Krishna Chali London 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe feels cheated

Krishna Chali London 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe falling down. Shukla asks him to get up. Krishna says be careful. Radhe asks her to be away. He says I m coming in your way, you dropped me to tuition classes and didn’t come to pick me, why, I know its a secret. He asks everyone not to interfere between husband and wife’s matter. He says Saajan, Krishna didn’t like me since the start, she wants me to be well educated and cultured, but I failed in ninth grade thrice, I m useless. Krishna asks what are you saying. He asks why did you lie to me, tell everyone. Shuklain says take him to room. Radhe is taken away. Shukla says I will lose my life because of Radhe some day, I have seen so much. Shuklain says calm down. Triloki takes Shukla to room. Shuklain says I told you not to force Radhe to resume studies, look at his state, if anything happens to him, I won’t forgive you. Krishna says does Radhe has so much tension about studies, did he get drunk for this, its some other matter, but what.

Radhe dreams of romancing Krishna. Ankhon me teri…..plays…. He wakes up and sees Krishna. He asks why did you get drunk, what’s the matter, don’t you want to study, did you get drunk as I didn’t come to pick you, I m talking to you. He says why did you lie. She asks when did I lie, what are you saying. He goes. She says its strange. Lali looks on and calls Saajan. Lali serves food to Radhe and Krishna. He asks where is everyone. Lali says everyone had breakfast, just you two are left. Radhe eats food. Saajan asks Shuklain to listen, the movie is a hit, please allow Krishna and Radhe to join Guddan and me. Shuklain says okay, I didn’t keep them captive, take them. Saajan thanks him. Krishna says no, I have to see shop accounts. Radhe says I m not free, I have to study and become an officer. Shukla comes and says you have become responsible, what’s the point in working so hard that you stop having fun, no need to study or work, go and have fun, take Krishna along and go for a movie. Saajan thinks what happened to Shukla, he has changed completely. Shukla messages Prashant.

Radhe and Krishna stay away. Guddan tries to talk. Krishna taunts Radhe and asks why did you come home drunk. He says stop it, else I will leave. She gets Prashant’s call. Prashant says I need your sign on petition letter. Krishna says I can’t come. Prashant says if we delay, the matter will take long, tell me where are you, I will come. She says I m at cinema hall, come here and call me. Krishna asks Saajan to go, she will come. Radhe goes. Prashant comes there and calls her out. She says sorry, you had to come. Guddan asks why didn’t Krishna come yet. Radhe says you go, I will go and see. He goes out and gets angry seeing Prashant with Krishna. She signs papers and goes. Prashant smiles. Radhe comes home. Krishna comes home and asks him why did he come back. He says I will do what I want, I don’t want to study now. She asks him to listen. Shukla says the end is still yet to come…..

Radhe throws stones in water. Saajan comes and asks why did you leave, the movie was so good, what happened, tell me. Radhe shouts don’t poke your nose in everything. Saajan insists and asks him to say. Radhe pushes him down. Saajan gets shocked. Krishna looks on shocked. Radhe says I won’t let my emotions out, I m angry, I don’t have to explain, let me breathe. He goes. Saajan cries.

Krishna gets Prashant’s message. Tax officials raid Shukla’s house and beat Shukla. Krishna gets shocked.

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  1. Krishna is wrong. Why would you sit in the car with your former and smile at him in a loving way. Why wouldn’t a husband suspect her character. She is a district topper and yet so naive? She shpuld not have lied to him.

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