Krishna Chali London 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer insults Shukla

Krishna Chali London 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer saying how did London matter become an issue in Kanpur. He shows the pic and says something is wrong. He gets Ajit’s call and says I will be there. He goes with Ajit. He meets the same goon and confronts. He scares him with the virus. He threatens to ruin his family. He asks who has sent you here. The man says Shukla and his son paid us money and asked me to leave, the entire family is together. Veer asks about Krishna. The man says maybe they asked her to stop everyone on time. Veer says if you inform anyone about our meeting, then mark my words. He drinks the liquid and gives him the bottle. He asks the little boy to come to him and asks the name. The boy says Amar. Veer gives him the cold drink bottle and leaves.

He sees Shukla’s huge pic in hospital and says you and Krishna have troubled me a lot, you defamed me today in front of everyone, you have done much wrong, you will be getting some stains now. Shukla is about to read newspaper. He sees Veer with minister. Minister says this photo is of hospital inauguration coverage. Veer says investors aren’t happy. Shukla asks minister how did you make Sunaina do the inauguration, even then I gave respect to Veer. Minister says there is a party at Veer’s place tonight. Veer says I have invited all investors to assure them. Minister says you have to come there. Minister asks Shukla to understand and just agree. Veer gets angry and thinks how Shukla scared Sunaina. He says its my turn now, I will take a step towards you. Minister says this is imp. Veer thinks I will show what humiliation means. Krishna comes home. Veer sees her.

Veer gets ready for the party. Sunaina comes to him. He says I was a kid when he humiliated you, I couldn’t do anything, I wanted to throw him at your feet. She says that was in the past, get over it. He says right, it was a different time, but things are different now, no one can disrespect my mum now, I won’t let this happen. He hugs her. Shukla and his family gets ready to leave from the house. He says minister has invited us, we will go for some time and come back. Krishna goes out. Shuklain asks Bela to sit in the car, else Shukla will shout. Shukla stops the car and asks Krishna to get inside the car. Shuklain asks is it required. He says make some space for Krishna. Krishna gets in. They reach at the party venue. Shukla asks Bela to behave well. He says make sure everything is fine inside. The lady asks are you Mr. Shukla. He says yes. She says welcome and gives him a drink. He asks what and takes the glass. The girls hold him and take him in. Shuklain stares. Lali asks Krishna to come. Veer welcomes Shukla. He says we have to rekindle the confidence in investors, come.

Shukla says we will do this. Shukla family sees women wearing modern clothes. Krishna goes to Ajit and says tell me if you need anything. He asks her to enjoy the party. Shuklain says these people are strange and staring at us, Shukla did wrong to bring us here. Veer says we have minister and Shukla, even I do my work well, Shukla is master planner, his plan is amazing, he has immense vision. Shukla doesn’t understand when Veer converses in English. Veer gets praising Shukla and confuses him further. He asks Shukla to answer the investors’ questions. Shukla gets worried. The investors ask more things. Veer asks Shukla to answer them. Krishna looks on.

Veer says what do I say about Shukla, I think he never went to school, he is an illiterate man. Shukla tells Krishna that she must never come home. Krishna cries and says don’t say this.

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  2. wow eagerly waiting for to day episode may veer helps to Krishna

  3. eagerly waiting for to day episode may veer helps to the Krishna

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