Krishna Chali London 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe’s romantic dream

Krishna Chali London 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I want to talk about Radhe, he isn’t educated, if he studies and passes 10th and 12th, he can help you. Shuklain asks her not to dance on their heads now, just handle business as Shukla said. Shukla says she isn’t saying anything wrong, everyone wants similar and suitable partner, Krishna wants Radhe to study and reach her level. Radhe thinks how is dad agreeing to Krishna. Krishna thinks how did dad agree so soon, is everything fine. Shukla says all the best. Krishna says I will take you to tuition, then I have to check accounts. Shukla calls Prashant and asks him to be ready.

Krishna checks files and says there is some error in accounting, I have to tell Shukla. Krishna comes to Shukla. She asks what’s this wine smell. He says its coming from medicines. She says you have to pay tax worth lakhs, else our shop can get sealed. He asks what, I will get an attack again. Bela gets kerela juice for him. Krishna says tax is due. Bela says do something. Krishna says I will go and talk in excise office, I will pay min tax and fix this. Shukla says you can do this, my sons can’t do this, I can’t talk in english. She says I will manage. Bela goes. Shukla says this shop is imp, I have made this house because of this shop, save the shop, don’t tell Radhe, he will shatter. She says you trusted me, I will keep it. She goes. He says she is a duffer, she is getting trapped. Radhe gets bored in class. He sleeps.

He dreams Krishna. She dances around him. Tumhe jo maine dekha….. plays….She explains him the laws of Newton romantically. He hugs her. She says leave me, what are you doing. Sir shouts Radhe, leave me, are you mad. Radhe sees him and says sorry. Sir says get out of my class. Radhe says Krishna came in my dream to tease me. Shukla calls him and says Krishna went to pick you, did she come. Radhe says she just came in my dream. Shukla says make her talk to me when she comes there. Radhe smiles. Krishna says I have to meet excise officer, its imp. Prashant comes there and says you here. She goes out. He stops her and apologizes. He says I can help you, I have contacts here. She asks can you really make me meet excise officer. He says sure, come with me to cafe for a talk. She says fine. She goes to give coffee order. Radhe calls Krishna. Prashant gets her phone and disconnects. She gets coffee. The man sees Radhe and stops him. He insists him to try the coffee. Radhe refuses. He sees Krishna and Prashant. Prashant coughs. Krishna cares for him.

Radhe calls Krishna and asks where are you, I was waiting since long. She says I had some imp work. Radhe comes home drunk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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