Krishna Chali London 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe gets angry on Krishna

Krishna Chali London 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant coughing. He sees Radhe. Krishna cares for Prashant and feeds him water. Radhe looks on angrily. Prashant says what can happen to me when Dr. Krishna is with me, sit. She smiles. Shukla gets some toy models for Radhe, Krishna and Prashant. He says Krishna is between them, Radhe was waiting for Krishna, she had to go to Radhe, I have sent her to Prashant, Radhe will feel she left him, what will happen now. Shuklain sees him laughing and asks what’s the matter. He says I got Radhe’s toys so I was playing with them, Radhe had gone away from me. She says I know you love Radhe a lot. He says yes, I do, my Radhe won’t get away from me. He hugs the toy. Radhe sees Krishna and Prashant leaving. Prashant says this is officer’s number, call him. Krishna thanks him. He holds her hand and says I have not kept my work and didn’t turn up on marriage day, I still regret. Radhe gets angry. She says forget it now, you should think of future.

Radhe says what’s happening. Krishna says I will call officer. Radhe calls her and asks where are you, dad said you are coming to pick me. She asks what, dad said so, I got late, I got stuck in imp work. He asks what imp work. She says I will come home and tell you. She thinks to tell him or not, Shukla asked her not to say. Radhe ends call. Prashant says I will drop you home, come. She refuses. He insists. They leave on his bike. Radhe gets angry.

Krishna comes home. Shukla asks where are you going, did you meet officer. She says no, this matter should solve in few days, why are we hiding this from family. He says its matter of two days, once this matter ends, we will tell them, Shuklain will worry a lot, I m feeling bad to do wrong with your dad, forget it now, don’t tell anything to Radhe, he will be worried. Shuklain comes and asks where is Radhe, he didn’t come back. Krishna calls him and says he isn’t answering. Shuklain says call Saajan and ask. Radhe thinks of Krishna and Prashant. Aye kaash….plays…. he collides with a man. He moves off when a truck speeds towards him. He gets saved and shouts on driver. He cries. Matuk calls Radhe. Shuklain says he isn’t reachable. Matuk says maybe Radhe is kidnapped.

Shuklain scolds Krishna. Gajanan, Triloki and Saajan come and say they didn’t find Radhe. Matuk says we should file police complaint. Saajan says I think he got scared of studies and ran away. Shuklain says its your mistake Krishna. Shukla says he won’t run away, he is my son. Radhe comes home drunk and stumbling. Saajan holds him. Shuklain says you got drunk Radhe. Matuk says just Shukla and I drink here. Krishna asks Radhe to come with her. Radhe pushes her away and says leave me. He gets upset. Saajan asks what are you doing. Radhe salutes Shukla and falls. He stops Krishna angrily.

Radhe sees Krishna with Prashant again. Prashant sees him coming and turns to Krishna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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