Krishna Chali London 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna lights Diwali diya

Krishna Chali London 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua talking to Krishna on call. Dadda gets angry on Bela. He asks her to talk to Radhe soon. He says its Diwali, new bahu will be lighting the diya, that’s your sister. She smiles. Krishna gets sad. Bua asks did anything happen there. Krishna says the house got divided. Krishna tells everything. Bua says what can I say, Shuklain is a nice woman, what have you decided. Krishna says I wanted everyone to celebrate Diwali together, I didn’t find any solution. She hears Shuklain and goes to see. Bela’s mum argues and says TT is this house’s would be bahu. Shuklain says fine, she will light the diya, you are responsible if I give my life. Bela’s mum asks why, TT will jump down the terrace and give her life. Dadda asks her to stop talking about dying all the time. He says she is talking about committing suicide…. TT says I will break my legs surely. Bela’s mum threatens them about police. Radhe asks her to come and light the diya. Krishna looks on. Radhe says if she does something to her daughter, its a new mess. He asks am I right Krishna.

Krishna says Radhe is saying right. Radhe and TT go to light the diya. Radhe assists her. TT can’t light the matchstick. Bela’s mum asks TT to do it properly. Bela signs Dadda to wait. Bela’s mum takes the matchstick and tries. Radhe asks Krishna to prove herself by lighting the matchstick, maybe Lord is upset on our Diwali, will Krishna find some science trick, she can test her fate. He asks Krishna to come and light the diya. He gives her the matchstick. Krishna lights the matchstick. Radhe says how did this happen. Everyone looks on shocked. Radhe and Krishna light the diya. Shuklain smiles. She says the diya lit by Krishna, since she has a right to do this. TT and her mum go. Radhe says you are Krishna and can do anything.

Krishna shows the match box. She shows the faulty matchsticks. She says all the matchsticks are damp, except the one which you have given me, right. Radhe recalls putting water in the match box. Radhe says whenever I want to do something for someone, it goes wrong, even today, Shuklain wanted you to light the diya, I thought to make her feel contended, even if she didn’t say anything, I would have made you light the diya, I promise, I won’t let anyone take your place. He goes. She cries and goes to pray. She gets Bua’s message about Sonal. She says how is this related to Bua.

Bela scolds TT and mum for their big dreams. Krishna goes to Radhe and says everyone has to perform puja together, I want to see Shuklain happy. Radhe holds her hand and supports. Bela says I will arrange a good meal for everyone. She dances. Radhe comes to her. She says don’t say that mum is upset with this party. He says no, mum wanted to give necklace to Krishna, did you see the safe keys. Shuklain asks Radhe to come, she has found the keys. He says sorry, she found the keys. Shuklain gets the box. Radhe asks her to go to Krishna fast. Bela sees Shuklain. She follows.

Shuklain gives the necklace to Krishna. Bela looks on. Krishna says I don’t want this. Shuklain says I have given jewellery to Lali and Bela too, don’t refuse, else I will get upset. Krishna accepts the gift and hugs.

Dadda says get children together for Diwali puja, I will force Triloki to come. Triloki and Bela come for puja. Krishna smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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