Krishna Chali London 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Prashant expresses his wish to marry Krishna

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Krishna Chali London 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dubey and Bua coming to meet Shukla. The man at Shukla’s shop stops them. Dubey says my daughter’s alliance is fixed with Shukla’s son. Shukla asks his man to let them come in. He scolds the servant. Dubey and Bua find Shukla in angry mood. Dubey says I was actually saying… Shukla gets shouting on the servants. He asks Dubey to say. Dubey says Krishna…. Shukla asks Gajanan to get money. Shukla asks Dubey to take the money and do the marriage in a good way. Dubey says I will manage the money, don’t insult me this way. Shukla says its about my status, not yours, the marriage should become a big news. Bua says this money will be used in your son’s marriage, we shall leave. Shukla says my son Gajanan will deliver the money to you, go and do the arrangements.

Prashant says I m not doubting on Radhe, shall we tell the matter to Dubey. Krishna says I don’t know. Prashant says if Radhe doesn’t talk to his parents then, the time has passed, he didn’t make a call. Dubey and Bua leave and talk on the way. Dubey says I couldn’t tell Shukla. She says we don’t have to digest Shukla’s money. They come home and see Prashant. Bua says we went for Krishna’s marriage talk. Prashant says I need to talk to Dubey, Krishna wants to study ahead and become a doctor, you can’t force her to marry, she isn’t ready to become someone’s wife. Dubey says we aren’t forcing Krishna, I went to Shukla to talk about her further studies. Bua says we care for her betterment, she will get old and then who will marry her.

Prashant says I will find a guy for her, I m here for her, I didn’t leave her alone, she topped always, prepare her for MBBS, I m also preparing for IAS, she will become a doctor and I will become an IAS office, and then we will….Dubey asks what do you mean. Prashant says we just need your blessings. Bua says oh my God…. why didn’t I die before hearing this, I told you this guy is wicked, idiot, do you want to marry Krishna, you are from a lower caste. Prashant says people have reached the moons, you are still stuck in caste. Krishna says dad… Dubey shouts shut up.. He says enough of your advice, you showed me your true colors, people told me a lot, I told them that Krishna topped because of you. Prashant says I love Krishna, you are misunderstanding me. Bua gets angry and shouts Pyaare, Dulaare… The guys hear her shouting and come. Dubey scolds Prashant and Krishna for breaking his trust. Pyaare and Dulaare ask their mum what happened. Bua says Prashant is seeing Krishna in a wicked way. They beat Prashant and throw him out.

Krishna asks Dubey to stop them. Dubey scolds her. He says your marriage will happen within three days now. Bua says Krishna wasn’t studying, she was in love with Prashant. Krishna gets locked inside the room. She shouts to Dubey and cries. Bua says let her stay inside, she will get senses. Krishna hits the door. Dubey frees her. She runs away of the house and shouts to Prashant. She comes back and asks why did you open the door. He says I couldn’t lock you in, you have disappointed me a lot. She says I didn’t play any game, I want to become a doctor, Prashant has guided me, you know Prashant, where is he. He says fulfill dreams after your marriage, once you get married, I won’t interfere in your life, my responsibility is over, if you do anything wrong, I can’t tolerate. He goes.

She gets Prashant’s call and says I will come to meet you, are you fine. He says I m fine, I will come to your house at night and meet you. She says its all Radhe’s fault. Saajan gets Radhe to some brothel. Radhe asks why did you get me here. Saajan says you feel chemistry with Krishna, you will be studying biology here. He asks Radhe to practice and win the match. The lady flirts with Radhe. Radhe asks the lady to leave him, he didn’t do anything. Saajan sends Radhe with the lady. He says please spare me. She calls Saajan and asks whom did you send to me. Radhe says I didn’t know what Saajan wanted to do, I want to be loyal to my would be wife Krishna, sorry. He runs away. Saajan asks him where is he going…

Prashant says we have to elope, are you ready, tell me. Krishna says I m ready. He says I will meet you at the railway station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is stupid.
    The main leads overexxagerate
    They are also ugly.

  2. star plus must regret for ending our nk

  3. The show is great..Far better than those filthy craps namkaran and ishqbaaz..The leads are doing great and Megha Chakroborty as Krishna is so beautiful..not at all ugly like that fatty Aditi whatever of nk..Love the show..

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