Krishna Chali London 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna brings Radhe to Kanpur

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Krishna Chali London 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gajanan saying you have seen how Radhe stopped when I called him Lalla, he is Radhe. Krishna says what makes you think that I won’t be happy if he comes back, I have always considered you as an elder brother, if I had to hide this, why would I tell you, I could have come here alone, I didn’t do anything like that, think about it once, if you had told this to family and got their hopes up, then would you be able to see their hopes breaking. He says but Krishna… She says we will bring him back and run all the tests again, you will get all the reports, I m just asking you some time, can you respect my word, please. She asks him to talk to Shuklain. She gives his phone.

Kishore says this file has medical history, this can be your Bible. Gajanan says we will be in Kanpur soon. Krishna sees the guy. Shukla sings and asks where is the VIP, Albela. He asks Albela, Triloki’s son to see him. Albela says you look like me. Shukla says I wanted to look like you. Shuklain asks where are you going. Shukla says we have to tell her, we are going to minister’s house to finalize a deal, he has arranged a new doctor for the hospital. Albela says yes. Shuklain smiles. Shukla says ask Gajanan to call me when he comes. She feeds curd to Albela and Shukla.

Krishna, Gajanan and the guy are on the way. A song plays on radio. The guy enjoys Pyaar pyaar…. song. Gajanan and Krishna look at him. Gajanan says he is recollecting things after coming to Kanpur. Krishna says fine, but he will go to my home with me. Gajanan asks the guy to come and pray at temple. The guy refuses. Krishna asks him to go to temple. Gajanan says you are Shiv’s devotee, come with me. The guy asks what nonsense, I will go from here, don’t touch me next time. Gajanan asks Krishna why is he acting like this. She says you feel bad when I say, I m asking you time to prove it, I know he isn’t Radhe. The guy asks for water to drink. Gajanan asks will you have chocolate milk, come. The guy goes and collides with Albela. He says sorry. Albela answers him in cute way. The guy says you talk really nice. Shukla comes there. The guy hears him and turns to see. Shukla asks why are you staring, who are you, what’s your name. He says there is something fishy, do you hear or see me. The guy just stares. Shukla asks is anybody with him, is he wandering. Driver says his brother and madam are with him. Shukla asks what’s his name. The guy says Radhe Lal Shukla. The man calls Shukla to come fast, minister is calling.

Albela sees Gajanan and says Tau ji… Shukla says come, we have to go. Gajanan leaves with Krishna and the guy. He shows the shop and tuition classes. Krishna hears them. The guy looks around. Bela asks did you really see Gajanan on airport road. Albela says yes. She praises him. He asks what do you want. She says don’t tell this to anyone. He asks how should I keep it a secret, you will have something to do with me. He makes many demands. She asks can you get proof that you saw Gajanan. He plays with toys and asks what kind of mum are you, what will people say, you make your son do such jobs. Shuklain calls Bela to go to market. Gajanan and Krishna go to unload the baggage. Gajanan asks can I take Radhe home once. She says its matter of two days, let me get the test done. Gajanan says Radhe is gone. Driver says we went that side. Krishna says strange man… Gajanan shouts Radhe.

Gajanan and Krishna see the guy fixing something on the electric pole. The guy says don’t worry, I have done this before. They recall Radhe. Shuklain and Bela are also around.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    even tho I kno he’s not Radhe, I would like to know the reasoning behind this new character ? I also like him becuz he played Kanak’s brother (Ved I think) ☺

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Spoiled show completely…

  3. What was that?I mean really….how many lead characters will change here???

  4. Been off of here for a while what happen to Radhe???

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