Krishna Chali London 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna loses the scholarship

Krishna Chali London 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe picking Dadda’s phone. He says wow, you have travelled the world, look at me, I haven’t stepped out of Kanpur, I m searching for a job, I read the newspaper and found an ad, its easier for me, just come with me. He takes care of Dadda. He says I will do anything to earn money and send Krishna to London. Dadda says don’t worry about it. Radhe sees TT and says whom is she talking to secretly. She ends the call and stops him. He runs away. Bua and Krishna are with Dubey at the institute. The man praises Krishna’s talent and says you may get the scholarship, your marital status states separated. Krishna says I will be soon getting divorced. He says this will be tough to give you scholarship. She begs him to fulfill her dream. He says first manage your house,

then become a doctor. He goes. Dubey says once again, your dreams got broken because of your marriage, you would be going to that house again. He goes.

Krishna cries. She comes home crying. Radhe sees her and asks what happened. She says I m not able to fulfill a dream, something wrong always happens. Radhe says mum always says that night is the darkest when the dawn is close. She says bank also refused to give me loan, I didn’t even get scholarship, I want to be alone. He goes. Bela sells some junk and asks for 10000rs. The man asks what, 10000rs for this junk. She asks Radhe to explain the man. He asks who will give money for this junk. She says I will explain you, come. She takes Radhe with her. She says I had pity for Krishna, its terrible to see her here, she would have gone to London if she got money. He says I m not in a mood to joke. She says I can help you, you can get much money by taking dowry. He asks what, its a crime. She says we have such a dealer, if you agree to marry TT, you will get 30 lakhs. He gets shocked. She says I m ready to buy you in 30 lakhs, Krishna will go London and become a big doctor, think about it.

Krishna recalls the man’s words. Shuklain comes to her and sees her crying. She consoles Krishna. Radhe gets angry thinking of Bela’s words. Bela says why didn’t Radhe answer me after seeing the money, Dadda has given the money to me. Radhe asks Matuk to help him. Matuk says we will go by walk. Radhe and Matuk meet someone to talk about loan. The man says you won’t get even 3 lakhs if you sell yourself. Matuk asks Radhe to have faith in Lord, he will do some miracle in his life. Krishna says there has been no change, scholarship got cancelled, passport got burnt, the trust refused to give the money, what’s my mistake, tell me. Shuklan says Lord has his own plans, you should listen to your heart but Lord knows it best. Krishna says maybe you are right, the trust cancelled the scholarship seeing the marital status, is this right. Radhe looks on.

Radhe rings the temple bell. His hand bleeds. Wind blows. Radhe says I wanted to make her my life, I will fulfill her dream, I will sell myself for her sake, I promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. poor radhe

  2. What the hell is happening in this serial?
    Why is Krishna hell bent on going to London for medicine? Do they have any idea how much Medical students struggle to get a seat? She topped the district and that’s all? Her results came out like that? On a sheet which had roll numbers written? They don’t even know what exams are to be given for a seat in Medicine in the UK. Thank God they atleast know it requires biology and pcm.

    First during krishna’s wedding, her boyfriend/friend told that she had already got admitted in a medical college in London. So she even ran away from her wedding after seeing the letter or something. Now recently her results came and she thought she failed after Radhes golmaal. What do people think? Medical or any entrance seats are a cakewalk?

    She was going to London na, and lalis thing happened. At least after they found lali she could have gone to London. But no, she had to stay back in that house. I’m sorry to say but Krishna chose this life. What happened to her before was her family’s fault, but now, instead of trying to save her scattered pieces and using her opportunities to the fullest, she’s just falling into that house again and again.

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