Krishna Chali London 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe criticizes Shukla

Krishna Chali London 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with minister asking Shukla to support his party with funds. Shukla says sure, don’t worry about it. Krishna says he did this. Shukla sees her. He asks driver to get sweets. He greets Bua and asks her to have sweets. Krishna cries. He feeds laddoo to Krishna and Bua. He says Dubey will be in jail for ten years. Krishna asks why did you do this. He says Krishna, your name means preaching, today I will teach you, whatever will happen will be good, change is the law of the universe, you got my son arrested, remember, you have been doing scandals till now, the game is in my control now. He scolds her. Radhe covers up Dubey and cries. He says don’t worry, I spoke to Gajanan about money, dad will help you. Krishna comes and says your dad won’t help me.

He asks what. She says your dad has got my dad arrested, I heard his Gita gyaan, this was your dad’s plan. Bua says you are pretending that you care for my brother, aren’t you aware of your dad’s plan. Dubey asks what. Bua says yes, he is venting anger on us, you ill treated Krishna, you troubled her, detained her, she never resisted, Shukla crossed all limits and poured kerosene to burn her alive. Dubey drops the tea and asks Krishna is this true. Krishna cries. Dubey cries and says I was unaware of all these things, Krishna never told me anything.

Bua says Krishna was helping Lali, Gajanan used to beat Lali, Krishna got Gajanan arrested, so Shukla is venting anger by defaming us, he wants to prove us wrong, we made a wrong decision by getting Krishna married to Radhe, what did we think. Radhe says I know Krishna has been ill treated, but it must be some misunderstanding, my dad isn’t like this. Krishna says I met him, he threatened me, he was happy and gave these sweets, have it. Radhe gets shocked.

Constable asks them to go. Radhe says I couldn’t fulfill old promise, I won’t let anything happen this time. He goes. Dubey cries for Krishna and says I couldn’t do anything for you, forgive me. Bua and Krishna come home. Sonal breaks her saving box and asks Krishna to use this money to get dad released. Krishna hugs her. Neighbors come to help. They keep money and jewelry. The man says Dubey is a nice person, he helped us all, do what it takes, get him released. Krishna cries. She says dad didn’t earn much money, but he earned much respect, these people have come to help him, as dad served them since years, this is my dad’s strength, which Shukla family can never understand. She thanks everyone and hugs Bua.

Radhe comes home and shouts Papa ji…. Shuklain asks what happened. Shukla comes. Radhe says don’t stop me now. Shukla says he wants to talk to me. Everyone comes to see. Shukla asks the matter. Bela gets glad to see drama. Radhe asks is it true that you have trapped Dubey in false case and got him arrested. Shukla asks who are you, Krishna’s lawyer or Dubey’s servant. Radhe says I m Krishna’s husband. Shukla says clap for him, I m your father. Radhe says I can’t believe you can do such a mean thing, did you get me married to Krishna for this. Shukla holds his face and says don’t take her name with respect, how dare you talk to me this way, I will bring you to senses. He slaps Radhe. He raises hand again to slap. Radhe holds his hand. Everyone gets shocked.

Radhe pushes away Shukla. Shuklain holds Shukla. Radhe says enough, beat me as much as you want, but only after making things right with Krishna’s family, you trapped Dubey right. Shukla says yes, I have got him undressed and thrashed up, do you want to know why, to teach a lesson to your wife, she got police at this door and made my son stay in jail all night, I have already warned you, talk to me in this manner when you gain something on your own, go and earn 10 lakhs, free Dubey, fulfill your duty, I challenge you, earn 10 lakhs, you will understand your worth in a day, go.

Krishna doesn’t get a loan. She gets a call. Constable says Dubey has committed suicide. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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