Krishna Chali London 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: IT raid at Shukla’s house

Krishna Chali London 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna apologizing to Saajan. He cries and says its fine, the way Radhe is angry, he is in pain, so I m worried for that, I m not able to do anything for him. She gets a call. She says you don’t worry, I will just come. Radhe walks on road and thinks of Krishna. He sees temple and stops. Pandit asks won’t you take prasad today. Radhe says Lord is busy, he forgot me, I asked for something and he snatched it. Pandit says what’s yours will always be yours, what’s lost isn’t yours. Radhe says right, what I wanted was never mine. He goes. Prashant talks to Krishna and smiles. He calls Shukla and says your work is done.

Krishna comes and says we have to make online payment, counter payment will take time. Shukla says who is educated enough to have online banking, go to counter and pay. Krishna says online payment is easy. She calls Prashant and says they have no online accounts. Prashant asks shall I pay it. She says I won’t take favor. He says I m your friend, I have no interest to help your inlaws, you can give me cheque in evening. She says sure. He says I will send you receipt pic after payment. She says okay.

Krishna gives tea to everyone. Shuklain says Bela went to Maayka, don’t know what happened to Radhe. Krishna gets Prashant’s message that he has mailed her the receipt. Krishna goes to check at the door. Shukla messages Prashant and says don’t send receipt, I have called tax officers. Prashant smiles and switches off the phone. The men ask is this Shukla nivaas. Krishna says yes, who are you. The man pushes her down. Shukla asks who are you. Shuklain asks how can you come this way. Shukla says I told you dialogues, you are tax officer. The man signs and says I m tax officer, I have come to raid. The men throw things. Shukla says Krishna has paid tax.

Krishna stops them and says I have done the payment online. The man asks her to show receipt, they will leave. Shuklain says Krishna show them the receipt. Krishna says I will show it. She checks for mail. Shukla stops the men. The man asks what happened, did you not get receipt. Krishna says maybe image didn’t come because of network, I will call and see. She calls Prashant. She says call isn’t connection. Shukla signs the man. The man pushes Lali. She gets hurt. Shuklain asks did you get hurt. Shukla says you raise hand on woman, talk to me. He asks the man to beat him. The man beats him. Radhe comes home and gets shocked. He holds Shukla and asks what’s happening. Gajanan and Triloki come and ask who are you, what’s happening. The men push them and take away electronics. Shukla says they are taking everything, we got ruined. Shuklain asks Radhe to see what happened. She gives water to Shukla.

Shukla says Krishna you paid tax, why don’t you have receipt. Radhe asks what happened, tell me. Krishna says they can’t do such illegal thing, we should report about them to police. They all scold her and ask her about receipt. Bela comes home and sees the mess. She says where did I come, its not Shukla house. Triloki stops her and says this is your house, I m your husband, Triloki, come in. Bela sees them and ask how did this get ruined. Radhe asks Triloki to call doctor. Krishna says I will call. Shuklain says stay away, you don’t do anything now, spare us. Bela says don’t tell me that Krishna is behind all this, really. She says Krishna, you are taking revenge as Shukla troubled your dad. Krishna scolds her for igniting fire. Shuklain says Bela is saying right, you did this to take revenge, don’t act innocent. She asks Krishna to go. Radhe stops Krishna from saying anything. She cries.

Radhe pours water on himself and says one relation died, I have done its Shraddh. Shukla looks on. Radhe asks Krishna to leave him and his house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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