Krishna Chali London 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe makes a decision

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Krishna Chali London 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying you are also an Indian, why do you hate Indians. Veer says I m a Brit, I belong to this place, idiot, get lost. He goes. She cries. Radhe talks to the lady. She introduces herself as Sunaina Sahay. They both have a challenge to make the best Arhar daal. Shukla sees Dadda and asks doctor to inform him about Dadda’s reports. He gives money to doctor and goes. Doctor checks Dadda. Dadda gets up and says you took money from me and Shukla too, good boy, just keep doing as I say. Sunaina shows her house to Radhe.

He asks is this your mansion. She says my son has earned a lot of money. He asks sports car? He checks the car and says this is really nice, such a big house, Sunaina asks him to come in. She says I want to ask you something, I met you for

the first time today, you got me home, do you generally do this or for the first time, I m decent, but if there was someone else in my place, and you brought him alone, if he looted you, then what would you do, nothing, all I wanted to say is that, change yourself a bit. She says to tell you the truth, my dear ones have given me much wounds, I can say who is good and who is bad. He says yes. She says come, lets make daal. He says I m impressed.

He makes video call to Shuklain. Shuklain asks where are you. Bela shouts to Triloki. Sunaina greets Sunaina. Shuklain asks who are you. Radhe says she is Sunaina from Unnao, she met me here and got me home, she has challenged me, she says that her Daal is the best in the world, I told her, that you make the best Arhar daal. Shuklain says every child is fond of food prepared by mother. Sunaina says I m not feeling bad, tell me your recipe. Shuklain tells the recipe. Sunaina and Radhe prepare the daal. Sunaina tastes the daal and says wow, the daal cooked with your recipe is tastier than mine. Radhe says mom has passed. Shuklain says she is being modest. Shukla comes and asks for food. Shuklain says I m talking to Radhe.

Shukla takes the phone to talk to Radhe. Connection ends. Sunaina thinks this voice…. Radhe says I shall leave now, I have to pick Krishna from college. Sunaina says my son has organized Christmas party, you also come and get Krishna alone, all his friends will be here, it will be boring to be with them, it will be good to have you here. Krishna cries and walks on the road. Radhe comes to her and asks her to have food. She cries and refuses. He hugs her and asks what happened. She says I m scared. She tells everything. He says I thought he has changed, how can he do this. She says I m really scared, I don’t know how will I face him, coming to London and studying was my life’s aim.

He says don’t be scared, I m with you. She says I don’t know how will I focus on studies, who will console me. He says don’t worry, nothing such will happen, look into my eyes. He encourages her. He says let bygones be bygones, lets forget everything, focus on your future, it will be great. She says maybe you are right. Shukla gets Radhe’s call and wakes up. He answers the call and asks what happened. Radhe says there is a problem here, Dr. Veer is crazy, he is torturing Krishna every day, he keeps telling her that she can’t become a doctor. Shukla says what are you saying, take action against him, go and meet him, have a meeting and tell me what happens, teach him a lesson. Radhe asks shall I go ahead. Shukla says go and explain him, else let the actions speak. He reminds the childhood story. Radhe says I remember well, you had beaten the headmaster who slapped me. Shukla says you also do the same thing, you have all the rights to do this. Radhe says all I need is your blessings, I will go and set him. He ends the call.

Its morning, Radhe wishes Krishna all the best and asks her not to worry for Veer, everything will be fine. Krishna asks him to leave. He says I m going, just see. She goes in. He waits for Dr. Veer.

Radhe stops Veer and warns him. Veer says Krishna, your husband Radhe came to meet him, you are already a doctor. He taunts her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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