forget your past, Radhe is the most imp part of your life, and even this hospital is imp part of our life, I have met you again here. Shukla says you two did wrong with me, this wound is so deep that you will see now, you will suffer.

Shukla’s pic is taken off the hospital. Shukla leaves. Veer says you can become a really good doctor. Krishna hugs him. Krishna writes a letter. She writes about Veer’s big heart and the biggest gift, he respects her emotions. She further writes…. I m very happy Radhe. She writes her name as Krishna Veer Sahay. She leaves the letter in the air.

Shuklain asks what happened, tell me. Shukla angrily breaks the things. He says everything got ruined, I will not spare Krishna and Veer. Shuklain asks Gajanan to manage Shukla, he will fall sick. Shukla goes to room and shuts the door. Krishna asks Veer what’s the matter. Veer shows the items on the dining table. He says I have kept everything here, even then there are other things… Krishna says yes, keep everything here. Veer says if you both hit each other with such things, then you guys had it, I will allow you to leave together, only on this condition. Nayani happily hugs Shashank. Krishna jokes on Veer. Veer says just be mature, grow up, you are becoming parents. Shashank agrees. Veer asks Nayani to go and pack the bags.

Sunaina asks will you send them at night. Veer asks you think they will stay here at night. Krishna and Nayani thank him. Sunaina hugs them. Shukla thinks of Krishna’s words. Everyone knocks the door. Shukla talks to someone and goes to meet him. Veer blesses Shashank and Nayani. Sunaina asks them to be happy. She cries and sends Nayani with Shashank. Shukla meets a lawyer at night. Lawyer says whatever you said, it needs strong evidence, how will we do it. Shukla says you are the lawyer, you have to manage it, you have to know about taking the signs and evidences, look at the condition of your office, get it painted, you will die if the roof falls down. Lawyer agrees. Veer gets emotional. Krishna comes to him and hugs. She calls him the world’s best brother. She says Nayani is the world’s luckiest sister. He says I will miss her. She hugs him.

Lawyer says its the hospital transfer papers. Krishna gets Shukla’s call. The lawyer adds some other papers. She signs the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Nice episode….??
    2. I am liking Krishna and Veer bonding. Don’t know what will happen in future…
    3. This shukla should go to hell?????, I don’t get why he hate Veer so much????
    4. I hope Naiyani and Shashank don’t fight again

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I really hope Krishna looked at all the papers she signed so as not to make a mistake, next thing she signed something over to Shukla…

  3. Good that they have taken off Shukla’s photo from hospital wall. It will look nice if Veer & Krishna put Radhe’s smiling photo there and don’t change hospital’s name.

  4. I hope shukla didn’t do any thing wrong again

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