Krishna Chali London 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna gets DNA test done

Krishna Chali London 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guy shouting Krishna. She runs to him. He says Veer will kill me. She sees his blood and says no, nothing will happen. He says Veer killed me. She gets shocked and cries. She wakes up by this dream. She goes to get some water. She says happy birthday, Radhe. Doctor says Reports have come, I m sorry to say that…. Krishna says it was expected that results won’t match, we lost our Radhe long time back. Shukla and Shuklain miss Radhe and cry seeing his pic. Gajanan gets a new wallet for Radhe. Krishna asks what are you doing, control yourself, Dna reports have come, I m going to see, come with me.

Shuklain asks Shukla not to cry. He says I got a new shirt for Radhe. Krishna say everything will get clear after the reports, we want to return today itself.

She checks reports and asks how is this possible. Gajanan asks what’s written. She says 85% match, this can’t happen. Kishore says this guy and your famil are related. Gajanan asks did you see the report, is he our Radhe, thanks, you are amazing, I will take Radhe with me to Kanpur. Krishna recalls Radhe’s death and asks what are you saying, he can’t be Radhe, there is some confusion, how can you explain this, Radhe died six years ago, don’t give false hopes.

Gajanan says you asked us to get the tests done, why don’t you believe he is Radhe. She says its impossible. He shows her the holy book and says I asked if I will get my Radhe, I read, its the Lord’s will. She says this test reports maybe wrong. Kishore says the test is costly, we can’t get the test done again. She says I will get it done on my expenses. Gajanan shouts on her. Sarah comes and says Radhe is out of control, he isn’t taking medicines. Krishna asks the guy to take this medicines, its imp for him. She pacifies him and feeds medicines. Krishna calls Bua and says something is wrong with reports, I will come back and get the tests done in my hospital, Radhe can’t return, its not possible, whoever this guy is, I will bring him, he will stay with us, it will be big problem if he goes to Shukla family, everyone will believe he is Radhe and then problems will arise.

Shuklain does the puja for Radhe. Lali calls Gajanan and asks where are you, you are always here on Radhe’s birthday. He says Radhe is with me. She says talk to mum. He cries and says everything will get fine. Shuklain cries and says I don’t know what happened to me today. He says Radhe…. Krishna snatches the phone. He argues with her. He says he is really Radhe.

Krishna says if you give them hopes, can you see their hopes breaking. Shukla meets the guy and asks who are you, what’s your name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have stopped watching, what nonsense is this? If I recall Krishna brought Radhey’s body home with her for the funeral. I mean seriously do the makers think we are all incredulous fools ! Ridiculous and an insult to a normal person’s intelligence!

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    It’s Radhe’s evil twin brother jajajajaja

  3. Just reading the updates makes me mad at the makers for making everyone look stupid!! Glad that I’ve stopped watching this show now!

  4. Could it be that that is really not Radhe but some idiotic plan by Veer’s mom so Krishna can get back with her dead husband & veer is a free man ?? Seriously do they think viewers are stupid & idiotic to watch this crap Really 🤔Where is Veer they don’t even show him or mention his name disappeared from the surface of this earth 😆😄

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