Krishna Chali London 30th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe shocks Shukla

Krishna Chali London 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe and Gajanan coming to pandal with Krishna and Lali. Shukla asks Matuk to wind up the story and get Raavan dahan done. He asks Triloiki where are your brothers. Triloki says I spoke to Gajanan, he is coming, and Radhe said he is planning some big thing in Raavan dahan. Matuk asks minister to address everyone. Minister comes to speak few words. He praises Shukla for making such wonderful arrangements. He asks Shukla to start Raavan dahan so that good can win over evil. Shukla happily goes to do the Dahan. He gets shocked seeing Krishna. Minister asks what happened, is everything fine. Radhe greets Shukla and says you won’t be able to burn this raavan. Shuklain says its Radhe’s voice, where is he.

Radhe says someone who is noble could kill Raavan, you

can’t do this. Minister asks what’s gone wrong now, isn’t that your son’s voice, just see, the media is watching. Radhe says evil won’t fade away until goon shoots an arrow. Shukla says sorry, I will just see him, I will teach him a lesson tonight. Radhe says I don’t think you deserve a right to do Raavan dahan. Shukla pulls the speaker plugs and asks what is it. Radhe says you won’t be able to do this, I have seen your rrue colors. Shukla sends people away. Radhe says I know everything, you act as saint, the truth is you are like Raavan. Shukla asks did you take drugs. Shuklain slaps Radhe.

She asks how dare you talk to your dad like this, you are defaming him in front of everyone, did you go mad. Gajanan comes to Shuklain and says if that’s the case, you slap me as well, I want to speak a lot, I didn’t imagine dad is a devil. Krishna gets Lali. Shukla gets shocked. Bela says Krishna has come again. Shuklain asks what’s happening here, will anyone tell me, Krishna is still here, she was supposed to go to London, and when did Lali return. She asks Gajanan are they both out of their minds, what’s happening here. Shukla says you said what you had to, I have worked day and night, I m getting seared with minister now, he has much faith in me, don’t try to tarnish my reputation, we will solve this family matter inside the house, I will answer all the questions, but don’t stage any drama now, its time for Raavan daahan.

Krishna says you started drama of lies. Shukla warns her. He says minister is watching us, don’t embarrass me. He threatens them. Radhe stops Shukla. He says this time, Gajanan will be performing Raavan dahan. He says you don’t deserve to do this dad, one should be like Ram to do this, Ram is one who stands for family, one who protects his wife and keeps her respect, Ram symbolizes truth, not lies, for me, Gajanan is Ram for me, I have never read Ramayana, but I know this, Gajanan will do Raavan dahan today, not you, if you agree to it, fine, else you know what I can do.

Shukla announces and says my children and wife wish that my eldest son does Raavan dahan this year. Everyone claps. Radhe and Krishna smile. Shukla says nothing is imp to me than family. He calls Gajanan to burn Raavan. Gajanan burns the Raavan idol by shooting the arrow. Ram Ram…plays…. Everyone smiles. Shukla says I will answer you all.

Someone is seen coming. He sees burning Raavan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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