Krishna Chali London 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla shows his true face

Krishna Chali London 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying we shall take Lali to hospital before going home. Gajanan agrees. Someone is seen coming from darkness. Raavan idol is seen burning. At home, Shukla slaps Radhe and asks him to lower his gaze. Radhe doesn’t listen. Shukla says I will teach you a lesson. He beats up Radhe. Shuklain asks him to stop. Shukla says don’t stop me, I will kill him today, he insulted me in public. Shuklain asks why are you beating Radhe. Shukla says no one will talk in between, where is Radhe’s savior now, did everyone leave him alone. He beats Radhe more. Radhe stands still.

Krishna comes and stops Shukla. She holds the stick. Shukla says I was missing you, tell your dad that I won’t leave you today. He raises hand on Krishna. Radhe holds his hand. Everyone gets

shocked. He says hit me as much as you want, but not her. Shuklain asks them to let go. She asks Krishna to leave, did anyone call her here. Gajanan and Lali look on. Gajanan stops Shuklain. He says be thankful that Krishna comes in this house often, and we get saved, else dad would have committed a big sin today. Shuklain asks what’s wrong with you all, did you go mad, will you end the family today, will anyone tell me. Gajanan gives her medical file and says I got my wife’s checkup done, you know she isn’t well. Shuklain asks what happened to her. He says Lali is suffering from cancer. They get shocked. Shuklain slaps Gajanan and asks what are you saying, are you out of your mind, who told this to you, tell me, did Krishna tell this to you. She says Krishna I know you have a problem with Shukla, you both don’t like each other, then go from here, why are you igniting fire in my family, you were going to London, just go, stop hounding us. Gajanan says mummy ji, if Krishna left for London, dad would have killed Lali. Everyone gets shocked.

Gajanan says Shukla knew that Lali is suffering from cancer, Krishna had shown reports to me and Shukla, he had assured me that he will get Lali treated at a reputed hospital, he told you that he would drop Lali to her Maayke, he promised me too that he would get her treated, but he lied to us, do you know where he took her, he took my wife and daughter to a deserted hospital, they were tied and left to die, the truth is Shukla is a devil, I would have not known that my wife and daughter had died, how can a dad do this with his son.

Shukla says you want to know the truth, then listen, Gajanan is saying the truth, I have done this, because of Krishna, Lali would have not died in two days, Krishna would have gone to London and then I would have got Krishna treated, is there any treatment for cancer, I can’t spend unnecessarily, no one survives cancer. Krishna says Lali can recover if we start treatment early. Shukla asks will your dad give me money, Lali just gave a girl child in ten years, how will our lineage carry ahead, its better to get Gajanan remarried than spending money on Lali. Everyone gets shocked. Lali cries. She falls in shock. Krishna and Radhe hold her. Shukla says enough of this drama, Shuklain, call a doctor for her, its her fate if she survives, else I will get Gajanan remarried, go and make tea, come on. Shuklain stops her. She says Lali is our eldest bahu, she has been diagnosed with cancer, you have to get her treated.

Shukla says don’t lecture me, I m more knowledgeable than you, bahus are outsiders, sons are our family members, the lineage is carried ahead by sons, I can’t afford her treatment. Shukla says I m also an outsider, you married me and got me into this house, if I was suffering from cancer. He says you gave me three sons, I would have decided to get you treated, Lali just got one girl child. Gajanan shouts enough now, you are talking about my wife, I m warning you. Shukla says what will you do, will you hit your dad, you are warning me, everyone is trembling with this truth, this is final. Gajanan says Lali will be treated at any cost. Shukla says yes, why not, she is your wife, do it, shall I tell you something, don’t beg me, lets vote here and see, those who pity her go and stand with her, and the rest come and stand with me, decision will be made, even if you all sell yourself, you can’t gather 1 lakh rupees, remember this, go. Gajanan takes Lali and holds her hand. Radhe joins them. Krishna smiles.

Shukla gets dizzy and falls back. His brother holds him. Shukla gets surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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